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Vaibhav Mehendiratta, MD.

Director of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

The William W. Backus Hospital provided me with an opportunity However, a lot of work remains to be done. The procedure rooms,
to start an advanced endoscopy program in Norwich, Connecticut. being built in a different era, are small and unable to accommodate
We now offer advanced endoscopy services (including endoscopic equipment for advanced procedures and general anesthesia. The
ultrasound, advanced ERCP and endoscopic mucosal resection) current endoscopes and processors need to be upgraded to deal
with a steady increase in patient volumes. Approximately one year with the complexity of cases. There is no endoscopy reporting
ago I was asked to assume the position of Medical Director for GI software, which is essential to monitoring quality metrics and
Endoscopy. In working as a private practitioner I realized the standard endoscopy reports.
importance of forging a constructive alliance with a hospital. The
endoscopic directorship was an excellent opportunity to improve My mission over the next year is to continue to push for positive
the endoscopy services at Backus. changes in the unit. We have had many productive meetings with
Ms. Donna Handley, President of Backus and Windham Hospitals,
Over the course of the last year, through Lean review we have and other hospital administrators. We have commitment from
redesigned the workflow in the endoscopy unit allowing us to treat administration for some upgrades in facilities and equipment in
more patients every day. In 2015 we saw a total of 2309 cases. In the next fiscal year, including the purchase of current generation
2018 from January to July we have already seen 1925 cases. Our endoscopes and floor plan redesigns better suited to handle more
nursing manager, Anita Valenti RN, has been proactive about complicated cases. We also hope to have endoscopy reporting
seeking help from same day surgery and PACU in order to software, Provation, up and running by the end of this year. It is our
adequately staff the unit. We have also been able to fill some gaps intention to make use of the ACG recommended quality monitoring
in staffing with a travel nurse and have recently hired a new nurse registry GIQuIC. GIQuIC is a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)
and technician. The staff have sharpened their skills through that enables quality measure data to be compiled for the Centers
countless hours in training for advanced endoscopy procedures. I for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). My goal is for the
would like to thank Dr. Paul Pudimat, Dr. Adam Goldstein and the endoscopy unit to have a larger footprint in the next few years with
NAPA anesthesia team who have been supportive of our changing the ability to handle more complicated cases at any time of day or
needs and redesigned workflow. Ultimately, these staffing changes night. n
will allow 24/7 coverage of elective and emergency endoscopy.


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