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Medium-term objectives

Delivering growth, sustainable returns and attractive payout to shareholders

Drivers Targets(1)
Q1 2018 Medium term
Improving Ongoing economic recovery in Slovenia and
macro international markets NIM 2.5% >2.7%
environment Improved consumer confidence
Loans to
70% <95%
deposits ratio

Growing retail business Total capital

Attractive 16.6% ~16%
industry Rebound in corporate lending following sector
sector wide balance sheet clean up
outlook 53.2% ~50%
Opportunities in fee business ratio

Cost of risk(2) -20 <100bps

Redefined pricing and sales approach
Innovative product offering Return on
initiatives 13.5% >10%
Focus on selective lending growth equity (RoE)

Dividend 84%
Improved risk management payout(3) (proposed)
Focus on
costs Cost base reduction and increase in
operating efficiency NPE ratio(4) 6.2% <5%

Source: Company information

Note: (1) Target set by NLB management as a part of their 5-year plan for 2017-2021; (2) Calculated as credit impairments and provisions over average net loans to NBS; (3) % of consolidated group profit; (4) Based on EBA definition


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