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Legal Environment of Business

Pacing Guide
Date Unit Assignment Standard
Week 1 Module 1 Microlesson 1: Team work BMA-LEB-10
Skills to Become an Effective Leader Microlesson 2: Planning & Decision Making
Microlesson 3: Professional Appearance
Microlesson 4: How to Become an FBLA
Week 2 Module 2 Microlesson 1: Communication BMA-LEB-1
CTAE Foundations-Level Two Microlesson 2: Teamwork
Microlesson 3: Problem Solving-
transferable job skills
Microlesson 4: Work Ethics
Microlesson 5: Time Management
Week 3, 4 Module 3 Microlesson 1: Relationship between ethics BMA-LEB-2
The Relationship Between Ethics and Law and law
Microlesson 2: Major sources of law
Microlesson 3: Differentiate among crimes,
torts, contracts, and statutory/regulatory
Microlesson 4: Consequences of unethical
and illegal conduct
Week 5 Module 4 Microlesson 1: Federal Court Systems BMA-LEB-3
Resolving Legal Disputes Microlesson 2: State Court System
Microlesson 3: Alternatives to Litigation
Microlesson 4: Types of Claims and
Landmark Cases
Week 6 Module 5 Microlesson 1: Civil Law BMA-LEB-3
Resolving Legal Disputes-Civil Law Microlesson 2: The Process of a civil suit
Microlesson 3: Arbitration
Microlesson 4: Case law pertaining to civil
legal disputes
Week 7 Module 6 Microlesson 1: Criminal Law BMA-LEB-3
Resolving Legal Disputes-Criminal Law Microlesson 2: The process of a criminal
Microlesson 3: How crime impacts business
Microlesson 4: Notable Criminal Law Cases
Week 8, 9 Module 7 Microlesson 1: Crimes the Business BMA-LEB-4
Major Crimes Affecting Business commits
Microlesson 2: Crimes against a business
Microlesson 3: Technology Related Crimes
Microlesson 4: How can a business prevent
Week 10, 11 Module 8 Microlesson 1: Intentional torts BMA-LEB-5
Tort Law Microlesson 2: Negligence
Microlesson 3: Product/strict liability
Microlesson 4: Remedies for tortious
Week 12, 13 Module 9 Microlesson 1: Elements of an enforceable BMA-LEB-6
Contractual Relationships contact
Microlesson 2: Characteristics of a contract
Microlesson 3: Breach of Contract
Microlesson 4: Types of Warranties
Week 14, 15 Module 10 Microlesson 1: Bankruptcy Law BMA-LEB-7
Statutory & Regulatory Schemes and their Microlesson 2: Intellectual Property
impact on Business Microlesson 3: Federal Consumer
Protection law
Microlesson 4: Environmental law
Microlesson 5: Employment law
Week 16, 17 Module 11 Microlesson 1: What is E-Commerce BMA-LEB-8
E-Commerce Microlesson 2: Jurisdiction Issues
Microlesson 3: Issues and disputes among
Week 18 Module 12 Microlesson 1: Impact of cultural BMA-LEB-9
The Influence of Diverse Cultures and differences in business decision making
Customs Microlesson 2: Laws and customs of other
countries in business operations
Microlesson 3: Business practice roles of
the U.N Commission on International Trade
Law & World Trade Organization
Microlesson 4: Business Transactions with
an international customer