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School : SMA 2BAE

Class/Semester : XI/1
Subject : English
Topic : Personal Letter
Time Allocation : 1 meeting (45 minutes)

A. Core Competency
KI 3: Understanding and applying factual knowledge, conceptual, procedural in science,
technology, art, culture, and humanities with human insight, national, state, and
civilization-related phenomena and events, as well as apply the procedural knowledge in a
specific field of study according to their talents and interests to solve the problem.
KI 4: Processing, reasoning, and presenting in the realm of concrete and abstract domains
associated with the development of what is learned in school independently, and is able to
use the method according to the rules of science.
B. Basic Competency and Indicators of Competency Achievement

Basic Competency Indicators of Competency Achievement

3.6 Differentiating the social function, text 3.6.1 Analyzing the social function, text
structure, and the linguistic elements of structure, and the linguistic elements
several text in a form of personal letter of several text in a form of personal
by giving and asking information about letter.
self-activities and people around,
which is appropriate with the use of
4.6 Personal letter text. Answering the questions about
personal letter. Composing a personal letter by
4.6.1 Catching the meaning contextually paying attention to the social
about the social function, text structure, function, text structure, and the
and the linguistic elements of self- linguistic elements, correctly and fit
activities and people around.
4.6.2 Arranging the text in a form of with the context.
personal letter about self-activities and
people around, oral and written, by
paying attention to the social function,
text structure, and the linguistic
elements, correctly and fit with the

C. Learning Purposes

1. Cognitive (KD 3.6)

 Students are able to analyze the social function, text structure, and the linguistic
elements of several text in a form of personal letter.
2. Psychomotor (KD 4.6)
 Students are able to answer the questions about personal letter.
 Students are able to compose a personal letter by paying attention to the social
function, text structure, and the linguistic elements, correctly and fit with the context.

D. Learning Material

 Social Function of Personal Letter

Personal letter is the letter that is written to people we know such as friends, parents,
sibling, and cousins. Letter is not only written to inform but to strengthen the bond
between two people writing to each other.
 Linguistic Features of Personal Letter
Sentence Structure  Accuracy of grammar is important.
 Complete sentences are expected.
 Slang can be used.
 Use the contradictions such as “I’ll”, “I’m”, “we”.
 Use personal pronouns as “I”, “we”, and “you”.
 Use active voice.
Style  Language use may be personal like first and
second person pronouns.
 Be warm.
 Use the person’s name you are writing to.
 Vary sentence length.
 Write in a natural, conversational style.
 Let your personality shine through in your writing.
 Structure Personal Letter
Date Date when the letter is written (top left).
Address Place where you are writing from (top right).
Salutation &
Greeting and the person’s name you are writing to.
The opening of the letter usually starts with how are you
or refers to previous letter.
The main part of the letter. It includes what you want to
write to the other person.
Closure The part indicates the letter is going to end.
Complimentary Short expressions like “love you”, “sincerely yours”,
close “love”.
Signature Signature or initials of the writer.
After thought in a letter. You begin with P.S. and end it
with your initials.
 Examples of Expression Used in Personal Letters
Salutations “Dear”, “Dearest”, “Sweetheart”,
“Darling”, “My Dear”, etc.
Closing “Your”, “With Love”, “Sincerely Yours”,
“All the Love”, “All the Best”,
“Affectionately”, “Much Love”, “Best
Starting the Letter How are you?
Hope this letter finds you….
Thank you for your last letter.
It was so good to hear from you.
Sorry for answering late.
I’m sorry for answering late.
Haven’t heard from you in a while so I
I am sorry to inform you that…
Conclusion I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
I am looking forward to hearing from you
My best wishes for the coming test.
See you.
I will write soon.
I will have to stop now.
I am waiting for a quick reply.
Looking forward to seeing you again.
Approach : Scientific Approach (observing, questioning, exploring, associating,
Method : CLL (Communicative Language Learning)
E. Media and Learning Sources
a. Media:
Picture, laptop, PPT, LCD (Projector) and student worksheet.
b. Learning Sources:
 XI grade English Textbook from KEMENDIKBUD
 Internet:

 http://www.writinghelp-central.com/personal-thank-you-letter.html

F. Learning Steps
Activity Description of Activity Time Allotment
 Greeting.
 Teacher checks the student’s
Pre Activity 2 minutes
attendance list.
 Brainstorming.
Whilst Activity
 Giving a text of personal letter to the 2 minutes

 Giving a chance to the students to ask 4 minutes
about the text.

15 minutes
 Explaining the material.
Associating 10 minutes
 Giving a worksheet to the students.
(Answer the questions of personal
 Dividing the students into 4 groups.
 Asking the students to do a project in
pairs. (Compose a personal letter
based on the several topics given.)

 Inviting the groups to present their 10 minutes
discussion result in front of the class.

 Reviewing the material in short.

Post Activity 2 minutes
 Giving a homework or assignment.

45 minutes

G. Assessment
1. Cognitive
a. Assessment Technique: Written Test
b. Assessment Form: Analyze a personal letter
Number Indicators Instrument
1. Analyzing the social
function, text structure, Activity 2
and the linguistic http://www.writinghelp-central.com/personal-
elements of several text
in a form of personal

2. Psychomotor
a. Assessment Technique: Written Test (Writing Skill)
b. Assessment Form: Composing a personal letter
Number Indicators Instrument
1. Activity 2
Answering the questions http://www.writinghelp-central.com/personal-
about personal letter.
2. Composing a personal
letter by paying attention
to the social function, text Activity 3
structure, and the linguistic m
elements, correctly and fit
with the context.
c. Writing Scoring Rubric:
Low Good Very Good
Criteria Score
performanc Performa Performanc
No to be
e nce e
7 8 9
Use the
correct Use the
Doesn’t use text correct text
the correct organizati organization
1. Organizati
text on but has and with
organization not elaborated
elaborated idea
the idea
begins to Use simple
vary sentences,
simple compound
Sentence Use simple
2. sentences sentences
formation sentences
and and complex
compound sentences
sentences correctly
Too many 6 until 10 Under 5
3. Grammar
mistakes mistakes mistakes
Basic Purposefully
4. Vocabulary Vocabulary, chosen
less precise vocabulary
5. Mechanic Some errors Mostly Effective use
with spelling capitalization
cs; errors
and ,
do not
punctuation punctuation,
and spelling
Write quite
neatly, Write neatly,
6. Tidiness awkwardly,
quite clear clear font
Total score
Final Score = Total score : 6
Kudus, 24th of September 2018

Adviser Practitioner


NIP. 19681104 2008011 008 NIM. 201532003

Principal of SMA N 2 BAE


NIP. 19620915 198601 002

Activity 1 (Observing)
Read this letter below!

The Rogers
Address 255 Ditchburn Road
Charleston, SC 29414

January 12, 2020

Dear Joanne, Salutation Date

I really want to thank you for all of the trouble you went to entertaining the entire family over the
past holiday season.

I know that you organize these holiday gatherings because you enjoy doing it and you love to
have everyone get together at your place. Nevertheless, I just want to make sure that you
understand how much the rest of us appreciate everything you do to make these get-togethers

Having helped Susan organize a few much smaller social gatherings over the years I know how
much work is involved. I realize how much planning and preparation you must have to do each
and every year so that the entire extended family and assorted friends and acquaintances have a
happy and fun holiday celebration. It's amazing really, that you are able to do such a great job,
year after year, in parallel with your other duties, both as a mom and an active volunteer worker!

So Joanne, on behalf of everyone I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all that you do
to assemble and entertain us during the holiday season. You really are the glue that holds our
extended family together!
I will have to stop now.

With love and admiration, Complementary Close

John Signature
Activity 2 (Associating)

Name : ________________
Class : ________________
Answer the question below!

Earl's Court Hostel


Saturday, 2nd May 2020

Hello Pat!  Greeting Date

Thanks for your last letter. I hope you are fine. Introduction

I'm writing to you from London, where I'm spending my summer holidays with my sister Anna.
I'm absolutely fascinated by the city, it's really awesome! As you know, London is the capital city
of England and it's on the River Thames. Anna and I are staying in a nice youth hostel, very close to the
city center.

On the first day of out stay here, we spent a fortune on the flight on the famous London Eye. In only
30 minutes we saw more than fifty London's most famous landmarks! The Eye, which is the symbol
B of the city, like the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, is the biggest observation wheel worldwide. After
o the flight, Anna and I went to watch Changing the Guard, which takes place inside the railings
d of Buckingham Palace. The Queen's Guard is always accompanied by a band and the ceremony lasts
y 45 minutes. It was really amazing! Next, we took some photos of the Houses of Parliament, of Big
Ben and of Westminster Abbey. And we had a nice walk along the riverside in the evening. I was
mesmerized by London by night.

We're going to visit the British Museum and Tate Modern today and we've planned Tower of London,
Tower Bridge, National Gallery, Madame Tussaud's and St. Paul's Cathedral for tomorrow. Of course,
we have too little time to visit all the places we'd like to because we're leaving in 2 days time. So I think
that I must come back here next summer. Maybe you would go with me -what do you think? We'll talk
about it when we meet.

That's all from me now. Closure

Loads of love Closing

Ewa Signature
1. What does the letter tell us about? The text tells about Ewa’s holiday in London.
2. Who is the sender of the letter above? The sender of the letter is Ewa
3. When does the sender send the letter? The sender send the letter on Saturday, 2nd May
4. Where does the writer spend his/her holiday? The writer spend her holiday in London.
5. How does the sender close his/her letter? “That's all from me now.”
6. What is the generic structure of the text?
Activity 3 (Communicating)

Make your own personal (in pairs) based on the topic you get below!
a. A letter to your parents that you want to ask money and need them to transfer it.
b. A letter to your friend that you want to ask forgiveness for misunderstanding between you
and him/her.
c. A letter to your boyfriend/girlfriend that is studying aboard and you plan to go there in the
next holiday.
d. A letter to a company that you want to complain about its broken product.