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want: ESP32, power connector cable, sd card holder, breadboard

lipo battery

Adafruit HUZZAH32 – ESP32 Feather Board

ESP32 DOIT DEVKIT V1 Board – read ESP32 Development Boards Review and
MicroSD card module
MicroSD card
DS18B20 temperature sensor
10k Ohm resistor
Jumper wires
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Installing the ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE (Windows instructions)

There’s an add-on for the Arduino IDE that allows you to program the
ESP32 using the Arduino IDE and its programming language. In this tutorial we’ll
show you how to install the ESP32 board in the Arduino IDE for Windows. If you’re
using Mac Os or Linux follow these instructions instead.
Watch the Video Tutorial
This tutorial is available in video format (watch below) and in written
format (continue reading this page).

If you have any problems during the installation procedure, take a look
at the ESP32 troubleshooting guide.
If you like the ESP32, enroll in our brand new course: Learn ESP32 with
Arduino IDE.
Installing the ESP32 Add-on on Arduino IDE

RECOMMENDED: Read our Home Automation using ESP8266 Course

Important: before starting this installation procedure, make sure you
have the latest version of the Arduino IDE installed in your computer. If you
don’t, uninstall it and install it again. Otherwise, it may not work. Having the
latest Arduino IDE software installed from, continue
with this tutorial.
my arduino software is: 1.8.3
current is 1.8.6

Once installed, use the Adafruit ESP32 Feather board in the dropdown

what is the CP2104 USB driver? supposed to download

use 921600 baud upload speed


lots of info:


To develop applications for ESP32 you need:

PC loaded with either Windows, Linux or Mac operating system

Toolchain to build the Application for ESP32
ESP-IDF that essentially contains API for ESP32 and scripts to operate the
A text editor to write programs (Projects) in C, e.g. Eclipse

ESP32 board itself



$39 course:
ESP32-DevKitC : espressif
AE-ADMP441_K : Akizuki Denshi (or similar product using ADMP441) mic module?
AE-MICRO-SD-DIP : Akizuki Denote (or similar product for micro SD slot)
resistor 10kΩ x 4, 100kΩ x 1, capacitor 22pF x 1
the sketch:

block diagram and mfg spec sheet plus Japanese
60 Hz to 16 Khz $70 at DigiKey

GY-MAX4466 microphone ESP32 recording audio uploading to # Slack

(mic board from Adafruit and others analog out)

GY-MAX4466 microphone module connected directly to the analog input (ADC) of the
ESP32 recording a 15 seconds WAV audio, trimming silence at the end and uploading
it to # Slack via Wi-Fi using Slack API (Slack = file sharing etc see

Also YouTube:
Mini project: Amplified electret microphone
( one transistor schematic at about 12 mins)
(soil) moisture sensors $2 and up, many sources
(conductivity probe)

SparkFun Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout - MPR121

and others ... a few dollars

VH400 Soil Moisture Sensor Probes

Soil Moisture Sensor ~$40
Our VH400 series soil moisture sensor probes allow precise, low cost monitoring of
soil water content.

Because our probes measure water content of the soil using transmission line
techniques, they are insensitive to water salinity, and will not corrode over time,
as do conductivity based probes. Our probes are water proof, small, rugged, low
power, and can be burried at any depth.

$3 at BangGood Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor Not Easy To Corrode Wide Voltage
Module For Arduino (analog voltage output)

? oxygen sensor? pricey ~$250!

methane/nat gas sensor ~$30

MQ-214 METHANE GAS SENSOR $3 (analog voltage output)
also see their esp32 compatible products
(location East Bay)
Plug and play - the new range of oddWires open IoT-Bus boards use the Espressif
ESP32 microprocessor (240Mhz, 32-bit, 4MB) for rapid, low-cost IoT development and
deployment. The first controller boards drive relays and motors.
boards prices: $10 to $20
starter board? IoT-Bus Io - ESP32 Processor with WiFi and Bluetooth
You can use this email page or call us at 855-463-9473

Our address is:

1261 Locust St
Walnut Creek
CA 94596

HIH-4000-002 - Honeywell - Temperature and Humidity Sensors

$16.38 from 4 stores

see wireless soit moisture ... $250!!


ADC notes:

12 bit = 4096 counts

AD conversion ... Kolban p 308

By default, the allowable input range is 0-1V but with different attenuations we
can scale the input voltage into this range. The available scales beyond the 0-1V
include 0-1.34V, 0-2V and 0-3.6V. (includes sample program)
thus max sensitivity ~= 250 uvolt/bit

with AD8232: