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TERM/WEEKS: Term 4, Week YEAR LEVEL: 3 LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: Science (Biological Sciences)

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative thinking Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Competence Intercultural Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Living things can be 1) Classify animals 1) Peer Assessment: Activating prior knowledge; students will play their Sorting Games
Week 6, Lesson 8 Explain

grouped based on under appropriate Students created these created sorting games from the previous lesson (student
observable features and names and activities, considering the (pictures, headings/titles & names) (10 Mins) created)
can be distinguished headings correct classifications as Pack away materials
from non-living things rules. They will determine if
(ACSSU044) 2) Justify animal correct/incorrect/ or if Group students into teams of 3 using online generator https://www.r
classifications prompting is needed. (approximately 6-8 teams total), move them into their andomlists.co
Science knowledge helps Observations noted. groups before next instructions. Inform students they m/team-
people to understand 3) Evaluate will be debating (“politely arguing or persuading”) generator
the effect of their accuracy of 2) Students use butcher’s whether an animal belongs in a specific category,
actions (ACSHE051) classifications paper to plan their reasons animals & the headings will be given out discreetly, so Butcher’s
in justification as a group, students do not know who they are debating against. Paper
With guidance, identify kept for anecdotal records Allocate topics and allow planning time. (10-15 Mins)
questions in familiar and as a work sample
contexts that can be Stop and move all students back to own desks, Camera
investigated scientifically 2&3) Each ‘debate’ will be distribute thumb popsticks. Call up the 2 teams with (Video)
and make predictions filmed, capturing spoken the matching topic, 1 team will be affirming the
based on prior reasons and class position while the other will be denying it to the best of
knowledge (ACSIS053) evaluations. Each response their ability. Each student on each team will present
is visible to determine their arguments/reasons, the other team will then Thumb
Represent and audience understandings present theirs. The class then has 2 minutes to think, popsticks
communicate based on prior knowledge and then show their support of positions with the (green – up,
observations, ideas and and presented reasons. All popsticks (3 topics, 5 mins per side, 2 mins deliberation, red – down)
findings using formal and information will lead into a 36-45 mins total)
informal checklist for each student.
representations (ACSIS06 Collect popsticks and ensure other materials are
0) packed away.