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Medical Staff Letter to Naomi Nomizu, MD

June 25, 2018

Naomi Nomizu, MD
276 Montauk Avenue
New London, CT 06320

Dear Naomi,

On behalf of the William W. Backus Hospital medical staff I wish to thank you for your service to the Backus Hospital
community as Chief of Medicine and Director of the Hospital Service since 2014. Allow me to list some of your attributes
and accomplishments. Your fund of knowledge in medicine and administrative affairs and your leadership qualities are awe
inspiring. You have an uncanny way of envisioning the fundamentals of a problem, essential for problem solving, and you
communicate your thoughts in a clear and collegial manner. You established a superb hospitalist service. You revised the
medical staff bylaws, a task requiring intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations and attention to legal details, and in
doing so you safeguarded physicians vis-a-vis the hospital administration.

I personally thank you for your advice and support during my time as President of the Medical Staff. The medical service
at Backus Hospital is better because of you. Your next challenge as Chief Medical Officer of the Hartford Medical Group is
earned and befitting.

Best of luck,

Dennis E. Slater, MD
President, William W. Backus Hospital Medical Staff

By Naomi Nomizu, MD

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for the letter from you and the medical staff of the William W. Backus Hospital. So that I wouldn’t have any time
to grieve I purposely worked up to my last day in the East Region before jumping the following day to the ICP. It was quite an
environment change.

Nonetheless, I am now solely focused on the issues that have concerned me for quite a while: the disjointed nature of
modern American healthcare, the plight of primary care physicians and medical subspecialists, and the promise and bane of

Hope to see you at the Backus family get together.

Yours truly,
-Naomi Nomizu, MD

August 20,2018

FALL 2018 29