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A Message from a Ghost

Autor Andrea M. Hutchinson
Nivel Step One: CEFR A2 / Level KET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 28

CÓDIGO Observación
828.9H58 M42 c.1 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.2 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.3 Malo
828.9H58 M42 c.4 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.5 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.6 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.7 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.8
828.9H58 M42 c.9 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.10 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.11 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.12
828.9H58 M42 c.13 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.14 Malo
828.9H58 M42 c.15 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.16 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.17
828.9H58 M42 c.18 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.19 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.20 Malo
828.9H58 M42 c.21 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.22 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.23 Malo
828.9H58 M42 c.24 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.25 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.26
828.9H58 M42 c.27 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.28 Malo
828.9H58 M42 c.29 Malo
828.9H58 M42 c.30 Regular
828.9H58 M42 c.31 Malo
828.9H58 M42 c.32 Regular
Julius Caesar
Autor William Shakespeare

Nivel Step Three: CEFR B1.2 / Level PET

Editorial Black Cat

Total en biblioteca 7

CÓDIGO Observación
828.35 J87B c.1
828.35 J87B c.2
828.35 J87B c.3 Regular
828.35 J87B c.4
828.35 J87B c.5 Regular
828.35 J87B c.6
828.35 J87B c.7
828.35 J87B c.8
828.35 J87B c.9
828.35 J87B c.10
828.35 J87B c.11
828.35 J87B c.12
828.35 J87B c.13
828.35 J87B c.14
828.35 J87B c.15 Regular
828.35 J87B c.16
828.35 J87B c.17
828.35 J87B c.18
828.35 J87B c.19
828.35 J87B c.20
828.35 J87B c.21
828.35 J87B c.22
828.35 J87B c.23
828.35 J87B c.24
828.35 J87B c.25
828.35 J87B c.26
828.35 J87B c.27
828.35 J87B c.28
828.35 J87B c.29 Regular
828.35 J87B c.30
828.35 J87B c.31
828.35 J87B c.32
828.35 J87B c.33 Regular
828.35 J87B c.34 Regular
828.35 J87B c.35 Malo
828.35 J87B c.36

Muder at Coyote Canyon

Autor Gina D. B. Clemen
Step two: CEFR B1.1 / Preparation
Nivel PET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 29

CÓDIGO Observación
818.5C69 M97 c.1 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.2 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.3 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.4 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.5 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.6 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.7 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.8 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.9
818.5C69 M97 c.10
818.5C69 M97 c.11 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.12 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.13 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.14 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.15 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.16 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.17 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.18 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.19 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.20
818.5C69 M97 c.21 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.22 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.23 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.24 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.25 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.26 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.27 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.28 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.29 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.30 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.31 Regular
818.5C69 M97 c.32 Regular

Treasure Island
Autor Robert Louis Stevenson
Step two: CEFR B1.1 / Preparation
Nivel PET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 29

CÓDIGO Observación
828.84 T78B c.1 Malo
828.84 T78B c.2 Regular
828.84 T78B c.3 Malo
828.84 T78B c.4 Regular
828.84 T78B c.5 Regular
828.84 T78B c.6 Regular
828.84 T78B c.7 Malo
828.84 T78B c.8 Malo
828.84 T78B c.9 Regular
828.84 T78B c.10 Regular
828.84 T78B c.11 Regular
828.84 T78B c.12 Regular
828.84 T78B c.13 Malo
828.84 T78B c.14 Regular
828.84 T78B c.15 Malo
828.84 T78B c.16 Malo
828.84 T78B c.17 Regular
828.84 T78B c.18
828.84 T78B c.19 Regular
828.84 T78B c.20 Malo
828.84 T78B c.21 Regular
828.84 T78B c.22 Regular
828.84 T78B c.23 Regular
828.84 T78B c.24 Regular
828.84 T78B c.25 Regular
828.84 T78B c.26 Regular
828.84 T78B c.27 Regular
828.84 T78B c.28 Regular
828.84 T78B c.29 Malo
828.84 T78B c.30 Malo

Alien Alert in Seattle

Autor Gina D. B. Clemen
Nivel Step One: CEFR A2 / Level KET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 22

CÓDIGO Observación
818.5C69 A42 c.1 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.2 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.3 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.4
818.5C69 A42 c.5 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.6
818.5C69 A42 c.7 Malo
818.5C69 A42 c.8
818.5C69 A42 c.9 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.10 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.11 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.12 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.13 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.14
818.5C69 A42 c.15
818.5C69 A42 c.16
818.5C69 A42 c.17 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.18 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.19
818.5C69 A42 c.20 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.21 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.22
818.5C69 A42 c.23
818.5C69 A42 c.24 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.25
818.5C69 A42 c.26 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.27 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.28 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.29 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.30 Malo
818.5C69 A42 c.31
818.5C69 A42 c.32 Regular
818.5C69 A42 c.33 Regular
The Rajah's Diamond
Autor Robert Louis Stevenson
Step two: CEFR B1.1 / Preparation
Nivel PET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 29

CÓDIGO Observación
828.84 R18 c.1 Regular
828.84 R18 c.2 Regular
828.84 R18 c.3 Regular
828.84 R18 c.4 Regular
828.84 R18 c.5 Regular
828.84 R18 c.6 Malo
828.84 R18 c.7
828.84 R18 c.8 Regular
828.84 R18 c.9 Regular
828.84 R18 c.10 Regular
828.84 R18 c.11
828.84 R18 c.12 Regular
828.84 R18 c.13 Regular
828.84 R18 c.14 Regular
828.84 R18 c.15 Malo
828.84 R18 c.16 Regular
828.84 R18 c.17 Regular
828.84 R18 c.18 Regular
828.84 R18 c.19 Regular
828.84 R18 c.20 Regular
828.84 R18 c.21 Malo
828.84 R18 c.22 Regular
828.84 R18 c.23 Regular
828.84 R18 c.24 Regular
828.84 R18 c.25 Regular
828.84 R18 c.26 Regular
828.84 R18 c.27 Regular
828.84 R18 c.28 Regular
828.84 R18 c.29
828.84 R18 c.30 Regular
828.84 R18 c.31 Regular
828.84 R18 c.32 Regular
Stories of Ghosts and Mystery
Autor Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Step two: CEFR B1.1 / Preparation
Nivel PET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 36

CÓDIGO Observación
828.9S21 S37 c.1 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.2 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.3 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.4 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.5 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.6 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.7 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.8 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.9 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.10 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.11 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.12 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.13 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.14 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.15 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.16 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.17 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.18 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.19 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.20 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.21 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.22 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.23
828.9S21 S37 c.24 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.25 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.26 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.27 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.28 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.29 Malo
828.9S21 S37 c.30 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.31 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.32 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.33 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.34 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.35 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.36 Regular
828.9S21 S37 c.37 Regular

Sherlock Holmes and the Red Circle




Total en biblioteca

CÓDIGO Observación
828.903 S47B c.1
828.903 S47B c.2
828.903 S47B c.3
828.903 S47B c.4 Malo
828.903 S47B c.5
828.903 S47B c.6 Regular
828.903 S47B c.7
828.903 S47B c.8
828.903 S47B c.9
828.903 S47B c.10 Malo
828.903 S47B c.11
828.903 S47B c.12
828.903 S47B c.13 Regular
828.903 S47B c.14
828.903 S47B c.15
828.903 S47B c.16
828.903 S47B c.17
828.903 S47B c.18
828.903 S47B c.19
828.903 S47B c.20
828.903 S47B c.21
828.903 S47B c.22
828.903 S47B c.23
828.903 S47B c.24
828.903 S47B c.25
828.903 S47B c.26
828.903 S47B c.27
828.903 S47B c.28
828.903 S47B c.29
828.903 S47B c.30
828.903 S47B c.31
828.903 S47B c.32
828.903 S47B c.33
828.903 S47B c.34
828.903 S47B c.35
828.903 S47B c.36
828.903 S47B c.37
828.903 S47B c.38
828.903 S47B c.39
828.903 S47B c.40
828.903 S47B c.41
828.903 S47B c.42
828.903 S47B c.43
828.903 S47B c.44
828.903 S47B c.45
828.903 S47B c.46
828.903 S47B c.47

The Scarlet Pimpernel: The adventures of the Secret Spy

Autor Baroness Orczy
Nivel Step Three: CEFR B1.2 / Level PET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 4

CÓDIGO Observación
828.6033 S25 c.1 Regular
828.6033 S25 c.2
828.6033 S25 c.3
828.6033 S25 c.4
828.6033 S25 c.5 Regular
828.6033 S25 c.6
828.6033 S25 c.7
828.6033 S25 c.8 Malo
828.6033 S25 c.9
828.6033 S25 c.10
828.6033 S25 c.11
828.6033 S25 c.12
828.6033 S25 c.13
828.6033 S25 c.14
828.6033 S25 c.15
828.6033 S25 c.16
828.6033 S25 c.17
828.6033 S25 c.18
828.6033 S25 c.19
828.6033 S25 c.20
828.6033 S25 c.21
828.6033 S25 c.22
828.6033 S25 c.23
828.6033 S25 c.24 Malo
828.6033 S25 c.25
828.6033 S25 c.26
828.6033 S25 c.27
828.6033 S25 c.28
828.6033 S25 c.29
828.6033 S25 c.30
The Secret Garden
Autor Frances Hodgson Burnett
Step two: CEFR B1.1 / Preparation
Nivel PET
Editorial Black Cat
Total en biblioteca 30

CÓDIGO Observación
828.6B94 S33 c.1 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.2 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.3 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.4 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.5 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.6 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.7 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.8
828.6B94 S33 c.9 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.10 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.11 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.12 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.13 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.14 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.15 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.16
828.6B94 S33 c.17 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.18 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.19 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.20 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.21 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.22 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.23 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.24 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.25 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.26 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.27 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.28 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.29 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.30 Malo
828.6B94 S33 c.31 Regular
828.6B94 S33 c.32 Regular
Oscar Wilde's Short Stories
Autor Oscar Wilde

Nivel Step two: A2/B1 / Preparation PET

Editorial Black Cat

Total en biblioteca 29

CÓDIGO Observación
828.87 O76 c.1 Regular
828.87 O76 c.2 Regular
828.87 O76 c.3 Regular
828.87 O76 c.4 Regular
828.87 O76 c.5 Regular
828.87 O76 c.6 Malo
828.87 O76 c.7 Malo
828.87 O76 c.8 Regular
828.87 O76 c.9 Regular
828.87 O76 c.10 Regular
828.87 O76 c.11 Regular
828.87 O76 c.12 Malo
828.87 O76 c.13 Regular
828.87 O76 c.14 Regular
828.87 O76 c.15 Malo
828.87 O76 c.16 Malo
828.87 O76 c.17 Malo
828.87 O76 c.18 Regular
828.87 O76 c.19 Regular
828.87 O76 c.20
828.87 O76 c.21 Regular
828.87 O76 c.22 Regular
828.87 O76 c.23 Regular
828.87 O76 c.24 Regular
828.87 O76 c.25 Regular
828.87 O76 c.26 Regular
828.87 O76 c.27 Regular
828.87 O76 c.28 Regular
828.87 O76 c.29 Regular
828.87 O76 c.30 Regular
and the Red Circle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Step One: CEFR A2 / Level Flyers or KET

Black Cat

CÓDIGO Observación
828.903 S47B c.48
828.903 S47B c.49
828.903 S47B c.50
828.903 S47B c.51
828.903 S47B c.52
828.903 S47B c.53
828.903 S47B c.54
828.903 S47B c.55
828.903 S47B c.56
828.903 S47B c.57
828.903 S47B c.58
828.903 S47B c.59
828.903 S47B c.60
828.903 S47B c.61
828.903 S47B c.62
828.903 S47B c.63
828.903 S47B c.64
828.903 S47B c.65
828.903 S47B c.66
828.903 S47B c.67
828.903 S47B c.68
828.903 S47B c.69
828.903 S47B c.70
828.903 S47B c.71
828.903 S47B c.72
828.903 S47B c.73
828.903 S47B c.74
828.903 S47B c.75
828.903 S47B c.76
828.903 S47B c.77
828.903 S47B c.78
828.903 S47B c.79
828.903 S47B c.80
828.903 S47B c.81
828.903 S47B c.82
828.903 S47B c.83
828.903 S47B c.84
828.903 S47B c.85 Regular
828.903 S47B c.86
828.903 S47B c.87
828.903 S47B c.88
828.903 S47B c.89
828.903 S47B c.90
828.903 S47B c.91
828.903 S47B c.92
828.903 S47B c.93
828.903 S47B c.94 Malo