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Corporate Internship

Weekly Progress Report

ID: 07108086 From: 06/09/2010

Name: Gul Zaib To: 09/09/2010

Organization: FICO Engineering Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Date: 22/09/2010

Address: Near Lohiawala Bypass G.T.Road Gujranwala Week No: 6th


It was my first day of last week at that day I was setteled down all the salaries slips of the employees
and workers that will be given next day. All the slips organized in manner way and gave to the
That day I realized that the paractical life is so different from the bookish life and the implementation
of bookish knowledge is very low use in paractical life. But the work become simple when you put
your effort and interest in it.

This day I and my supervisor went to the the Bank for the cash and some transfer money from
cheque to cheque that is known as cross cheque. We went to Askari bank, Bank of Punjab and
National Bank for these purpose. The cash for the salaries and transfer cheque for the staff.
This was full working day and it was very hot day. We did all the banks work on that day and that was
very compulsory to the organization. My supervisor is very humble and noble man and much help me
in my tasks and tell me all the things that we perform. After that we gave salaries to the workers.

I posted all the previous days vouchers on that day. There is three types of vouchers that are cash
voucher, credit voucher and cheque voucher. This data posted into the computer and into the
company software. That was stored into the company main server. And also gave wages to the daily
Wed wages employees of the company.

There is a stamp that is used for the posting of vouchers when we entered the data into the computer
then we stamped and signed on the voucher and this is for the confirmation of the posting.

It was the last working day of the week and lots of work there and we make cash book and day book
for the company and then I posted all the vouchers into the computer. My supervisor allowed me to
sign on the vouchers after the posted of them.
Thu That day was my last day therefore all employees met with me and I met with my supervisors and all
managers and also met with C.E.O of the company. All of them apriciated me on my worlk and
regulancy. All of them said we want to meet with you again.



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