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{452}{501}(Ringing stops)
{1230}{1279}Good morning, Mr Randall.
{1386}{1410}Good morning.
{1412}{1450}I'm sorry to call so early.
{1452}{1523}No problem, Sister.|As you see, I'm an early riser.
{1525}{1593}Er, can I get you some coffee?
{1595}{1664}No, thank you,|but please make some for yourself
{1666}{1715}while I tell you what I'm doing here.
{1717}{1791}- OK.|- We need help, Mr Randall.
{1793}{1842}- Mine?|- If you'll give it.
{1885}{1951}Oh, a way of putting it.|There would be a fee, of course.
{1953}{1997}What's the problem?
{1999}{2056}We are not a rich institution, Mr Randall,
{2058}{2170}but we have foud it worthwhile in the past|to employ a professional
{2172}{2241}Last quarter, we took on a new man...
{2294}{2350}I am quite sure he's diverting our fuds.
{2537}{2576}How much?
{2578}{2647}In the past two months,|several thousand pouds.
{2743}{2826}This is a job for the police,|and they wouldn't thank me for being
{2828}{2880}But we don't want the police, Mr Randall.
{2882}{2952}At a meeting last night with the Mother Superior,|we decided...
{2954}{3054}It's not really your decision, Sister. This is theft.
{3056}{3080}Of our money.
{3082}{3162}Listen, Mr Randall,|naturally we would like to recover the money,
{3164}{3232}but we will not be responsible|for sending a man to prison.
{3259}{3308}I see.
{3446}{3495}So, you'll take the job?
{3497}{3541}I'm thinking about it.
{3543}{3604}The man's name is Kershaw. Douglas Kershaw.
{3606}{3683}These are the amouts taken|and the approximate dates.
{3709}{3758}Total - L6,000.
{3882}{3931}I'll go and see him.
{3933}{4034}Not quite yet, Mr Randall. I would like you|to have the full facts. The
{4036}{4092}When can I pick them up?|Tonight at the convent.
{4094}{4143}- OK.|- St Ursula's.
{4145}{4215}Take the main road through Winchester|towards St Cross.
{4217}{4274}We're situated on the right, just through the town.
{4276}{4332}Wrought-iron gates. It's quite easy to find.
{4334}{4383}What time?
{4385}{4434}Could you be there at 9:30?
{4436}{4485}I'll be there.
{4487}{4536}Thank you, Mr Randall.
{4612}{4661}Thank you very much.
{7377}{7434}(Thuder cracks)
{8332}{8399}- Just made it in time.|- Oh, yes? What for? Luch?
{8442}{8491}To miss the storm.
{8567}{8616}Late night?
{8618}{8667}Nothing special.
{8717}{8761}I overslept.
{8763}{8812}Oh. I called you.
{8879}{8928}- This morning?|- Last night.
{8954}{9003}I called several times.
{9005}{9123}Either you were very late, or very early.
{9187}{9251}- Was it important?|- Could have been.
{9253}{9302}Someone was trying to contact you,
{9304}{9376}- so I gave them your address.|- Oh
{9378}{9469}I see. I need to borrow a car tonight, Jeannie.
{9471}{9529}- Can I take yours?|- What's wrong with yours?
{9531}{9609}- It's broken.|- Broken! Yours was broken last week.
{9611}{9737}No, last week it was the front, now it's the back,|and I can't have it
back till I've paid the bill.
{9739}{9814}- Is it for business or pleasure?|- Is what for business or pleasure?
{9816}{9848}Marty's car.
{9935}{9964}My car.
{9966}{10011}Business, Jeannie.
{10062}{10111}Oh, of course you can.
{10138}{10180}Thanks, Jeannie.
{10182}{10238}No, Jeff, no, over my dead body.
{10240}{10284}Be reasonable, Marty, I need a car.
{10286}{10357}Yes, Jeff, but not mine.|The way you drive a car, you'll ruin it.
{10359}{10433}What's wrong with my driving?|Just because you used to drive at 20.
{10435}{10498}What difference does it make?|You'll never use it again.
{10500}{10545}Well, I still feel it's mine, that's all.
{10547}{10624}- Even if Jeannie does use it|- She's thinking of trading it in.
{10626}{10701}MARTY: Trade it in?|JEFF: Why not? it's shot
{10703}{10727}MARTY: Shot?
{10729}{10768}It's got years of life in it!
{10770}{10846}Be reasonable, Marty. Look at it.|lt's practically a write-off.
{10848}{10897}Anyway, Marty, I've got to take it.
{10899}{10971}- All right, Jeff, but I'm coming with you.|- Please yourself.
{11038}{11107}I always talk to myself
{11380}{11429}Jeff, you're pushing it too hard.
{11431}{11455}(Tyres squeal)
{11457}{11506}Don't crash the gears, Jeff.
{11567}{11616}Jeff, you're driving on the brakes.
{11618}{11667}Marty, you drive.
{11693}{11742}Look at the oil pressure.
{11744}{11808}- Start worrying when the doors fall off.|- Eh?
{12260}{12311}Hold it, Jeff, there's someone there.
{12543}{12587}I thought it best
{12589}{12690}to meet you here. It is against the rules|of our Order to have a man
in the convent.
{12692}{12719}Of course, Sister.
{12721}{12789}Could I also ask you to turn off your lights?
{12791}{12856}- It's almost time for vespers.|- Oh sure
{12858}{12907}These are the figures.
{12909}{12996}I don't think they leave any doubt|as to what Mr Kershaw is up to.
{13058}{13110}Now, let's get this straight, Sister.
{13112}{13171}You want me to go and see him|and recover the money?
{13173}{13229}- That's right.|- What if he's spent ht?
{13231}{13292}Already? L6,000?
{13294}{13370}- It's possible. I could do it.|- Then we forget the whole thing
{13372}{13428}We put the loss down to experience of the world.
{13430}{13477}I still think this is a job for the police.
{13479}{13528}Definitely no, Mr Randall.
{13530}{13608}Now, I think I've explained everything.|You'll do your best.
{13610}{13690}- I will.|- Thank you. Best of luck, Mr Randall.
{13902}{13951}"Best of luck, Mr Randall"?
{13953}{14038}- What's wrong with that?|- I don't know. It just didn't sound right
for a nun.
{14040}{14137}- I thought they believed in providence, not luck.|- You're still
touchy about the car.
{14139}{14208}And another thing,|since when did nuns wear eye make-up?
{14210}{14249}Eye make-up?
{14251}{14345}You don't think all that was natural, do you?|The long lashes, the
soft, limpid look?
{14347}{14408}Marty, she was just a very good-looking nun.
{14410}{14475}There's nothing more sinister than that.|Come on.
{14961}{15002}She just didn't ring true to me, Jeff.
{15004}{15053}(Bells ring)
{15055}{15104}- Vespers?|- Let's hope so.
{15152}{15247}- Come on, Jeff, let's get out of here.|- I'm beginning to think
you're right, Marty.
{15249}{15294}(Dogs bark)
{15357}{15388}Jeff, look!
{15594}{15648}(Tyres screech)
{15730}{15802}There's no point in me staying, Jeff.|I'll frighten the dogs.
{15804}{15859}Marty! Marty!
{16252}{16296}All right. Get him out.
{16298}{16342}Get him out.
{16580}{16652}- Well, where is it?|- Where's what?
{16654}{16756}I've no time to waste playing games.|I want to know where that
envelope is.
{16758}{16804}You're quite sure?
{16806}{16890}Oh, yes. The car was reversing down the drive|without lights.
{16892}{16959}I don't know that that's conclusive.
{16961}{17016}Well, if that isn't, this is.
{17018}{17067}We found it on him.
{17069}{17175}D Kershaw, L2,000, L1 ,000, L3,000.
{17177}{17241}- And the dates.|- What do you have to say about this?
{17243}{17337}I told your man here. I got it from a woman|who hired me to do a job.
{17339}{17438}He keeps telling some story about a nun|and this place being a
crooked convent.
{17440}{17488}Kershaw's supposed to be the accountant.
{17490}{17539}I see.
{17541}{17625}All right, let's go back to the beginning.|Your name?
{17627}{17680}- Listen to me, Mr...|- Yateman's my name
{17682}{17717}Philip Yateman.
{17719}{17819}All right, Mr Yateman. I came here in the belief|that this place was
a convent.
{17821}{17847}I asked for your name.
{17849}{17900}I want to know who you are|where you come from
{17902}{17956}and why you were trespassing on our property
{17958}{18008}Get the police, or let me go. One or the other.
{18010}{18095}Let me make it clear to you|that you're in no position
{18097}{18151}- to dictate terms|- That's clear.
{18153}{18218}I want him shut up for a while.|Put a guard on him.
{18247}{18316}- Get up.|- Now's your chance Jeff
{18318}{18362}The dogs are round the other side.
{18364}{18415}I said get up.
{18451}{18495}Get ready, Jeff.
{18497}{18527}Chose the windows
{19007}{19056}- Run for it, Jeff.|- Right.
{19339}{19388}Locked? Try the window.
{19460}{19504}Come on, Jeff, come on. Follow me.
{19672}{19721}(Alarm rings)
{19792}{19831}(Dogs bark)
{20393}{20444}Quiet, Jeff. Quiet.
{20672}{20756}- Run for it, Jeff. I'll try and hold the dogs.|- Think you can?
{21351}{21396}What's the matter with the dogs?
{21398}{21455}Come on Rex come on What's the matter?
{21482}{21527}(Dogs whimper)
{21529}{21591}What's got into them? I can't understand it
{21799}{21841}(Dogs bark)
{21895}{21954}- What are you doing, Jeff?|- The envelope.
{22077}{22126}Got it.
{22181}{22235}Come on. Come on.
{22902}{22951}This is not doing the engine any good, Jeff.
{22953}{23002}It'll need a service after this.
{23182}{23231}We should be safe enough now.
{23233}{23285}Shall we find out what it was all about?
{24143}{24192}Marty, just listen to me.
{24218}{24269}There's not going to be any next step.
{24271}{24342}You mean|you're going to pass the whole thing up?
{24372}{24483}As far as I'm concerned, it was|an unpleasant incident and it's over.
{24485}{24549}Aren't you even curious|to know what it was all about?
{24551}{24600}Look, Marty,
{24602}{24683}perhaps these mundane concerns|don't worry you any more,
{24685}{24779}but I've got the rent, rate, electricity bills|to pay at the office.
{24781}{24875}I've got a car in the garage|and it's going to cost me L26 to get it
{24877}{24939}All right, Jeff, all right.|So, you want a paying job?
{24982}{25068}So, I don't care if I never see Mr Philip Yateman|and that phoney nun
ever again.
{25070}{25139}Well, let's hope they feel the same way|about you.
{25167}{25216}And another thing, Jeff...
{25218}{25312}Oh, Marty! Look, I'm dead tired.|I just want to get to kip, all
{25314}{25363}All right, Jeff.
{25365}{25414}All right.
{25416}{25473}I was just going to talk to you about my car.
{25475}{25527}You gave it quite a beating last night.
{25529}{25568}I think the garage should look at it.
{25570}{25651}All right, Marty. First thing|when I get to the office, I'll see to
{25653}{25702}Now, please...
{25704}{25753}Right. I'm on my way.
{26342}{26391}Oh, no...
{26577}{26626}All right.
{26777}{26842}- Who is it?|- Jeff can I disturb you?
{26895}{26944}Good morning.
{27006}{27055}You alone?
{27057}{27141}Well, of course I'm alone.|Do you think I keep a harem up here?
{27143}{27215}- What? Another late night?|- What brought you over?
{27217}{27320}Well, it seemed a better idea than|sitting in the office and
polishing my nails.
{27322}{27401}- Have you finished all the paperwork?|- Yes, yesterday.
{27403}{27519}And this morning we were going to dictate|a report and type a dozen
letters, remember?
{27521}{27570}Oh, yeah, I remember.
{27572}{27661}The Winchester job went all wrong, Jeannie.|I couldn't help it.
{27709}{27758}Would you like some breakfast?
{27797}{27846}Yeah, why not?
{27848}{27914}Who am I kidding?|I'm not going to get any sleep.
{27916}{27965}I'll get cleaned up.
{27967}{28016}I must phone that garage.
{28194}{28282}Eggs, bacon, toast, marmalade, right?
{28284}{28345}Fabulous. And coffee. Lots of black coffee.
{28428}{28507}London Road Garage?|Randall. You've got my car in there.
{28509}{28583}Look, I want to bring another car around,|just for a checkup.
{28585}{28634}I know. I know.
{28636}{28764}Well, say I bring half the money round,|L1 2, and this other car, can
I get mine out?
{29063}{29102}Good morning, Mr Randall.
{29104}{29148}That is the name, isn't it?
{29150}{29232}If you're deciding on some dramatic move,|I'd forget about it.
{29234}{29278}Because you've got a gun in that pocket?
{29280}{29329}It must be your profession.
{29331}{29394}You're devoted to melodrama.
{29396}{29531}No, I advised against such a course, Randall,|because I have a
proposition to put to you.
{29533}{29575}You forget, I'm in the dark.
{29601}{29642}Is it your proposition?
{29645}{29669}Mr Yateman's.
{29671}{29733}The gentleman with the private army|and the guard dogs.
{29735}{29759}It's necessary.
{29761}{29805}I'm sure.
{29807}{29867}- Well, what is this proposition?|- Simply this
{29869}{29951}You return the envelope, intact,|and we call it a day.
{29953}{30030}- Call it a day?|- Forget it happened. It's absurdly generous.
{30032}{30083}- Absurdly.|- Well what do you say?
{30085}{30149}I told you before, I'm totally in the dark.
{30151}{30204}- But you have the envelope.|- I had it
{30206}{30230}But sold it.
{30232}{30313}At a penny a pound.|That's the going rate for newsprint, I believe.
{30315}{30365}- Newsprint?|- That's what was inside
{30367}{30433}Neatly cut and folded,|but newsprint all the same.
{30435}{30479}- I don't accept that.|- Too bad
{30481}{30558}- Excuse me, I'm going to throw you out.|- We haven't finished yet.
{30560}{30617}We've finished, Edwards.
{30619}{30663}Don't be rash.
{30665}{30718}We're just going to be moved for parking.
{30852}{30901}I'll see you again, Randall.
{31520}{31569}Good affernoon sir
{31597}{31646}- Randall.|- Oh, Mr Randall.
{31648}{31697}This is my car.
{31699}{31775}Er, here's L15.
{31777}{31843}And that car over there is security for the rest.
{31845}{31904}I've got strict instructions from my boss, sir...
{31906}{32013}No, it's OK. It's all been arranged.|The boss knows all about it.
Thanks a lot.
{32496}{32523}(Tyres screech)
{32525}{32594}And you wonder why|I don't like you driving my car.
{32596}{32656}- Jeannie's car.|- All right, Jeannie's car.
{32762}{32837}- This isn't the way to the office.|- We're not headed for the
{32839}{32903}A change of plan. I've decided you are right.
{32905}{32987}It's time I had a word with Mr Douglas Kershaw.
{32989}{33038}(Ship's horn)
{33896}{33945}Classical music
{34547}{34596}Anyone at home?
{34598}{34647}Who do you want?
{34649}{34698}Douglas Kershaw.
{34700}{34749}Then you have found him.
{34751}{34800}Do come in.
{34862}{34906}Nice place.
{34908}{34970}I take it you haven't come to make an offer|for the boat?
{34972}{34996}Er, no.
{34998}{35084}Then let us dispense with the formalities.|What do you want?
{35086}{35135}The name's Randall.
{35137}{35221}I'm a private enquiry agent.|I wanted to ask you some questions.
{35223}{35291}Is there any particular reason|why I should answer them?
{35293}{35342}No. But I'm in a jam.
{35344}{35411}Perhaps you can help,|perhaps you won't want to.
{35442}{35510}Gin? Whisky? Vodka?
{35512}{35564}Whisky. Thank you.
{35627}{35676}What did you want to ask?
{35678}{35744}Well, let's kick off with your line of business.
{35823}{35884}You're not an accountant, I suppose?
{35886}{35955}I could give you a whole list of things that I'm not.
{35957}{36021}It's important to eliminate the possibility.
{36023}{36102}I do hope you know what you're talking about,|Mr Randall.
{36104}{36152}I'm getting there.
{36154}{36217}What do you do, Mr Kershaw?
{36260}{36326}I lead a civilised, leisurely life.
{36328}{36373}How do you pay for it?
{36375}{36482}- I'm a dealer, Mr Randall, in information.|- That covers anything
{36484}{36571}From a presidential aide to a police informer.|Which end of the scale
are you?
{36573}{36665}You know, Mr Randall, I do believe|you're beginning to overstay your
{36702}{36831}I'm a dealer in information.|Useful, saleable information. I buy from
{36833}{36887}There's more information stolen than diamonds.
{36889}{36955}I agree, Mr Randall, but you forget,
{36957}{37038}I merely purchase information, I do not steal it.
{37040}{37103}There is no case to be made against me.
{37105}{37154}Good day, Mr Randall.
{37332}{37381}Good day.
{37607}{37662}- Nothing?|- Nothing.
{37697}{37761}He sells information. He doesn't give it away.
{37849}{37908}- What's the matter, Marty?|- I don't know.
{37910}{37959}A feeling.
{37961}{38000}What sort of feeling?
{38002}{38067}About Jeannie. I think she needs me.
{38069}{38125}We'll be back in the office in five minutes or so.
{38127}{38197}No. I'd better get back there straightaway.
{38312}{38361}You must have some idea.
{38363}{38430}I've absolutely no idea at all when he'll be back.
{38517}{38576}You wouldn't be covering for him, Mrs Hopkirk?
{38578}{38619}Well, I've nothing to cover.
{38621}{38730}Because if you were, it could be serious.|You see, we have a warrant
for RandalI's arrest.
{38732}{38803}A warrant for Jeff's...Mr RandalI's arrest?
{38805}{38850}On charges of breaking and entering,
{38852}{38923}the larceny of certain documents,|sworn by Mr Philip Yateman,
{38925}{38995}chairman of Winchester Electronics|Research Corporation
{38997}{39064}Oh, but Jeff RandalI's not a thief!
{39066}{39115}I'm pleased to hear it, Mrs Hopkirk.
{39117}{39173}But we'll be seeing him all the same.
{39175}{39220}It might be hours before he gets back.
{39337}{39386}We can wait.
{39388}{39462}I'm sorry, Jeannie. I'll have to be going.
{39661}{39728}- A warrant!|- Sworn by Yateman
{39730}{39796}- For last night. It must be.|- Looks like it.
{39798}{39869}You can see what's happening, can't you?|They're setting me up.
{39871}{39915}I'm being used as a mug. A fall guy.
{39917}{39981}By that nice, un-sinister, good-looking nun.
{39983}{40058}So, what do we do now?|How do you spend your last hours of freedom?
{40060}{40122}Driving...to Winchester,
{40124}{40182}to the only Electronics Research Centre
{40184}{40233}that doubles as a convent.
{40687}{40763}- Can I help you, sir?|- Yes, I'd like to see Mr Yateman.
{40765}{40834}And before you ask,|no, I haven't got an appointment.
{40836}{40887}I'm afraid he doesn't see anyone without one.
{40889}{40935}He'll see me. The name's Randall.
{40937}{40984}I'll ring the security officer.
{41327}{41390}- Security officer?|- Why not?
{41392}{41448}I must say, I didn't expect you to turn up.
{41450}{41484}You know there's a warrant out
{41486}{41525}for your arrest?
{41527}{41617}- I'd sooner see your chairman than the police.|- Persuade him to
drop the charge?
{41619}{41668}- Something like that.|- This way.
{41768}{41817}(Knock on door)|- Come in!
{42052}{42133}If you don't mind,|I'd like to speak with Mr Yateman alone.
{42202}{42251}That's all right, Edwards.
{42432}{42485}It's good of you to see me, in the circumstances.
{42487}{42582}It doesn't mean that I believe|your improbable story about convents
and nuns.
{42584}{42704}All right. As long as you realise it could have|been made improbable
for just that purpose.
{42706}{42779}- I don't follow you.|- Well, nuns, convents, who'd believe it?
{42807}{42907}But if I was being framed, it would make sense|to make my story as
improbable as possible.
{42909}{43002}I don't go along with that, Randall.|We've lost valuable research
{43004}{43102}on four occasions|We know the information passes
{43104}{43138}to a man named Kershaw.
{43140}{43222}His card was in your pocket,|marked with sums of money.
{43224}{43266}Presumabhy the amouts he paid you
{43268}{43343}And I've told you|the improbable story of how it got there.
{43345}{43411}Now give me a break Let the police tackle him
{43413}{43480}Don't you see? This isn't a matter for the police.
{43482}{43561}Kershaw only buys industrial guidelines.
{43563}{43642}Information that could save another company|thousands in wasted time.
{43644}{43695}The police can only act against the thief.
{43697}{43784}You. The man we caught here|on the night of the last robbery.
{43786}{43855}The man who had Douglas Kershaw's card|in his pocket.
{43857}{43935}- I've explained how I came to be here.|- But not to my satisfaction,
{43937}{43991}- Mr Randall.|- Can I ask you a question?
{43993}{44065}Before I call the police? Yes.
{44067}{44121}I had a visit from Edwards this morning.
{44123}{44212}- With, I thought, a very generous proposition.|- Maybe.
{44271}{44327}But what I want to know is how he traced me.
{44329}{44378}Last night, I told you nothing.
{44380}{44487}The only person who could possibly know my|name and address was the
nun that hired me.
{44489}{44615}You're forgetting your car. You were traced|from the registration
number, I understand.
{44617}{44666}I see.
{44712}{44789}And if I told you now|that I was using someone else's car,
{44791}{44898}would you at least consider that|your security officer already knew
my name?
{44900}{44996}No, Randall, you won't wriggle free|by hurling accusations into thin
{44998}{45042}(Car approaches)
{45120}{45182}- Whose car is that?|- The sports car?
{45184}{45265}It belongs to our personnel manager|Miss Holliday Why?
{45267}{45351}- She seemed familiar.|- Not another accusation, Randall?
{45353}{45424}OK, Yateman. I'm leaving.
{45426}{45475}I'm going to walk out of here.
{45477}{45546}I won't stop you. That's a job for the police.
{45654}{45703}Get me the police.
{46127}{46183}- Don't you have a car of your own?|- Sure.
{46185}{46242}So, you have two.
{46244}{46293}One's enough trouble and expense.
{46295}{46346}The other car belonged to a friend.
{46348}{46428}- The other car?|- The one you claimed to have traced me from.
{46430}{46506}You slipped up, Edwards.|You already knew where I was.
{46508}{46537}I'll be back.
{46539}{46607}You're a tough customer, Randall.
{46609}{46671}You're causing everybody quite a bit of trouble.
{46673}{46722}If you want a word of warning...
{46724}{46773}Don't keep it up.
{47327}{47376}She should be here any minute.
{47378}{47432}I don't like it, Jeff, I don't mind telling you.
{47434}{47493}Look, Marty, I need a witness for this.|You won't do.
{47495}{47548}I know that, but it could be unpleasant.
{47550}{47604}I don't want Jeannie being upset.
{47606}{47650}Well, nothing's going to happen.
{47652}{47754}I'm simply going to ask Kershaw|to make a statement that I am not
{47756}{47813}- And if he refuses?|- Well, why should he?
{47996}{48062}Listen, Jeff, if Jeannie gets hurt...
{48233}{48299}I hope I haven't kept you, Jeff.
{48301}{48357}The police have been at the office again.
{48359}{48428}- Again!|- Look, Jeff, I'm very worried about you.
{48430}{48531}All right, Jeff, if you two are going to Kershaw's|you'd better get
{48712}{48761}Classical music
{48987}{49036}(Knock on door)
{49236}{49285}Mr Kershaw, may we come in?
{49359}{49408}- Do sit down.|- Thank you.
{49587}{49636}I've come to ask you a favour.
{49638}{49692}Well, that is at least straightforward.
{49694}{49772}There's said to be a certain value|in honesty and plain-speaking.
{49774}{49816}Although, I never saw it myself.
{49818}{49914}It's like this, Mr Kershaw.|I discovered today, I'm being framed.
{49916}{49961}Only today?
{49963}{50011}- You know?|- As soon as you started
{50013}{50062}your questions this morning.
{50064}{50108}But do you know who's doing it?
{50110}{50175}No, but it always happens in this business.
{50177}{50248}You see, somebody sells me|their company secrets,
{50250}{50301}they get too greedy, take too many risks,
{50303}{50362}reach a point where apprehension is certain
{50364}{50438}unless they can rig it|so that someone else gets the blame.
{50440}{50518}- It's that much of a pattern?|- Almost completely predictable
{50520}{50549}Well, then you can help.
{50551}{50601}The police have a warrant out for my arrest
{50603}{50687}You can swear that I never at any time|sold you information
{50718}{50804}But tell me, Mr Randall,|why should I be so accommodating?
{50806}{50858}- You won't?|- I don't see why I should.
{50860}{50891}But it's the truth.
{50984}{51033}What innocents you both are!
{51035}{51141}It's the truth that man is the nastiest animal|since the
Tyrannosaurus Rex,
{51143}{51233}but no-one suggests|we should hand over control to the antelopes.
{51342}{51438}I think it's time|we had a more serious discussion, Kershaw.
{51440}{51470}Go home, Jeannie.
{51472}{51552}- But you wanted a witness...|- Not now, I don't.
{51660}{51709}- Jeff!|- Jean, go home.
{51874}{51923}Look, l...
{51986}{52085}You're my last chance to avoid going to jail,|Kershaw, and I'm going
to take it.
{52087}{52158}You're going to make|that statement to the police.
{52197}{52239}I want that statement!
{52241}{52324}No. It's more than my life's worth.
{52387}{52436}So, you're in it, too.
{52438}{52487}You're part of the frame.
{52489}{52602}I suppose there's evidence to show that I came|here this morning to
sell the secrets I stole.
{52604}{52670}All right. I know about the girl. Miss Holliday.
{52672}{52753}Who's she working with? Edwards?
{52755}{52815}No Mr Randall not Edwards
{52817}{52916}You'd have done better not to have|scratched around so deep, Randall.
{52918}{52967}But crawled off to jail, quietly.
{53020}{53073}I spent ten years in Japan
{53075}{53168}studying industrial methods.|I studied some of their combat methods,
{53170}{53239}It didn't do you much good in the office|the other day.
{53241}{53281}Don't let that fool you, Randall.
{53982}{54031}All right. Let's get him out of here.
{55070}{55119}Leave the car here.
{55121}{55179}We'll make our way round to the house|from the back.
{55181}{55269}- What about the guards?|- I know the patrol times. We should make it
{55324}{55479}Don't spoil it, Randall. You're about to become|instrumental in
making me very, very rich.
{55481}{55557}You don't look short of a few pounds as it is.|Company chairman's
{55559}{55668}And the L6000 you got from Kershaw for selling|the research material.
You're doing all right
{55670}{55754}It's nothing, Randall,|just a few files, a few extra pounds.
{55756}{55843}No, by tomorrow, we'll have all|the company's research material in
our hands.
{55845}{55925}I wouldn't hesitate to value it at half a million.
{55927}{56010}Oh, don't tell me!|I'm going to get the blame for that little haul.
{56012}{56044}It shouldn't worry you.
{56046}{56135}Why? Have I suddenly been afflicted with|a spirit of self-sacrifice?
{56137}{56216}No. You just won't be worried about anything|any more. Now, get up!
{56573}{56626}You can make yourself comfortable here.
{56628}{56664}Aren't you going to tie me up?
{56666}{56715}No. That won't be necessary.
{56717}{56766}You won't get out of this storeroom.
{56768}{56862}This is valuable equipment.|There's a very strong lock on the door.
{56888}{56973}I could surprise you.|You might do better to kill me now.
{56975}{57024}Not until success is certain.
{57026}{57086}Oh, nothing will go wrong,
{57088}{57197}but I can see no sense in risking|a longer prison sentence until I
have to.
{57199}{57260}Shout as much as you like|No-one can possibly hear
{57262}{57301}When can I expect you back?
{57303}{57380}Perhaps I should let you suffer|the agonies of waiting.
{57382}{57421}But I won't.
{57423}{57472}24 hours, Mr Randall.
{57474}{57519}Just 24 hours.
{57521}{57582}You've got it all worked out, haven't you?
{57584}{57642}Yes, Mr Randall, I have.
{58657}{58701}Where have you been?
{58703}{58786}I wasn't going to come at all.|Jeannie was very upset when she got
{58788}{58894}Forget Jeannie for a moment.|I'm in trouble. Yateman's making me the
fall guy.
{58896}{58992}- We knew that already.|- You don't understand. A permanent fall guy.
{58994}{59033}You mean...
{59035}{59122}While he gets away with|half a million pounds' worth of research
{59124}{59190}- He'll never get away with that!|- I don't care.
{59192}{59236}You've got to help me, Marty.
{59238}{59289}What can I do? You know I can't touch anybody.
{59291}{59349}I know. Think of something.
{59351}{59426}As a matter of fact, Jeff, I have got a sort of idea.
{59428}{59477}Well, let's hope it's a good one.
{59479}{59551}Otherwise, in 24 hours, I'll be joining you.
{61037}{61108}This isn't good. There's too much blood.
{61110}{61173}Second swab. Stand by with another.
{61257}{61319}His breathing's failing. He's going!
{61321}{61370}Pulse stopping.
{61372}{61437}Emergency resuscitation, quick.
{61662}{61743}- What's happened?|- Don't worry. Don't get upset.
{61745}{61797}Everything's all right. You're dead.
{61799}{61864}- Dead?|- Dead. That's you on the table.
{61866}{61935}It's not.
{62142}{62191}And you?
{62193}{62242}Oh, I see. You've come to fetch me.
{62244}{62288}Where do we go now?
{62290}{62386}Oh, no, you've got it all wrong.|I'm not here in an official
{62388}{62447}- No, I want you to do me a favour.|- A favour?
{62449}{62510}Yes, they're going to save you.|You're going back.
{62512}{62574}- What do you want me to do?|- Phone the police.
{62576}{62697}Get them to search the storerooms at the|Winchester Electronics
Research Corporation
{62699}{62771}and to contact Edwards the security officer.|Have you got that?
{62773}{62840}Yeah. Winchester Electronics.|A Mr Edwards. Yeah.
{62842}{62921}Good. And don't forget, kick up a fuss|immediately you come round,
{62923}{63032}because by the time the anaesthetic wears off|you'll have forgotten
all about this and me.
{63034}{63083}What's happening? I feel funny.
{63085}{63134}Oh. I think you're on the way back.
{63136}{63178}Now, look, are you sure you've got it?
{63180}{63291}Yeah. Phone the police,|search the storerooms at Winchester...
{63293}{63421}Winchester Electronics Research Corporation.|Edwards. Have...
{63447}{63521}- Heartbeat's started again.|- Breathing's weak but steady.
{63523}{63572}That's the worst over.
{63574}{63623}He should be all right now.
{63625}{63714}Don't you forget, that's all. Just don't you forget.
{64087}{64136}- You've been hours.|- It wasn't easy, Jeff.
{64138}{64204}- I had to find someone in the right condition.|- Condition?
{64206}{64293}- It seemed to go all right. I shall have to check.|- What are you
talking about?
{64295}{64381}I haven't got time to explain now.|If he forgets, I shall have to
start again.
{64383}{64415}What? Start what again?
{64852}{64910}- Any change?|- No, Sister.
{65032}{65081}How is he, Nurse?
{65246}{65295}(Knock at door)|- Come in.
{65407}{65456}Give me half an hour.
{66359}{66408}He's very restless.
{66410}{66449}- Has he said anything?|- No.
{66451}{66512}Are you sure he hasn't asked for a phone?
{66514}{66587}(Hoarsely ) I want a telephone.
{66589}{66633}I want a telephone.
{66635}{66680}He seems to be coming round
{66682}{66738}Come on. Wake up.|There's nothing wrong with you.
{66740}{66806}- You did a great job there, doc.|- Telephone...
{66808}{66852}I want a telephone.
{66854}{66924}- What did he say?|- What's the matter with you? Are you deaf?
{66926}{67017}- I think he said "telephone".|- Of course he did. He almost shouted
{67019}{67071}Don't just stand there. Give him a telephone.
{67073}{67140}He must be delirious.|He seems very upset about something.
{67142}{67191}- Perhaps a sedative?|- No, not yet.
{67227}{67275}- Telephone...|- What shall I do, Doctor?
{67277}{67381}Just wait... Look, you'd better let him have it.|It might quieten him
{67383}{67444}He's dialling. 9...
{67446}{67521}9 9
{68482}{68558}Er, all right, Randall. We've got him.
{68560}{68617}- Yateman?|- Yes, and the girl.
{68619}{68723}I've been watching them ever since|you told me about not using your
own car,
{68725}{68830}but how the police got onto them and how they|knew you were in this
storeroom, beats me.
{68832}{68884}I suppose they want me to explain that?
{68886}{68935}Of course.
{68967}{69016}That's what I was afraid of.
{69157}{69251}Ah, it won't be long now.|A couple of weeks, we'll have you home.
{69253}{69314}- I feel great.|- So you should.
{69316}{69358}The operation was a complete success.
{69360}{69445}Although, I don't mind admitting now|that we had a few anxious
{69447}{69551}As a matter of fact, you demanded a telephone|as soon as you came
{69553}{69592}- A telephone?|- Yes, a telephone.
{69594}{69651}- I don't remember.|- You wouldn't. I told you that.
{69653}{69713}You were still under|the effects of the anaesthetic.
{69715}{69750}Did I ring anyone?
{69752}{69823}- You dialled 999.|- The police?
{69825}{69892}Yes, you sent them down to Winchester,|wasn't it, Sister?
{69894}{69929}Yes, Winchester.
{69931}{69989}- It's a wonder I haven't been arrested!|- We hung up.
{69991}{70083}You quietened down after you'd called.|We thought it better not to
say anything.
{70085}{70143}- Thanks. I'm very grateful.|- And so am I
{70209}{70258}A small gift to show my gratitude.
{70284}{70327}I can't explain now
{70329}{70383}but perhaps you'll understand one day.
{70468}{70517}- Coming, Marty?|- Yeah.
{70519}{70578}Thanks, mate. I've enjoyed talking to you.
{70611}{70660}Thanks again.
{70687}{70736}Who was that?
{70738}{70787}I've no idea.
{70864}{70907}- Doctor.|- Hm?
{70909}{70958}The shop...
{70960}{71009}Harling's Greengroceries...
{71123}{71157}He looks well.
{71159}{71208}He does now.