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'''John Crawford Anderson''' (August 5, 1863 - April 27, 1940) was an Associate Justice of the

[[Supreme Court of Alabama]] from 1904 to 1914, and then Chief Justice from 1914 until his
death in 1940.

Born in [[Greene County, Alabama]], Anderson received a law degree from the [[University of
Alabama School of Law]] in 1883, and established a successful law practice in [[Marengo County,
Alabama Judicial Branch biography of John Crawford Anderson].</ref> He was initially appointed
to a circuit court position by Governor [[William C. Oates]] in 1895. He was elected to a newly-
created seat on the Alabama Supreme Court in 1904, and was elevated to Chief Justice in 1914
(succeeding [[James R. Dowdell]]). He served in that position until his death in 1940.<ref>

"ALABAMA'S SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICES: John C. Anderson", Alabama Department of

Archives and History (May 10, 2010), www.archives.alabama.gov/judicial/jcanderson.html.</ref>

While Chief Justice, Anderson was the only member of the Alabama Supreme Court to dissent in
the [[Scottsboro Boys]] cases, a high-profile event where nine young Black men were accused
and rapidly convicted of raping two White women. Anderson argued that the "overheated"
nature of the proceedings and the failure to provide adequate counsel necessitated new trials
for the defendants.<ref>Powell v. State, 141 So. 201 (Ala. 1932)</ref> His position was later
vindicated by the U.S. Supreme Court in ''[[Powell v. Alabama]]''.





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