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1. Write down the readings :
7 8

Answer: «^^««««..
0 10

(b) 4 5

Answer: ^^^^^^^^
0 5 10

6 7
^^^^ ^^^

0 5 1

0 1 Answer: ^^^^^^

0 5 10

2. (a) The following diagram shows the scale of a vernier calliper when the jaws are
0 1

0 5 10

Zero error = ««««. cm

(b). The following diagram shows the scale of the same vernier calliper when there are 40
pieces of cardboard between the jaws.

5 6

0 5 10

Reading shown = «^^ ««.cm

Corrected reading = «^^^^^^^^^^ ««..cm

3. Diagram 3 (a) shows the reading on a pair of vernier callipers when its jaws are closed
with nothing in between them. Diagram 3(b) shows the reading when it is used to
measure the thickness of a piece of wood.

4 5 6
0cm 1 2

0 5 10 0 5 10
(a) (b)
What is the actual thickness of the wood?

Zero error = «««««««.. cm

Reading shown = «««««««..cm

Actual thickness of the wood = ««««««««««««.cm

4. a)Explain the meaning of

i) accuracy
ii) sensitivity
iii) precision.

1. (a) Determine the readings of the following micrometer screw gauges.

0 0 5


Zero error = ............««. mm Zero error = .............««.. mm

(b) Determine the readings of the following micrometer screw gauges.

5 0 5 20


Zero error = ««««mm shown = ^^«««..mm
reading = ^^^^^^^^^mm









u     u 





1. Which of the following is a base SI quantity?

A Weight B energy
C Velocity D Mass

2. Which of the following is a derived quantity?

A Length B Mass
C Temperature D Voltage

3. Which of the following is not a basic

A Newton B kilogram
C ampere D second

4. Which of the following quantities cannot be derived?

A Electric current B power
C Momentum D Force

5. Which of the following quantities is not derived from the basic physical quantity of length?
A Electric charge B Density
C Velocity D Volume

6. Initial velocity u, final velocity v, time t and another physical quantity k is related by the
equation v - u = kt. The unit for k is

A m s-1 B m-1 s

C m s-2 D m2 s-2
7. Which of the following has the smallest magnitude?
A megametre B centimetre
C kilometre D mikrometre

8. 4 328 000 000 mm in standard form is

A 4.328 x 10-9 m B 4.328 x 10-6 m
C 4.328 x 106 m D 4.328 x 109 m
9. Which of the following measurements
is the longest?
A 1.2 x 10-5 cm B 120 x 10-4 dm
C 0.12 mm D 1.2 x 10-11 km

10. The diameter of a particle is 250 m. What is its diameter in cm?

A 2.5 x 10-2 B 2.5 x 10-4
C 2.5 x 10-6 D 2.5 x 10-8
11. Which of the following prefixes is arranged in ascending order?
A mili, senti, mikro, desi B mikro, mili, senti, desi
C mili, mikro, desi, senti D desi, mikro, mili, senti
12. Velocity, density, force and energy are
A basic quantities B scalar quantities
C derived quantities D vector quantities

13. Which of the following shows the correct conversion of units?

A. 24 mm 3 =2.4 x 10-6 m3
B. 300 mm 3 =3.0 x 10-7 m3
C. 800 mm 3 =8.0 x 10-2 m3
D. 1 000 mm3 =1.0 x 10-4 m3
14. Which of the following measurements is the shortest ?
A 3.45 x 103 m
B 3.45 x 104 cm
C 3.45 x 107 mm
D 3.45 x 1012 cm

15. The Hitz FM channel broadcasts radio waves at a frequency of 92.8 MHz in the north region.
What is the frequency of the radio wave in Hz?

A 9.28 x 104 B 9.28 x 105

C 9.28 x 107 D 9.28 1010

16. An oscilloscope records a time interval of 25 ns. What is the time period in the unit s?

2.5 x 10-5 s M 2.5 x 10-6 s
2.5 x 10-7 s ! 2.5 x 10-8 s

17. A suitable graph scale must be shown effectively. Choose the scale that can be managed

1 cm to 3 units M 2 cm to 10 units
3 cm to 5 units ! 4 cm to 7 units

18. Which of the following force-compression graphs shows that the compression of a spring is
directly proportional with the force that is applied?



The above table shows the data of an experiment. Which of the following statements is 
about the experiment?

The variable that is not dependant on the experiment is the temperature

M The variable that is dependant on the experiment is the time
Temperature changes inversely to time
! The absolute error of the thermometer used is 0.5ÝC

20. Which of the following statements is  about measurement?

The accuracy of time measurement by a stopwatch depends on the type of watch

M The unit of measurement of a thermometer is Kelvin
An ammeter is more sensitive than a miliammeter
! The metre ruler has an accuracy of 0.1 cm

21. Which of the following statements is true about the physical quantity?

A physical quantity comprises the basic quantity and the derived quantity
M Derived quantity is defined in the mentioning of the basic quantity
The quantity of length is measured with the metre unit
! An example of the basic quantity is velocity

22. The sensitivity of the mercury thermometer is influenced by the following "

the thickness of the bulb wall

M the length of the thermometer
the colour of the mercury
! the size of the bulb


The above figure shows the graph of potential difference against the current. Which of the
following statements is  true?

The gradient of the graph has a positive value

M The value of the potential difference is approximately 1.5 V when the current is zero
The value of the potential difference decreases uniformly according to the current
! The apparatus for measuring the potential difference is the voltmeter
24. Which of the following statements is  about accuracy and sensitivity?

Accuracy is the difference between the measured value and the zero error value
M Sensitivity is the ability of the measuring apparatus to detect the error of the quantity that is
Accuracy can be shown by the number of repeated measurement readings
! The measuring apparatus that is sensitive will always give an accurate measurement

25. Which of the following SI prefixes is ?

1 MW = 106 W
M 1 mA = 10-2 A
1 Ǎs = 10-9 s
! 1 mF = 106 F

1. The thickness of a box was measured 5 times using the same method.
The results are 14.4cm, 14.4cm, 14.2cm, 14.3cm and 14.5cm. Calculate the relative

thickness deviation

2. Convert the following masses to kilogram(kg) .

a. 0.000 082Mg
b. 824 000 000g
c. 48 000 000mg

3. Change the units given

a. 98.86 ms = __________ns
b. 846.24km = ___________ nm
c. 6473 000ns = ___________ ms