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UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable 1

USB to simple UART converter cable
1. Technical features
 Based-on the MCP2200, a USB to UART converter device from Microchip
Technology (www.microchip.com)

 Available ports include TxD, RxD signal with +5V and GND from the USB port in
Modular plug 4P4C standard form

 Plug into the USB port directly and does not require any external power supply
from the target board.

 Connect with any UART port of any microcontroller circuit on TTL level.
 Complete with a Virtual COM port driver that interfaces with the application
software developed by Visual Basic, Visual C, Borland Delphi, Processing and etc..

 Connect with the i-BOX3S controller board for downloading the user codes and
serial communication monitoring of the operation with computer over the USB port.

 Latest driver and utilities are free for download at http://www.microchip.com.

Search for MCP2200 driver and utilities.

 Cable length is approximately 1.5 metres.

TxD - connect to RxD pin of target microcontroller
RxD - connect to TxD pin of target microcontroller
2 UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable

MCP2200 0.1/63V
10k 10

K1 +V
USB 12
D+ D+ +V
D- D-


0.47/63V OSC1 OSC2
2 3
C3 C4
33pF XTAL1 33pF

Fig 1 : UCON-200 schematic diagram

UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable 3

2. Driver installation
(2.1) Insert the Robo-CIRCLE CD or UCON-200 CD into the CD-ROM drive.

(2.2) Plug the UCON-200 cable to USB port. The computer will detect a new device
and prompt about the new driver require by Windows Update. Click at No, not this time
following the Next button.

(2.3) After which, choose the driver location. Click on Install from the list or specific
location (Advanced) and Next button.
4 UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable

(2.4) Choose the folder that contains the driver in CD-ROM following the picture
below or in USB driver folder. Click on the Next button.

(2.5) Wait a moment. Installation will be start. Next, system will detect the new USB
devic; USB serial port and prompt about the driver by Window update again. Do the
same method of (2.2) step.

(2.6) Choose the driver location by clicking Install from the list or specific location
and click the Next button.
UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable 5

(2.7) Wait a moment. The system will install the suitable drivers. Click on the Finish

(2.8) The Virtual COM port or USB Serial port is installed. Check the COM port address
b y using the Control panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. See the Port listing
and record the USB serial port address to use for interfacing with the target microcontroller
6 UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable

3. Interfacing with i-BOX3S controller board

Before using the UCON-200 cable with i-BOX3S controller board, the user needs to
ensure the following steps are done first :

(i) Plugged the UCON-200 cable to the computer’s USB port

(ii) Installed all driver already.

(iii) Taken note of the new USB serial port number from Control panel.

(iv) LogoBlock must be closed before the UCON-200 cable is plug into USB port.

Interfacing procedure is as follows :

3.1 Close the LogoBlock software if its opened.

3.2 Plug in the UCON-200 cable into USB port. Wait a few seconds for USB enumeration.

3.3 Plug the other end of UCON-200 cable (modular plug ending) into the i-BOX3S
controller board interfacing jack.
UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable 7

3.3 Open the i-BOX Launch Center (from All programs > i-BOX Application > i-BOX
Launch Center).

3.4 Press and hold on to the RUN button on the i-BOX3S controller board.

3.5 Turn-on the i-BOX3S controller board and release the RUN button. Only the POWER
indicator is on and i-BOX3S controller board drives “Beep” sound for starting.

3.6 Click on the Detect i-BOX again box to finds and detects the controller board.
For example; the computer now detects the i-BOX3S controller board is on COM4 (USB
serial port COM4).
8 UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable

3.7 Click on the LogoBlock software icon to open it.

3.8 The LogoBlock main window is opens. Check the intrerfacing port by select Edit
> Preference

3.9 The Preference box appears. The interfacing port is shown. (for example : COM4)
and size of screen. Click on the OK button to confirm the selection.
UCON-200 : USB to simple UART converter cable 9

3.10 Create the example code following the picture below.

3.11 Ensure the RUN indicator on the i-BOX3S controller board is off.

3.12 Click on the DOWNLOAD button. The RUN indicator will blink following the
program downloading. It will be off after downloading is finished.

3.13 Press the RUN button. The i-BOX3S controller board will operate.

The piezo speaker drives “ beep” sound at once. After that the motor A and B
driver are operated ON and OFF with 1 second duration. Motor indicators will on with the
Green and Red LEDs swapping. If you connect motor to Motor-A and Motor-B output, you
will see the motor turn with this way and that way (CW and CCW) directions continuously.

The i-BOX3S controller board and UCON-200 cable are now ready for further robotic