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2018 Colorado Race for Governor

Walker Stapleton and Jared Polis are the two major party candidates running to be Colorado’s next governor. Both
have been involved in Colorado politics for the past decade and have long histories in Colorado. Current Gov. John
Hickenlooper is term-limited. Here’s a brief look at the candidates and where they stand on oil and natural gas issues.
The information was gleaned from interviews with COGA, media statements, and the candidates’ websites.

Walker Stapleton - Republican

A two-term state Treasurer, Stapleton worked in the startup tech world in California and as CEO
of a successful public and private company before entering public service. In 2010, he defeated
incumbent state Treasurer Cary Kennedy and was re-elected in 2014. He and his wife, Jenna, have
three children and live in Arapahoe County.

On energy, Walker believes a stable business environment is the best way to ensure a low-cost
energy supply that will attract and retain businesses in Colorado. He has been supportive of the
oil and natural gas industry and believes we can safely develop our resources, protecting both jobs and our
environment. He also has been a strong proponent of the Jordan Cove project to build a natural gas pipeline from the
Western Slope to Oregon to supply gas to Pacific Rim partners. He opposes the 2,500-foot setback proposal from
Colorado Rising. His running mate is Lang Sias, a state lawmaker from Arvada. Sias is a commercial pilot and also served
as pilot in the U.S. Navy.

For more information, visit Stapleton’s website.

Jared Polis - Democrat

Polis represents Colorado’s Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives
and was first elected in 2008. He first ran for public office in 2000 when he won a statewide race
for the Board of Education. In the 1990s, Polis put his family’s greeting card company online and
later went on to found ProFlowers.com. He and his partner, Marlon, have two children and live in
Boulder County.

Congressman Polis is pushing a 100 percent renewable energy mandate by 2040 and wants to
retrain coal, oil, and natural gas workers for green energy jobs. He funded the 2014 ballot measures against the oil and
natural gas industry, but made an agreement with Governor Hickenlooper to pull those measures off the ballot and
establish the Governor’s Oil and Gas Taskforce. He opposes the 2,500-foot setback proposal from Colorado Rising, but
has said he would support a 2,000-foot setback. He also wants to give local governments the authority to establish
their own setback limits and give local governments more control over oil and gas development but has said that would
not include the ability to ban, which is illegal under current state law.

His running mate is former state lawmaker Dianne Primavera. Primavera worked on health care issues at the
statehouse and is former chair of Komen Colorado.

For more information, visit Polis’s website.

2018 Colorado Race for Attorney General
The Colorado Attorney General is the chief legal officer and the head of the Colorado Department of Law. The
incumbent Colorado Attorney General is Cynthia Coffman, who is leaving after one term.

This seat also is important to our industry. The race is between District Attorney George Brauchler and Phil Weiser, a
former dean of the University of Colorado Law School.

Here’s a brief look at the candidates, and where they stand on oil and natural gas issues.

George Brauchler - Republican

A member of the U.S. Army Reserve, Brauchler was elected in 2012 as District Attorney for the
18th Judicial District, which includes Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties. He was the
lead prosecutor for the Aurora theater shooting trial. On energy, Brauchler believes it is the role
of Colorado’s Attorney General to enforce Colorado’s laws, which would include suing local
governments that try to ban oil and natural gas development. He believes in consistent and
predicable enforcement of regulations, and he does not believe in litigating to legislate. He was
in favor of the Attorney General’s decision to appeal the Martinez v. COGCC case to Colorado’s
Supreme Court.

For more information, visit Brauchler’s website.

Phil Weiser - Democrat

Early in his career, Weiser clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Ruth Bader
Ginsburg. He later served in the Obama Administration as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General
and as Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation at the White House’s National Economic
Council. He also was Dean of the University of Colorado Law School from 2011 to 2016. On oil and
natural gas issues, Weiser has said he would not sue local governments that try to ban oil and
natural gas development, instead he would try to work with local governments and industry in
advance to reach agreements and avoid legal battles. He believes it was incorrect for AG Coffman
to appeal the Martinez v. COGCC case to Colorado’s Supreme Court.

For more information, visit Weiser’s website.

Election Day is November 6th, however, ballots will be mailed to all Colorado voters on October 15 th.
To register to vote, go to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.