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Bajali College

Hs 1st year

Subject- English full marks -50

The figures in the margin indicate full marks

1.Answer any three of the following ( 2*3=6)

a)What does the word cardboard denote in the poem? Why has the word been taken?

b) Identify any two phrases / lines that indicate the distance between the father and the son

c) What is the poet’s feeling about childhood?

d) Why would the poet’s mother laugh at the snapshot?
e) What does the phrase “ strange to tell” mean?

2. Answer any three of the following (2*3=6)

a)Describe the physical appearance of the author’s grandfather

b)What did Elwin notice about our attitude towards the wild animals?

c) Describe the sea b oat the narrator prepared for his voyage
d) What is the concept of “ shanshui’?
e) What is the Green movement and when was it started?

3. Answer with reference to the context 4

The cardboard show me how it was

When the two girl cousins went paddling

Each one holdig one of their mother;s hands

And she the big girl some twelve years or so.

a) Where do you find the above lines? Who is the poet? ( 1+1=2)
b) What does the cardboard shows the poet? 1
c) How old was the big girl? 1

4. Answer any one of the following

a) In the poem the photograph, the three stanzas depict three different phases. What are they? 4

In the poem the voice of the rain, there is a paralle drawn between rain and music. Which
words indicate this? Explain the similiarity between the two.

5. Answer any one of the following

Mention the three phases of the author’s relationship with his grandmother before he left the country
to study abroad. 4


What does Verrier Elwin say about the tradition of courtesy and hospitality in the modern world? What
advice does he give to the people of Assam on this point?

6. Answer any one of the following questions ( 2*1=2)

a) What does the narrator say about the village doctor?

b) What was Einstein’s idea of education?

7. Answer any one of the following 4

a) What do you understand of Einstein’s nature from his conversation with the history teacher, his
mathematics teacher, and his head teacher?


How did the narrator manage to get married to Ratna?

Section b

1. Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners ( any three) 3

a) I saw__elephant in the jungle
b) He got__ opppurtunity to go abroad
c) I gave__one rupee note to the begger
d) My brother is__engineer
e) He will return in__hour.
2. Rewrite the following sentences correctly ( ant three) 3
a) He is more taller than his brother
b) Columbus invented America.
c) This flower is more lovelier than the other.
d) His lecture was fairly boring.
e) He can swim, can he?

Fill in the blanks with appropriate model auxillaies ( any two) 2

a) We __love our county ( moral duty)

b) I__be happy to meet Robison.
c) I __my loan

Write an essay on any one of the following topics 6

a) Book Fair
b) The negative impact of mobile phone on student community
c) A festival in your locality
d) Disaster management

Write a letter to the editor of an English daily drawing attention to the benefits brought about in your
locality by “ Swacch Bharat Mission”. 6


Write a letter to the editor of an English daily expressing your views on the deterioriating law and order
situation of your locality.