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oR eo Cer cae gle en ced al eee er) rey a ea a LT (SCHEDULE - ‘A’ MINI RATNA- CATEGORY- 1 PUBLIC SECTOR ENTERPRISES) ee ce ibeahssacies fo ita ica) Die Ala Uhhh sLisea doh ta lk a lied abs SRea ik LiL stuck asl ALL att Fe Ua URS IT Esa Aspat Auory of Inia AA), «Goverment of ni Poole Serr Eerie cone by an At of Prtaer anus wn he pons of eatng upoed, ‘raining and ranging ev ton inner bth nthe od anda space the Canty AL Nas oan coir wi te Mi ana Categaye Sta ArpatsAuthoriy of nda inves appetons fom elle caidas to ppl ON-LINE though AAs Viebste wor aa er othe folowing poss (NO APPLICATION THROUGH ANY OTHER MODE WILL BE ACCEPTED) voar| name or on vememence NUMBER OF VACANCES cove] rosrs QUALIFICATION ovat [Gen] oBC]SC]ST] pos ented, WARAGER |B Comwin OWACAMBATalimw [Syean warcorenenesin —f—7@_[ oo | ov [oe]mi LVM + [IPRANCE | reir @yearsareton win | Exeesive Codeine eis | 5502 Seecaleton nso ‘franca an Rear TRAGER | Fue rope BEB. Toh Doors Syorswak xpoiencein [vo | o> | ow [oo|arp = = | IPRESERVICES)]nFe/Mechancal/Atamobie. | Exeoave Cadet he fla Vaid Hoary Tonspot Vere | ore Serene songs is exon MANAGER | Ful ie rogtr B.E7B. Toh Dora S yar work oxpaonc n a ~l-|-> = = | ttectwica) |i Mechacalo: Asem eC on WGNAGER | Fala egier BETB. Tesh | Syer work xpanann ns = [=| [ole] acm | eeroreectes ence Deore n cea fre recive Coo n tals |stv01=59 an ie 4 | Elercayy Electeal Eng ‘can Saar onninon WGNAGER | Filme eguar BEB. Tesh | Syearworkxpononcin a [a]e OL | Incaes oF 5 |fencs.civuy | devaein ou Exoctie Cao nef of nin Even. WANAGER | Post Gadiaton nnd orn Engiah | Experience n ana @_[@]-|-|=) wae (Gera. | winEnlah arid mmpectnay | aang 9 Goss arom |o2s0=03 GaNGUAGE) | 8Suaacta Deore Lave or Pont | Engh fin ard fend Sraduatoni any ahr sujet win Engen rtaty of Tocca ind and Elst sv conpusory!” | or Scene Ler, Our 6 ‘elective subject at Degree Level. which 05 years’ experience as notear any ono Gena sate ov ning Pat soto Unertaing nt falda Basa, MANAGER |) Graduate ana aime roglar MBA [S year work experience in % f=|@]-|-). = = 7 |IGOMNERCIN) | e2yearavaton wn Waketng | Brectve Cate ne felt ot Spwtataston OR) Fulltme regular | Mart GE /B. Tech bape WANAGER | raduas ae lis epule MBA oS yar war xpenens n %_|@]ojal-) a omar | um Scvalon 2 ears crater) win” | Exeoste Cao mie fot ot |o4s-=o9 RESOURCES) | SpoclznionmnrRw'/HRO/=M a | Homan osoures Magee iB tabou Weare WANAGER | Ful ime regular 876, Teoh Dore |S yar work eapoonce hy sa [ea | we [so] mp = a | ELECTRONICS) | inElecroncalecommanieatona | Bocas Cate hte fel ot Ereticat wih specalzatonin | Elecrons ana ele Elnconic Communication TaNOR Regu ito Bacwours arn a | No Experence messonta | 00 rar} 50 yar ve] = = Exzcviive | Te Yeas n since. Se} wth 10 | wrerrarric | Pryie and waters ra te GontRoL) | reguar ae 8. Tech Degre many Seapive TONOR 3. Com win IOWACANBA tiene | NoSparence weseenia’ | 25 | ww | o@ [os far] wa ae 11 | execunive | regular (years reo) wen aesaraos iFvance) | Spedlaaton n nance JONOR FulinerepuerSE/6. Tech Dapeal NoExparonco essential | 1s Pw | os foz[or] = = re |exeoutve | nF’ Machonea Automate, Va (FIRE SERVICES) | LaMar Votes License 6 sont TONOR ‘radio Source and hime | Nofaporarce womans [69] 96] 78 = ExecviIve | roguar BA o 2 yar auaton 13 | varwort. | ORFurtme guar Bachelors SERATIONS) | Segoe nCrisong Va Lot TONOR Fullmeregular S78, Tech Dares] NoEaperanca messes’ | v0 Por fo frp=| = = 16 | Betcunve | intechansalor Asomcale (TECHNICAL) “JuNOR FoxtGradiaonintind orn Grate | Exprenee fTwoveesim | os fof orf-|=| = = ExecuTIVe | winEnlsh orig spectively o | arson rl to Glossary tg [(O=tiRt | StspetarDsare Level orPoat | sr tom Sngisn int ne SGNGUAGE) | Grathasoninary cine sjotwin | Hole Engle etry of Hine and Elst as compubry! | Tecwcal or Scene Lert slectve stn ot Dear Lave ToNOR ‘Ful me reaubrBE/B Tech | Notperancaiwesronia [a | 6 | 7 [osfarp = = executive | degra m Compute Senco! te | tnrormation | Computer Enaneorng i Electonics TECHNOLOGY | GR Ful ie og Mason Semper Apeaton EA) Size 25x38 CM Post] NAME OF Ntmum sexpenience NUMBER OF VACANCIES, cooe| Posts cuaurearion ToTAL GEN] 0BC] 86/8. pont ened | Pont rxa BEive | [Omen Reosarh! Saises| az | Gonborare | Asoc Sune! Econ wn SRaMne | SENS ions wi Sixes rscenesr_|fumanyUnvrsyrcognoy service | Ue TUMOR] Gada ane agua OAT] NoDpaTons women] 32TH] WY os] 8 - a [Dour [Sule aus arson wah Wow | Sprtnn's RTPIERL Resources) | {Sour Ware ‘won | rote ar ta ono opr GA NoEponmce woman] as] w=] ow Poa] or wo |Brescnve | S'Syeneteson nan nately (covnienei | Spetutee O8 Pieter ious bogeeinengoce The numberof vacancies Is tentative and may Increase or decrease a sole dscretion of AA. "Backlog vacancies. ‘Candidates from Private Sector applying forthe post of Managers in various disciplines should be drawing minimum CTC of Rs. 11 Lacs per annum as on cutoff date ‘Abbreviations used: NCL= Non-Creamy Layer, = Visual HanéScapped, LV= Low Vision, OM-OrthopedicalyHansicapped, OL= One Log, HH= Hearing impaired (Partally Dea. "Note: Degree / Diploma / Certificate / Membership Examination should be (0 Froma RecognizediDeemed university or from an apex inttution Le, (I/llMs/XLRI/TISS ete) recognized by Govt. of India and (i) Percentage of marks: «Minimum 60% marks or equivalent for Bachelor's Degree and also for .G. Degree / Diploma including MBA. Minimum pass marks Tor CA/ICWA/ Company Secretary IMPORTANT DATES DATE ‘Opening dat for Onn Apoiations weor.2018 Last date for Online Anleaton 16082018 Last date or payment of Appleaton Foo (TApplCable) 18.082018 Tetabve Date of Orne Examination (Dscipline wise) 7108207610718 092078 PAY SCALE (DAY: MANAGER E-3) +60000-3%-180000 SUNIOREXECUTIVE(E-1): t40000-3%-140000 EMOLUMENTS: Inaditon to Base pay, Deamess Allowance, Perks @ 35% of Basle pay, HRA another bene whch nelade CPF, Gatuly, Socal Securty Schemes, Medical benefits oe. ro ‘The CTC per annum for the post of Manager would be around Rs. 15 lacs (approximately) and for the post of Junior Executive would be around Rs. 11 (approximatahy) IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: (Only Indian Nationals fling elt criteria can apply forthe above posts. (9) Caneidates whose osu fr fra year examination is awaitod are ao allo to appear inthe online examination, subject the condition thal hey wllpreduce tho fal resulatthe me of document verieaon/nloriow (©) Age, Expetionce and at other oigbillyeteriashallboroekonod a8 on 30.06 2018, (jw) Vacancies reservedtor O3C (NCL category are avallablato OBC candidates belonging to Non-Cresmy Layer (NCL only a pertne Gov. cflnda Guidelines, (%) OBC Cerfeat:- The candidates applying against vacancis reserved for O3Cs should note tnt they nave to produce avai caste cetfcate atthe time of documents verfcaton/interviow in suppor oftheir belonging to OBC conmunty inthe Canals of OBC, issued by he Goverment of Inia, nthe preseibad format for this purpose so. fo prove hat thay donot belong o Creamy Layer ofthe OBC. A declaration shal aleo be uomited by the candidate befor is nerappontmentthathe he does natbelong othe Creamy Layer of OBC. OBC [Non oamy Layer Carfcata)foradmssion‘eeducatonalpurposes willie considered (i) SC/ST Coricate Candidates belonging to SC / ST eatogory shall have to sub the Cast corticatefsved by the Competent Author a the tie of documents ‘vereatontnteriw. (wl) TheSc/ST/OBC/Disabity coteate sued by the Competent Autottyshoulsetherbeln Hind orEnglsh Any Vaiatloninthe caste namewilntbe accepted. (i) Theessantal qual featons accuradthroughestance aang partime or aquvalnt qualfcations shal not be cansldered () Where a epecaization ie reqiod in he qualifying degree inthe essential quaicaton, candsato is equiresto submit acetate rom the Univesity Ineituton closely spectyng the specialzation nthe quaiying degree, (9) Inthe caso of nogratod Mastor's Degree in Engineorng, candidat will ave to produce a catcateat th time of documents verfcaion in support of possession of Graduate dogroe and statement of marksin Engineering esuod by tho Unversiynetuton (2) Canadare must specially insicate he percentage of marks obtained [calculated othe nearesttwo decimal} inthe relevant colam ofthe application. Where pacentage of mar ls not warded by he Universy but only CGPA/ OGPA DGPA/ CP! ec awarded, the ame shale converted into perenage n terms o conversion norms of Univers in this roger. Candida wll have to produce the equivalence cetficale/ document iasued bythe Unwversty nstutlon evidencing equvalat percentage of mark, when calleor documents vericato, aslessthan 60% (i) The date ofdoctraton ofreslt/issuance of Marks Sheet shall be doemesobe date of acquiring he qualification ans there shal benorelaxationon this acourt. MANAGER Maxcmumage 32 years as.on30.06 2018, JUNIOREXECUTVE —:—_Maximumage27 oars ton 30.06.2018, RELAXATION INAGE (0) Upper age its retaxabi by 10 years for PWD, 6 years or SC/ST and years for OBC (Non-Cre ‘orcanddetes belonging a Non cteany ayer 3s pe the guidelines of Govt. of indacthe subject. (© Upporage limits elaxabl by 5 years io alcandidatos who ha originally Goon domicedin testo of Jammu & Kashmir uring the pris om 01.01.1980 to 31.12.1989 ‘ad canldate as fo provide the cortcate for the same issued by District Magistrate | Block Development Offes / Sub Divisional Offeer at tho timo af documents ‘enfeaton interview (©) ForEx-Servicenen, age relaxations applcablas proscribed by Govt. of India orderissuodby imo totine. (@) Upper age it are elaxableby 10 years for candidates who arein regular service of AL (0) The dot of bah aa recorded in tne Matreulation / Secondary Examination certicates wll only be accept, No subsequent requast for change in date of bith wil be ntetsines SELECTION PROCESS: (0) Before apvng fr the poss, the canddate should ensure that he / she fs the eligbity and other norms mentioned inthe Advertisement. Furnishing of wrong false informaton wileadta asqualeaton ané AI wilnatberespersiblefr ary consequence lfumshing such wrang/fasenfomabon. (© Scrsingand tigiitywilbe based on he deals providedby the candidate, (©) The canadates found provionaly sige shal be called for Ontine examination and Admit Cards shall be ised lo them accordingly, The admit ead for onsine ‘examination willbe sentto the eligblscancietes on tei egstereat-mal Ds on () Candidates wilbe shorted onthe basis of her performance n On-kn examination and they wil be called for Dacumentsverfcatlon Interview / Physical measurement ‘and Endurance est Vole tet ae applicable fone post (©) Rotlnunber of te candidates, shortises fr Documents vertiaton Interview Physical measurement and Endurance test/Vlee test, a8 applieabl or repost willbe declared on AAI websteonty. The calle lb sent the shoristed candidates nth registered -maliDs onl. (i) Rounding othe percentage of marks wilnatbe acceptable under any crcumstancos for consideration fr appsinmentis, 53,.09% willbe sy lyer candidates, Vacancies reservedor OBC catagory aremeant Size 25x38 CM (Wi) Forte post of Manager (Fire Services) and Junior Executive (Fire Services), Ortne examination wilb followed by documents veriatan, Physical measurement ‘and Enurancetestwvchincludes high ume, Push ups, Runnng, Stups, Casualty carying, Ladérclimbng, Rope clang, and Drving est. (vi) For Manager (Fire Services): Only hose canates, who quay the Physical measurement and endurance test wile allowed to appear or interview. Candidate shoul producethe vad Heavy Transport Vehicle License HTV)atthetime of verfeaton of documents Orving Tes failngwhieh hiscancieatre willatbe canidere, (ul) Candidates seleteafor he post of Junior Executive (Fite Services) are required o produce Light Motor Vehicles License (LMY) at Pete of vriaton of documents {Diving Tes tang which the candatae wil not be considered, On selocton, they wil have lo abain Heavy Transport Vehicle License (HTV) within wo years of induction, ature todo so wil make them naib for prometon and to draw thie anual nrement onward (%) _Forthe post of Junior Executive (Airport Operations): Light Motor Vehicles License is essential. Temporary Learning License willnot be accepted (3) Forthe postof Junior Executive (Ar Traffic Control}, Orne examination willbe followed by document verification and Volce Test. The cansicate shall have minimum profezency in bah spoken ane wntten Engish ofthe level of 10*2 standard, On selecton,nalshe hall leo attain fe ICAO language minimum proficiency level {Oparatonal forthe purpose of esue of leanes orang, Ary canddata wn notable eatin ICAO proficeney level cr above dng the traning, his her services are latletabeterminatea, (i) Candidates already working in Central Government | State Government | Autonomous Body / Public Sector Undertaking are required to produce "NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” from the present employer at the time of documents verification | interview, falling which his her candidature will not be tonsidered. Other claime euch 28 undertaking to resign in the event of eelaction, acknowledged copy of applied NOC! Resignation Latter, Experience Certificate ete shallnotbe consideredin place of NOC. (i) During Documents variation /ntervow, the candidate wilhave lo produce Orginal Certeaes along wih a proof ident and one set of se-atestes photocopies of he Certeatee. th cently ore candidate en doubt ore she snot abe to proces te equ doeuments or there is mismatch ofiformation inte documents, isthe candidature wile rejected. Noadational sme wlloe given for procucng orginaleacuments (i) Tae provisional setetion ofthe eanddates wil eas per the mes, prepared on th bass of thei peformancsin Ortne examination Inorview / Physical measurement and Endurance est Vote test, asappicable forte post, subjectio mootng ll ote ligt crtorapresrbed "the post (i) RolInumbers fhe canddats, provisionally salcid for appointment the post, wll be declared on AAI web. The Ore wilbe sent the provisional selected