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Paul Pudimat, MD.

Director of Perioperative Services

For more than ten years I have allocated a portion of my clinical study and adjust. Multiple dashboards have been prepared to permit
time as Medical Director of Perioperative Services. The surgical a more transparent dissemination of data to all stakeholders.
services environment, especially at community hospitals, has
undergone a great deal of change during that time – increased The recent establishment of the Perioperative Assessment and
production pressures, focus on outcome measures, everchanging Testing Clinic (PATC) is a demonstration of our organization’s
regulatory requirements, an exodus of cases, payor and case commitment to improving care for our patients. The need for a
mix changes, technology innovations and implementation uniform, comprehensive evaluation to improve patient experience
pressures. Weathering this constant barrage of change requires a and outcome, especially appropriate testing, “pre-habilitation”, and
greater degree of alignment than ever before between surgeons/ reduced readmissions, led to the development of the clinic. Further
proceduralists, anesthesiologists, nurses, administration, and all information on the mission of the PATC and its structure will be
other branches of allied health. forthcoming.

The model most often cited as best practice for perioperative As previously stated, regulatory requirements are ever-changing
governance is the one that we have developed here at the William and survey readiness is a high priority for surgical services. The
W. Backus Hospital, namely a triad of clinical/administrative challenging transition to EPIC as our electronic medical records
leadership. The Chairman of Surgery, the Medical Director of system will provide dividends in terms of efficiency, data collection,
Perioperative Services, and the Nursing Director of Surgical and clinical guidance for the care of our patients. I participate
Services help navigate the changes necessary to support a clinically on the Hartford HealthCare Perioperative Council, Hartford
excellent, fiscally sound surgical services program. As a member HealthCare Anesthesia Council, and the Hartford HealthCare
of that triad I have worked to help manage resources to satisfy ERAS Council – all in an effort to help develop best practice and
surgical block requirements, service line growth and development, patient safety initiatives.
appropriate use and expansion of technologies and our facility,
and to ensure regulatory compliance along the way. Two years The future of surgical services and the perioperative care of our
ago, Backus’ surgical services was the first area at our hospital patients requires data-driven decision making, and the ability to
to engage in a Kaizen on the introduction of Lean management make timely changes in service lines and deliver of services to our
principles throughout the Hartford HealthCare East Region. The patients. Culture change is difficult and often slow, but improved
scope of our efforts was extraordinarily broad, which is why we communication will help insure that we are positioned for the
continue to work on some of those initiatives. We have made innovative transformation of the provision of surgical services at our
significant changes in resource allocation in response to current hospital. n
and future service line expansion. Many of the projects continue
to require re-evaluation as we improve our ability to utilize data to

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