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Article Review Grading Rubric

The following criteria will be used to grade your article review. Keep in mind that the score requirement described under
each point outlines the minimum performance that must be demonstrated in order to achieve that score. The grade
received for each article will account for 5%, with a total of five accountable for 25% of your final grade.

Performance Indicators
Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Minimally Responsive Un-acceptable
(0 points)
(4 points) (3 points) (2 points) (1 point)

1) Summarizes the Provides a very thorough Provides a clear Provides a clear but Provides a somewhat Provides an unclear and
unintelligible summary of the
context and and clear and concise and concise shallow summary of the muddled, unclear and
content of the summary of the article summary of the article; may be excessively rambling summary of the OR
selected article context and content. article context and brief or may include some article. No summary at all.
content. extraneous information.

2) Identifies and Thoroughly describes your Describes your Describes your personal Attempts to describe your Provides an unclear, unintelligible
and illogical description of
describes your personal reaction to the personal reaction to reaction to the article; personal reaction to the
personal reaction
personal reaction article; includes discussion the article; includes includes no discussion of article, but lacks a logical OR
to the article of the relevant issues within a simplistic the relevant issues within flow and reaction is No description of personal
the article. discussion of the the article. muddled; no discussion reaction at all.
relevant issues of any relevant issues in
within the article. the article.

3) Grammar, Contains all correct Contains all correct Contains mostly correct info Contains incorrect info Response is totally unintelligible
mechanics, and information regarding article info regarding article regarding article title, author regarding article title, No response
APA style for title, author name, and article title, author name, name, and article source and author name, and article
references and source and date. and article source date. source and date.
citations Consistently contains and date. Contains frequent errors in Contains numerous errors
accurate and proper Contains accurate grammatical conventions, in grammatical
grammatical conventions, and proper spelling, and punctuation; conventions, spelling, and
spelling, and punctuation. grammatical errors begin to interfere punctuation; substantially
Clearly and consistently conventions, with paper’s meaning. interferes with paper’s
uses proper APA formatting spelling, and Inconsistently uses APA meaning.
for citations/references. punctuation most of formatting for Consistently fails to use
the time; errors do citations/references APA for references/citation
not interfere with
paper’s meaning.
Consistently uses
APA for citations/