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CIOB Chartered Membership Programme


The Chartered Membership Programme (CMP) is a route to MCIOB for individuals with
significant experience. It enhances practical skills with a knowledge based programme.

The CMP was previously known as the Experienced Practitioner Assessed programme
(EPA). Typically, those enrolling on the programme will have worked in a management role
for five years. However, the programme is also suitable for a wide range of technical and
specialist professionals working in the construction industry. The programme also forms a
progression route to MCIOB for candidates who have completed the CIOB Site
Management Programmes.

The modules are delivered through the CIOB’s Moodle-based virtual learning platform, with
one open book online examination being marked by the CIOB examiners.

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Course introduction
This programme is designed for candidates seeking to progress to MCIOB and who have 5
years’ experience in a management role in the construction industry. The programme is
also suitable for a wide range of construction technical and specialist professionals.

Why study this course?

A supported route to chartered membership
A structured learning programme
Guidance and support for the Professional Review application
Assessment is through a practical on-line exam over an extended period
Improve your marketability and job prospects
You can access information at a time and place convenient to you without any
interruption to your day-to-day employment
Study online at your convenience

Following a structured programme prescribed by the CIOB, you will be provided with online
activities and study materials to prepare you for the CIOB exam and Professional Review.
You will be provided with guidance on possible areas of weakness and suggested career
development to maximise the potential for you to reach MCIOB.

The programme does not lead to an academic award.

Course summary


1 year (standard)

Time commitment
7 – 10 hours a week for the standard route


£1,495 (plus VAT) for the programme. This includes the Professional Review fee and
associated support, but excludes the student ciob membership fee of £36,
registration fee of £50 and the examination fee of £350 which are payable direct to
the CIOB.

Application and start dates:

Application deadline
31 August 2018

Course starts
10 September 2018

Entry requirements
If you have five years’ management experience, you may be eligible to undertake this CMP
programme, to prepare you for the CIOB exam and Professional Review.

Course outline
This programme comprises four modules as shown below. There will be an optional
induction module for those who are new to distance learning. UCEM will provide video,
audio and written materials to support the activity driven learning approach. You will also
have access to the CIOB professional development events and resources.

Construction technology
Ground engineering techniques and substructure technology, design and installation of
building services, superstructure for commercial and multi-storey buildings, principles
relating to work on existing structures and fabric, the design process.

Process management in the construction industry, management of resources, planning and
scheduling of construction projects, performance management within the construction

Contract and commercial practice

The law in relation to the construction industry, factors which affect the costs of a
construction project, pre-and post-contract administrative processes, how work is procured,
commercial risks and overall risk management strategies, dispute resolution and

Health, safety and the environment
The legal framework underpinning health and safety, actual or anticipated health, safety
and environmental risks, sustainable development, environmental concepts and how they
apply to organisational strategy and policy formation.

You can study the modules over a six month or one year period dependant on your current
level of knowledge and experience. You will be advised on appropriate career development
to enhance your experience and counselled on when it is considered your Professional
Review application is ready for submission.

Web classes will be provided to help you prepare for the examination.

Each module will contain self-assessment exercises. The programme will be assessed by
the CIOB through an open-book, online exam extending over a 10 day period.

The Professional Review forms part of the CMP and is a paper-based assessment of your
experience and competence. UCEM will provide support and guidance in preparing your
professional review application which will be assessed by the CIOB.