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First Term English Test (4AM)

We all need food and we can’t live without it because it gives us energy and keeps us fine and
strong. But, where does our food come from ? There are two basic kinds of food. One comes
from animals and the other from plants. Meat comes from animals. We get mutton from sheep,
beef from cows and chicken from hens. Fish is meat, too. We also get other products
from animals such as : eggs from hens and ducks, honey from bees, milk from cows, and from
milk people get butter and cheese. From plants, we get fruit, vegetables and cereals. A lot of
fruit grow on trees such as oranges. Some kinds of vegetables grow under the ground ;the
potato is an example. Cereals give us food, too. Millions of people in the world eat
rice and make flour or semolina from wheat. But you must buy good food
for a healthy life. Do you eat the right food ?

Part one (14pts)

A)Reading Comprehension (7pts)

Read the text carefully then do the following activities
Activity one :Write true, false or not mentioned.(3pts)
1.Mutton is the cow’s meat.
2.Rice is a cereal.
3.Chinese people like eating rice.
Activity two :Answer the questions.(2pts)
1.In which paragraph is it mentioned that food is vital ?
2.Find a suitable title.
Activity three :Match the synonyms.(2pts)
1.obtain a- a lot of
2.power b- kinds
3.many c- get
4.sorts d- energy
numbers 1 2 3 4

Mastery of language(7pts)
Activity one :Spot the mistakes and correct them.(2pts)
1.We all need food ,do we ?
2.Oranges are more cheap than apples.
3.Do you like eating meats ?
4.People make cheese by milk.

Activity two :Write the verbs correctly(2pts)

Every Friday, Mrs. Tahraoui ( go ) shopping. Now, she is at the greengrocer’s. She ( buy )
some vegetables and fruit. This evening,she ( cook ) a special meal because she ( invite ) some
guests yesterday.

Activity three :Pick out from the text words that have the vowel sounds /i:/ and /i/ (2pts)

/ i : / eg see / i / eg it

PART TWO:Written expression(6pts)

Hi Hamid ,
I’ve got a health problem. I weigh 100 kg and I suffer from obesity. What should I do to lose
weight ?Would you like to give me some advice ?
Yours, Salim

Write a letter to your friend Salim giving him some advice and recommendations to lose weight
The following hints can help you :
- Change eating habits : eat less fat – chocolate – avoid fast food ……..
- Go on a diet – see a doctor …..
- Do exercises : sports……..