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Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science

Daily Home Assignments

Please note:
1. All Assignments must be mailed to: pgdbdlor.dei@gmail.com
2. The Subject Line of the Assignment should be structured as follows:
<Course #>-DHA-<DHA #>-<Year>
3. The Assignment should be submitted in a Word/ pdf document which must be named as
<Course #>-<Roll#>-<Your First Name>-DHA-<DHA#>-<Year>
4. Your mails may be ignored if the subject line or file name does not conform to the above
given format.
5. Keep your writeups short and to the point.
6. It is expected that you will act according to the highest ethical standards of conduct in
working out and submitting your DHAs.

Unit 1

DHA 1 (Lecture 1 – Big Data):

a. Vs other than the 4 Vs of big data have been identified by researchers. List two of them
with their very short description.
b. With smart cities being identified in India, what do you think is going to be one of the
biggest sources of data that the city planners must deal with if the cities must become
smart and why?

DHA 2 (Lecture 2 – Analytics and Hadoop):

a. List two analytics tools, besides the Hadoop Ecosystem, that the industry is now using
and that are open source.
b. Will you classify the grades that you get in your marksheet under descriptive analytics?
Give reasons for your answer.

DHA 3 (Lecture 3 – Introduction to Supply Chain Management):

a. List two biggest Logistics Companies in India
b. If you have been to your local medicine shop, what strategy do you think they adopt vis
a vis customer demand? Push or Pull. Give reasons.
DHA 4 (Lecture 4 – Supply Chain Performance - I):
a. Suppose you were to open a Kirana Store in your neighbourhood where there are
already two such stores. What will be your competitive strategy? What is the implied
demand uncertainty that your strategy will carry?

DHA 5 (Lecture 5 – Supply Chain Performance – II):

a. Coming back to your Kirana Store, is your store responsive or efficient? How are you
going to achieve strategic fit?

DHA 6 (Lecture 6 – Supply Chain Drivers and Metrics – I)

a. Give a very short description of two obstacles to achieving strategic fit.

DHA 7 (Lecture 7 – Supply Chain Drivers and Metrics – II)

a. Where does Maruti fall in the responsiveness spectrum? Maruti has sourced the
manufacturing of a large number of parts to ancillary units? How do these units affect
Maruti’s responsiveness/ efficiency?