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Coe mCTLEUS DREAMGIR MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE SOUND 2 MOVE CNC (0l6 OA NMC Mia ales 18 CADILLAC CAR Px) emia eRe 36 LOVE YOUIDO 44 |WANT YOU, BABY UMaine 54 DREAMGIRLS 61 AND 1AM TELLING YOU I'M NOT GOING r/R Adal) A Ra LCL iele) rE RUNS Nes ye NEON IelN Ie] . kis =e 000] Nae) 97 ONE NIGHT ONLY SES] 107 HARD TO SAY GOODBYE, MY LOVE See. eeeecten HAL*LEONARD”’ Pere eee Cee ere ee enn 2 MOVE (You're Stepping on My Heart) Music by HENRY KRIEGER Lyric by TOM EYEN Moderately bright i lerately brig Ne. ® LORRELL DEENA: Eb? Bb ET bis EDF Bb? = = © vowm Move right out of You'd bet - ter (Moyet) ee ee EbT Eb/F Bb? Eg iS Le Lap: EEFIE: (Move!) Eb7 ED/F Bb7 move! (Please move!) Oh, L&D: EFFIE: heat (My heart!) is a Eb Ebr Bb B B 2 Lap: ~ oo break: in'break- in’ up 0 - ver you (Bresk-in', break-in’ up o- ver you.) —