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| name = Punta Gorda Atlantic Coast Line Depot

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| location = [[Punta Gorda, Florida|Punta Gorda]], [[Florida]], [[United States]]

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| coordinates = {{coord|26|55|47|N|82|2|45|W|display=inline,title}}

| locmapin = Florida#USA

| built = 1928

| architecture = [[Mediterranean Revival Style architecture|Mediterranean Revival]]

| added = December 12, 1990

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| refnum = 90001797<ref name="nris">{{NRISref|version=2010a}}</ref>

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The '''Punta Gorda Atlantic Coast Line Depot''' is a historic [[Atlantic Coast Line Railroad]] [[train
station|depot]] in [[Punta Gorda, Florida|Punta Gorda]], [[Florida]], [[United States]]. It is
located at 1009 Taylor Road.

Owned and maintained by the Punta Gorda Historical Society, the building houses a Black history
exhibit and an antique mall. On December 12, 1990, it was added to the [[United States|U.S.]]
[[National Register of Historic Places]].

The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad built the depot in 1928 as one of many investments it made to
its railroad network during the [[Florida land boom of the 1920s]]. It served as Punta Gorda's
third passenger rail depot, replacing earlier depots built by the Atlantic Coast Line's predecessor
the [[Florida Southern Railroad]]. The original depot, built in 1886, was a small frame depot
located within the railroad's turning [[Wye (rail)|wye]]. The second depot, built in 1897, was
slightly larger and was located along King Street (which today carries northbound [[Tamiami
Trail|U.S. Highway 41]]). It was demolished along with the Coast Line's King Street dock to
accommodate the construction of the original [[Barron Collier Bridge]] over the [[Peace River
(Florida)|Peace River]].

The Punta Gorda depot was built in Neo-Spanish architecture, and was one of only six depots
the Atlantic Coast Line built in that style. Of those six, only two still stand today (the other is in
Bradenton).<ref>{{cite web|last1=Williams|first1=Lindsey|title=Punta Gorda's Historic Depot
Was Babcock's Last Gift|url=http://www.lindseywilliams.org/index.htm?
website=Lindsey Williams - Writer At Large|accessdate=10 February 2015}}</ref>

Passenger rail service to Punta Gorda was discontinued in 1971. The building was eventually
purchased by local landowner Fred Babcock, who donated it to the Punta Gorda Historical
Society in 1996. The building today houses an antique mall.<ref>{{cite web|title=Punta Gorda
Train Depot|
website=Punta Gorda Historical Society|accessdate=10 February 2015}}</ref>

The depot's platform is still within the railroad's right of way. [[Seminole Gulf Railway]], who
operates the rail line today, uses the platform every Christmas season for its ''Christmas Rail-
Boat'' evening excursions. Passengers arrive from Fort Myers and transfer to a bus for a
Christmas light boat tour through Punta Gorda Isles. They then reboard for the return trip to
Fort Myers.<ref>{{cite web|title=Florida Christmas Light Extravaganza Train Ride|
Railroad Nation|accessdate=28 November 2016}}</ref>


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File:Punta Gorda FL ACL depot doors01.jpg|"White" and "Colored" entrances

File:Punta Gorda Atlantic Coast Line Depot rear.jpg|Roof damage from [[Hurricane Charley]]

File:Punta Gorda Atlantic Coast Line Depot inside 3.jpg|Interior view

File:Punta Gorda Atlantic Coast Line Depot inside 4.jpg|Another interior view




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