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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10:37 PM
The Enduring Enterno.

It is the year 2036 and the great academy of science is committed to unravelling the
paradox of existence. In an attempt to do this phase 10 warp drive technology has been
developed in order to reach a black hole. There are 100,000,000 known black holes in
earth's galaxy alone and infinitely divisible others undoubtedly existing within the fabric
of our own beings. But if there is an answer to the paradox I shall determine that the
answer can be found only by peering into and at the lip of the event horizon, a super
massive black hole forming after the death of a star. A top secret project is under way; a
multi-billion dollar unmanned probe is being constructed by a team of boffin scientists at
area 51 to perform a specific task.

As time in the microcosmic days of man draws to a close, when the androgynous
universe nears the next stage of its evolution, calling the stars, which are themselves held
by the central gravity of its cosmic womb, back to itself black holes will undergo hypolox,
producing unimaginably vast reservoirs of raw energy which will feed the consciousness
of all living things and which will push humanity to a new era of consciousness and to a
level of superiority surpassing the dizzy heights of the previously only imagined and
fictional superhero comic character. Of course this would have already occurred in other
universes, what is of immediate and paramount significance though is that when this
universe reaches the same circumstances at the point a black hole is formed from the
implosion of a super massive star perhaps one hundred times the size of earth's sun may
allow scientists to tap and peer into other realities besides the one in which we live.

Since the dawn of man he has pondered the mystery of time and existence and from
whence the material universe comes. Like a mysterious dark object adumbrating the
moon the empowering secret to solving the perplexity of being may lie in the unplumbed
depths of the super massive black hole. No one until now has got anywhere near these
cosmic behemoths, however with the new improved phase 10 warp drive technology this
is now possible as an initial unmanned mission has demonstratively proved. Now, for the
first time, cosmonaut Scott Billy Douglas and crew are making the arduous journey to the
deepest realms of space and time to try to answer the immemorial question? How and
why does matter come from nothing, material from the immaterial, animation from the
inanimate, life from non-life?

Abel 2744, known as Pandora's cluster, is inhabited by a menagerie of galaxies, but one
galaxy in the cluster contains a super massive black hole which is slowly but surely
drawing all of its galaxy's matter into itself. This rare event in the cluster has come to pass
and was captured by the Hubble space telescope, it drew the attention of scientists, a red
giant dubbed B15, more than a billion times the size of earth, is on the cusp of collapsing.
During the occurrence the time between the death of the star and the birth of what
would be a singularity an omega transition will occur causing an exponential burst of
energy. This energy will manifest as a singularity bi-product scientists have in advance
dubbed Hypotomic matter believed to have originated and been around at the time of
the big bang. Hypotomic matter is, theoretically, produced by an occurrence of stars of
the super-sized magnitude when they collapse. Scientists think that Hypotomic energy
will reveal clues as to how the universe drew from nothing. It lies beneath the very
meaning of existence.

An elite crew of four bravely traverses the vast distance required to monitor a
phenomenon which may not occur for at least another ten thousand years. The
phenomenon will provide information on what will become of the universe as it
approaches its next evolutionary stage, one which may again cause it to collapse towards
the next or perhaps final singularity on the cosmic karmic wheel commonly known in
astronomical terms as the Omega Point. The term was coined by Pierre Teilhard De
Chardin but Alpha, being beginning, will occur again and again and will never cease for it
is said that the darkness never understood the light and was never able to put it out.

Post-apocalyptic big bang there may have been a profusion of Hypotomic energy, but it
is believed to have dwindled as a result of being drawn into black holes. Our scientists
believe that the exotic and exponential properties of Hypotomic energy could radically
change the way they see the nature of existence. This particular destabilizing star under
observation is several billion light years away and in danger of imminent collapse
becoming a super massive black hole.

Meanwhile, the warp ship unitarity's probe, Lexus, creates a class 15 field of array
causing an artificial singularity as it enters the zero field of the lip of the black hole aimed
at the Centre of its formation. The artificial singularity inside the probe disappears shortly
after it is fired by the instanton gun, so the idea is to aim the artificial singularity towards
the centre of the phenomena and blast it against the black hole centre to discover if the
explosive energies in the singularity manifest at the centre of each singularity quantum
synchronistically. If an explosion does occur it should provide the long sought answer as
to how and why things came to be at the beginning of time when the material universe
sprung from what is believed to be absolute zero.

The singularity is a point centred out from zero so any explosions occurring at the centre
of a singularity is coming from somewhere or nothing because its centre is a oneness of
energy and matter relative to the centre as a single unity. Its centre is the first place to
exist as a result of spontaneous quantum creation due to the effect on impact by the
artificial singularity, there can be only one attempt, so the experiment is crucial in
receiving data on what happens as the artificial singularity bounces against the super
dense core at the heart of the super massive black hole as it forms.

But during the mission the probe malfunctions and service engineer Benjamin Black has
to leave the safety of his ship to perform a vital repair on it. Unfortunately during the
repair there is a freak accident and Benjamin is drawn into the black hole along with the
probe. Fortunately the probe's malfunction was repaired before the accident, but it was
too late, for Ben was gone, sucked into the vortex of the black hole and likely crushed to
the size of an atom. The crew remained for several more days to be sure if there was any
chance that Ben survived but eventually had to resign to defeat and left for earth
unaware that there was something strange happening in the vacuous regions of the super
massive black hole.

The probe was drawn into the black hole but managed to automatically fire the artificial
singularity inducer, the shot was a success and it caused a hypolox manifestation which
would come to cause the black hole to undergo a Hypotomic explosion. Then suddenly
and in an instant Benjamin came back into existence, every molecule in his body was
feeding off the Hawking radiation produced from the inception of the anomaly. Ben still
had his suit on, but he wasn't the same person he was prior to entering the anomaly and
didn't require his protective suit; the anomaly had completely changed the fabric of Ben's
consciousness and his bio-cellular physique set into a super condensed mold. Ben had
been completely subsumed by the implosive power in the instanton but was protected by
the anomalous hypolox. Ben somehow withstood what no one should be able to survive.
It was miraculous; the implosive power of the voracious hypolox anomaly gave Ben great
power and now was born the powerful and all Enduring Enterno.

Ben receives this great power by sourcing the core of super massive black holes. His
entire being is filled and bursting with Hypotomic energy. The Hawking radiation contains
unique quantum properties called Hypotomits which singularities source in order to give
the universe its quantity. The Enduring Enterno is the ultimate superpower ever to have
come into existence. Hypreon however is a rare and dangerous form of radioactive
substance emanating from and originating in the hypolox anomaly, if it comes in contact
with Benjamin all matter and energy will dissolve rendering him powerless. This
radioactive energy can only be created when two black holes collide and gravity waves
can carry this lethal substance throughout the universe.

"What has happened to me? I feel power greater than anything or anyone who's ever
existed, !" he exclaimed. !! Has this happened elsewhere in the universe or am I alone
with this power?" Ben was about to remove his suit knowing he could survive the vacuum
of space when in the far distance he notices a bright light; it's the starship unitarity
returning to investigate what was happening. The crew had detected an unusual anomaly
from several light years away and through a time warp dilation which they realized could
propose a solution to explain where absolute and original energy comes from. The black
hole had undergone an Hypotomic explosion which happened from the centre of the
singularity, on the probe's impact the paradox collapsed and the explosion happened
several light hours somewhere in the future. Suddenly there was a voice.

"Ben calling cruiser, come in cruiser."

"Great God, we thought you were dead! What a relief, we all thought you'd been
minced!" Scott Billy Douglas replied.

"Spaghettifed." Daisy jocularly interjected. "What happened to the probe then Ben?"
Daisy asked. "Did you receive the data?"

"Yes," Benjamin replied, "but the probe was destroyed by the anomaly. Something
happened in there I can't explain."

"What could that be? Tell us more, we need all the information that we can get?"

"Well first of all I think we should get away from here before we're caught by the next
explosion, it should happen any time now."

"I hope you got something Benjamin or that's ten thousand years down the gurgler in
this dimension," yelled the engineer Thomas Henry.

"We're coming to get you Benjamin, hang on."

ME, I AM ENTERNO." Ben ranted.

"Eh?! You're not making sense. Perhaps you've been affected by the anomaly."

"It's nothing." Ben utters in bewilderment. "I guess it has something to do with the
collapse of the hypolox anomaly formed by the explosive paradox from within each point
of infinity. I have just witnessed some kind of gravitational deflection and I can't explain

It seemed that the hypolox anomaly had also created a new energy manifesting as a
property of something much higher, more complex than ever thought possible, an
element that was the opposite of hypreon radiation, it was given the term Hyprael for its
Hebrew origin, AEL which stands for Acceptable Exposure Limit, no one understands the
nature of this energy. Those particles occur in a quantum state between the sub-atomic
and the Hypotomic and comprises only of raw energy rather than matter. A fusion of blue
energy suddenly manifests which Daisy barely picks up on the scanner. Ben's hands and
feet begin to emit a blue and purple glow gradually spreading over his whole body and
throughout the Hypotomic fabric of his physical being.

"This glowing light also occurs at the instanton which is a powerful vortex at the base of
the black hole where a gravity vacuum lies, energy will only come from nothing when the
singularity drops into this vacuum area which hits the center creating a bottomless pit, to
much energy and nothing will remain nothing, The energy of this glow doesn't interact
with normal matter, its massless, almost as if it isn't there. But what on earth is it, what
does this mean, we can just barely detect this with our advanced instrumentation, it only
interacts with Ben's body?" Daisy explicates.

The scanner detects strange signals, Ben's body is acting like an antenna. The black hole
has exploded sending matter into the glowing array hurtling through space faster than
the speed of light, its exact speed is immeasurable. The Hypotomic shock wave created in
the explosion is contrary to all known laws of physics. Black holes are not meant to do
this, but this was no ordinary black hole. The field of array was responsible in creating this
huge anomaly. But by now the unitarity is on its way home to deliver the valuable
scientific data it has gathered. The explosive power of the anomaly has expanded
throughout almost half of the entire universe and faster than the speed of light, like a big
bang within a big bang and approaching all areas of the universe earth being no
indispensable exception like a grain of sand on one beach alone in an infinite world of
Ben yells !!!

The cruiser is now within radio communications range and the gathered data is now
being transferred to Area 51's data base for study. Meanwhile the unitarity has slowed
down to sub luminal velocity to prepare for a smooth landing at NASA's air base. The star
B15 was about to disappear, but at that moment there is a sudden earth shuddering bang
outside the hull of the cruiser. Fallout from the anomaly had found its way to earth's
space quadrant of the universe.

The anomaly had altered its composition, the life period of Hypotomic particles however
are transient and last for only a few hours. The intransigent (or 'transient') Hypotomic
element had quite suddenly and without warning collapsed into hypo nucleonic energy as
a result of its expansion through millions of light years of space. Then, and abruptly,
Benjamin springs to his feet and looks from the window, he thought that the expanding
energy might be on a collision course with earth.

"We can rest easy troops, earth and its solar system is safe, the nucleonic energy is
dissipating now." Scott said.

"But what of the Hypotomic by-product produced in this process, it has dominated the
atomic level of Ben's body exponentially? The Hypotomic course manifesting through Ben
has increased to a factor of half to the power of infinity and Hypotomic weaponry is
mutating out from every fractal of his molecular biology." Daisy said.

"Yes and besides," Scott continued, "the Hypotomic explosion at B15 is now propitiating
as a signal beacon undoubtedly attracting extra-terrestrial civilizations perhaps as
advanced as we are. There's also the tangible chance that earth's precise coordinates
might be revealed and that could open a potential and quite lethal can of worms."

"Any aliens finding earth would be wisely advised to do their history homework then a
U-turn to the power of a two turn and get the hell away from there before they too end
up like the natives." Daisy said.
"Yeh, I'd wager my last smashing third dimensional dime that earth's Sioux Indians felt
the same way about the cowboys." Scott replied.


Scott." I HAVE THE POWER OF INDIVISIBLE MEANS he yells again, but no one can fully
understand what has just happened to Ben, we have to get him to the lab at area 51 for
study when we get back he says under his voice.

"Way to go Daisy."

But Ben overhears and is not in favour of being a guinea pig. Hey you were lucky to
survive Scot says to Ben, Shall we name that black hole after you Scot says, Ben, Black, No
Ben says, daisy interrupts, what was that word you used when we came to rescue you,
ENTER, SOMETHING, Enterno, yes lets call it the black Enterno.

Lady Quantino, The Nepolox, The Hypolox,

Bernard Ippolito.

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