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| foundation = 1977

| founder = Diego Quiles<br>José Quiles

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| location_city = [[Elche]]{{Infobox writer <!-- for more information see [[:Template:Infobox

writer/doc]] -->

| name = Salvador Reyes Figueroa

| image = Salvador reyes.jpg

| caption = [[Chilean National Prize for Literature|National Literature Prize]] 1967

| birth_date = August 16, 1899.

| birth_place = [[Copiapó]], [[Chile]]

| death_date = February 27, 1970

| death_place = [[Santiago de Chile|Santiago]], [[Chile]]

| occupation = Writer, poet, essayist

| signature =

| movement = [[Imaginism]]}}

'''Salvador Reyes Figueroa''' was a [[Chile]]an writer who won the [[Chilean National Prize for
Literature|National Literature Prize]] 1967.


He was born in [[Copiapó]] to Arturo Reyes and Luisa Figueroa on August 16, 1899. His first
studies are at the Instituto Comercial de [[Antofagasta]] (Antofagasta Commercial College).<ref
name=Escritores>Translated from Escritores.cl, [http://www.escritores.cl/base.php?
f1=premios/texto/reyes.htm Salvador Reyes Figueroa Biography] (Spanish in the original),
retrieved on June 3, 2009, with the written consent of the copyright holder, according to the
statement found on the said page:{{quote|© escritores.cl - Permitida la reproducción de su
contenido mencionando la fuente siempre y cuando no sea con fines de lucro (© escritores.cl -
Reproduction permitted for all the content, provided its source is stated and not for commercial

He travelled by the North of his country, then lived in [[Valparaíso]]. By the end of 1920, he
migrated to [[Santiago de Chile|Santiago]], where he immediately started working as a
successful journalist. He wrote for ''Zig-Zag'', ''Las Últimas Noticias'', and ''Hoy'' under the
nickname "Simbad".<ref name=Escritores/>

In 1928 he co-founded the magazine ''[[Letras (magazine)|Letras]]'' along with [[Ángel Cruchaga
Santa María]], [[Manuel Eduardo Hübner]], [[Luis Enrique Délano]] and [[Hernán del Solar]].
According to some researches, this publication would gather the best writers of its time
together.<ref>Armando Roa Vial (1998) [https://books.google.com/books?
''Peregrinajes literarios en Francia''], ''Editorial Universitaria'', 1998, {{ISBN|956-11-1386-4}},
{{ISBN|978-956-11-1386-2}}, page 147. Retrieved on July 1, 2009.</ref>

In 1939, President [[Pedro Aguirre Cerda]] anointed him as consul in Paris. Eventually he also had
high diplomatic positions in [[Barcelona]], London, Rome, [[Haiti]]<ref name=memoria/> and
[[Athens]].<ref name=Escritores/>

Reyes was member of the [[Chilean Academy of Language]] between 1960 and
1970.<ref>[http://www.institutodechile.cl/lengua/nomina.htm#11 Academia Chilena de la
Lengua, Nómina de Miembros] {{webarchive|
na.htm |date=2010-01-31 }} (Only in Spanish), retrieved on June 30, 2009</ref>

He obtained the National Literature Prize in 1967. He died in [[Santiago de Chile|Santiago]], on

February 27, 1970.<ref name=Escritores/> His ashes were cast to the sea in front of
[[Antofagasta]].<ref name="memoria">{{sp icon}} Memoria Chilena,
[http://www.memoriachilena.cl/temas/index.asp?id_ut=salvadorreyes(1899-1970) Salvador
Reyes (1899-1970), Presentación], retrieved on June 30, 2009</ref>

==Postmortem recognition==

Between 1990 and 1999, his collection was displayed in the [[Wulff Castle]], in [[Viña del Mar]].


The following is a list of his works in their original title (in [[Spanish language|Spanish]]), kind
and year of publication.

* ''[[Drunk Ship|Barco ebrio]]'', Poetry, 1923.

* ''El último pirata'', Stories, 1925.

* ''El matador de tiburones'', Novel, 1926.

* ''El café del puerto'', Novel, 1927.

* ''Los tripulantes de la noche'', Tales, 1929.

* ''Las mareas del sur'', Poetry, 1930.

* ''Lo que el tiempo deja'', Tales, 1932.

* ''Tres novelas de la costa'', Novel, 1934.

* ''Ruta de sangre'', Novel, 1935.

* ''Piel nocturna'', Novel, 1936.

* ''Norte y sur'', Short Novels, 1947.

* ''Mónica Sanders'', Novel, 1951.

* ''Valparaíso, puerto de nostalgias'', Novel, 1955.

* ''El continente de los hombres solos'', Chronicles, 1956.

* ''Rostros sin máscaras'', Interviews, 1957.

* ''Los amantes desunidos'', Novel, 1959.

* ''Los defraudados'', Tales, 1963.

* ''El incendio del astillero'', Tales, 1964.

* ''Andanzas por el desierto de Atacama'', Chronicles, 1966.

* ''Fuego en la frontera'', Essay, 1968.

* ''La redención de las sirenas'', Theater, 1968.

* ''Crónicas de Oriente'', Chronicles, 1973.<ref name=Escritores/>



==External links==

More information can be found at:

* {{sp icon}} [http://www.memoriachilena.cl//temas/index.asp?id_ut=salvadorreyes(1899-1970)

Memoria Chilena] (''Chilean Memory'') hosts an extensive research on the author.

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| area_served = Worldwide

| key_people = Carlos García Cobaleda (President)<ref name=bloomberg/>

| industry = [[Textile]]

| products = [[Sportswear (activewear)|Sportswear]], [[footwear]]

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'''New Millennium Sports, S.L.''', trading as '''Kelme''' ({{IPA-es|ˈkelme}}), is a [[Spain|Spanish]]

sportswear company that creates and produces [[apparel]] and [[shoe]]s. It was founded in 1977
by Diego and José Quiles and its products are destined for [[association football|football]],
[[futsal]], [[basketball]], [[running]] and [[tennis]] market.

Kelme is headquartered in [[Elche]] ([[Alicante province|Alicante]]), [[Spain]], but has other

offices worldwide including a United States Division in [[Conover, North Carolina|Conover]],
[[North Carolina]].

Kelme sponsored a professional [[cycling]] team, together with the [[Valencian Community|
Valencian]] government.

Their products are endorsed by high-profile players such as [[David James (footballer)|David
James]], [[Josemi]] and Paul Kelly, and others. Their football boots are made to provide
established power, swerve, accuracy and durability. [[Daniel González Güiza]] wears the Kelme
Masters for [[RCD Mallorca]]. [[Real Madrid]] and [[RCD Mallorca]] used to wear kits produced
by Kelme.


Teams and athletes sponsored by Kelme worldwide

are:<ref>[http://www.kelme.com/motor.php/patrocinios?seccion=p-futbol&menu=1 Kelme
sponsorships at company's official site] {{webarchive|
ios?seccion=p-futbol&menu=1 |date=2012-06-13 }}, 2012-05-20</ref>


====Club teams====

* {{flagicon|KOR}} [[Incheon ET Land Elephants]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Saski Baskonia|Baskonia]]


====National teams====

* {{fb|GRL}}

* {{fb|NPL}}

====National leagues====

* {{flagicon|DOM}} [[Liga Dominicana de Fútbol]]

* {{flagicon|CHN}} [[Chinese Women's National League]] (Since 2015 season)

====Club teams====

{{div col|colwidth=22em}}

* {{flagicon|ARG}} [[Chacarita Juniors]]

* {{flagicon|ARG}} [[Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba]]

* {{flagicon|ARG}} [[Instituto Atlético Central Córdoba|Instituto de Córdoba]]

* {{flagicon|ARG}} [[Club Olimpo|Olimpo]]

* {{flagicon|AUS}} [[Gosnells City FC]]

* {{flagicon|AUS}} Pembroke Old Scholars

* {{flagicon|AUS}} [[Balcatta SC]]

* {{flagicon|CRO}} {{flagicon image|Zastava Istarske županije.svg|size=23x12px}} [[NK Istra


* {{flagicon|MDA}} [[CF Gagauzia]]

* {{flagicon|MDA}} [[FC Milsami Orhei]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Deportivo Alavés]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[CD Alcoyano]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[AD Alcorcón]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Elche Club de Fútbol|Elche C.F.]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[RCD Espanyol]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Hércules CF]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[SD Huesca]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[UD Logroñés]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Rayo Vallecano]]

* {{flagicon|HKG}} [[Dreams Sports Club|Dreams FC]]

* {{flagicon|HKG}} [[Yuen Long FC|Yuen Long]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[PSIM Yogyakarta]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Cilegon United]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Martapura F.C.]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Perserang Serang]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Persik Kendal]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[PSPS Riau]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Blitar United]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Madura F.C.]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Semeru FC]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Madiun Putra FC|Madiun Putra]]

* {{flagicon|INA}} [[Persiraja Banda Aceh]]

* {{flagicon|JPN}} Komazawa

* {{flagicon|KOR}} [[Daegu FC]]

* {{flagicon|KOR}} [[Daejeon Citizen]]

* {{flagicon|KOR}} [[Jeonnam Dragons]]

* {{flagicon|KUW}} [[Qadsia SC]]

* {{flagicon|NLD}} [[Telstar (football club)|Telstar]]

* {{flagicon|OMN}} [[Al-Nahda Club]]

* {{flagicon|OMN}} [[Sohar SC]]

* {{flagicon|PAN}} Atlantico F.C.

* {{flagicon|PAN}} [[Atlético San Cristóbal]]

* {{flagicon|PAN}} [[Colón C-3 F.C.]]

* {{flagicon|PAN}} S.D. Panamá Oeste

* {{flagicon|PAN}} C.D. Santa Gema

* {{flagicon|PAN}} Moca F.C.

* {{flagicon|SLV}} Club Deportivo Los Andes

* {{flagicon|USA}} [[Rayo OKC]]

{{div col end}}


====National teams====
====Club teams====

F.C Long (2014/-)



* {{flagicon|OMN}} [[Sohar SC]] ''(2014/–)''




Associations Teams and athletes sponsored:



* {{flagicon|Spain}} [[Primera División de Futsal|Liga Nacional de Fútbol Sala]] (Since the

2013/2014 season)

* {{flagicon|BRA}} Ju Delgado

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[FS Baix Maestrat|Benicarló F.S.]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Caja Segovia FS]]

* {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Elche CF]]


* {{flagicon|ESP}} Sofía Rodriguez

* {{flagicon|ESP}} Lorena Rubio

* {{flagicon|ESP}} Laura Fernández


* {{flagicon|ESP}} Patricia Chamorro

* {{flagicon|ESP}} Arturo Santamaría

* {{flagicon|ESP}} Dani Salgado

* {{flagicon|SLO}} FC Litija

* {{flagicon|SLO}} Oplast Kobarid



==See also==

*[[Kelme (cycling team)]]



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*[http://www.kelme.com Official site of Kelme Company; Sport products]

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