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Electromechanical (SF6)

Site ID k4202 Region Giza

Site Vendor Huawei Date of SF6 issuance 9/16/2018

Cabinet type Outdoor Stream Rollout


Power Source Commercial 3 Ph.

CB rating: 63 Cable Size:

Generator NA

Power cube NA

Solar Battery Type NA Solar Panel type

Solar Battery Quantity NA Solar Panels Quantity

Power Cabinet: Type Qty

TP48400A 1

Rectifiers: Type Qty

TP48400A 7

Type Qty
Battery cabinet: NA

Batteries: Type Qty

Northstar Blue+ 190 Ah 16 Batteries

-Non priority load (LLVD) : 44.4 V

- Battery low volt disconnect : 43.2 V

PLEASE ensure that ONLY Tx Power cables are connected to priority load bar(BLVD) and Radio are connected to non-priority load bar(LLVD) also make sure that the battery
capacity are correctly defined in power cabinet software.


Free Cooling: Type Qty

Air Conditions: Type Qty

Returned Materials :

Power Cabinet Type Qty

Rectifiers: Type Qty

Battery cabinet: Type

Batteries: Type Qty