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1. Highlight


2. Logo

The logo design represents the type of font that has the school vibe to it.

It is simple and right away it will be immediately associated with the school’s

name, Siena College QC. The white color symbolizes our work’s pure passion

and dedication as well as our honesty and morale that we apply to our

business at all times. All the colors yellow, black and white were chosen to

profess our loyalty to Siena College QC.

3. Vision, Mission


The SIENA BULL CAPS envisions being a premier supplier in the cap

manufacturing industry emphasizing on quality services and employee

development on providing the community with quality products that can

represent their loyalty to Siena College.


 To be able to provide quality bull caps and quality delivery and


 To take care of the employees in any way the proponents can. Hoping

that in return, they will reward us by doing their jobs to the best of their


4. Product Description

SIENA BULL CAPS is categorized as retail and/or wholesale supplier for

bull caps especially school caps for Siena College that offers quality products

and excellent customer service at an affordable price.

The business consists of products such as bull caps for Siena and quality

designs specially made with their preferred colors and quality designs

originally made for every occasion. Apart from this we will also focus on

product delivery making sure it will be delivered on time without compensating

on our product’s quality.

5. Management and Personnel Feasibility

The Management and Personnel feasibility presents the business’

organizational structure, the process of recruitment and hiring, policies,

proposed salaries and benefits. Managing the employees properly is highly

important because they are the manpower of our business, hence, the

foundation to run a smooth flow of the proposed business.

6. Marketing Feasibility

Marketing Feasibility is a study to find the suitability of the business to

gain profitable development by having optimal products in accordance with

the projected market demand, project sales absorption and annual revenues.

7. Technical/Production Feasibility

The Technical/Production Feasibility presents the processes, equipment

and materials needed in the business. This aspect also includes types of

operation, process of production, floor plan, and standard operating


8. Financial Feasibility

This aspect covers the overall projected financial sales and income of the

proposed business. This study covers the financial assumptions, project cost

analysis, projected expenses and financial ratio analysis.

9. Socio-Economic Feasibility

The business will pay taxes to the government which can help improve

the country in general. This socio-economic feasibility can help save the

environment by observing and implementing eco-friendly materials and

processes such as recycling, reusing and reduce.

2. Conclusions to Feasibility

After careful study and research, the proponents have arrived at the

conclusion that the business is feasible.



A. Project Proponents

Name of the Nationality Address Share of

proponents Ownership

B. Jan Cathrine T. Filipino 90 Hyacinth St. 33.33%

Catipon Roxas District QC

e of John Michael P. Filipino 35 Sct. Alcaraz 33.33%

Ong St. Sta. Mesa
the Heights QC

Georlianne Filipino 14 B Corumi St. 33.33%

Firm Catalan Masambong QC


The name was made for the market, the business is labeled “SIENA”

specifically to provide a product which is the “BULL CAPS” that can be worn to

represent Siena College QC.

C. Type of Business Organization

The proponents chose partnership because partnership may benefit from the

combination of complementary skills of two or more people. There is a wider pool

of knowledge, skills and contacts. And with more than one owner, the ability to

raise funds may be increased because two or more partners may be able to

contribute more funds. Also, their borrowing capacity is greater. In partnership,

there is a better decision. Each partner has equal right in managing the business

and in any case of conflict they can sit together to solve problems. Since all

partners participate in decision-making, there is less scope for reckless and hasty


D. Location

SIENA BULL CAPS will be located at Siena College QC as we will be

supplying our products directly at the school. Our production will be home-based

which is cost efficient.

E. Site Analysis

1. Visibility from Main Arteries

The proposed business is reasonably located in Siena College QC

located at Cor 1105, Del Monte Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila with no

competitors in the area which is a huge advantage.

2. Visual Appeal of the Area and Surroundings

The desired site is visible, accessible, convenient and attractive to the

market simply because it is situated in the school where our target market


3. Area Growth Pattern

The school in which we have decided to put up our cap-making

business is progressing and with the school’s population we have the best

chance to market our product. The economic growth of the prospected

customers in the area is majorly made up of middle class people who are

students and employees.

The table below shows the number of Siena College QC population.

4. Accessibility to the Following:

It is highly accessible because the school where we are located in is

surrounded by main highways that are known by people and have an

ultimate chance of having the best exposure.

a. Target Market

The target market of the proposed business are the students,

professors, school sports clubs, school interest groups, school

clubs, school religious organizations and school alumni are

possible big buyers of embroidered bull caps coming from Siena

College QC.
b. Raw Materials and Suppliers

c. Utilities and Service Providers

The proposed business’ basic source for electricity/power is

Meralco Quezon Avenue branch which is very accessible via

Araneta Avenue/ Quezon Avenue; for Maynilad Water Services

located at Del Monte Avenue corner Sto. Domingo St. Quezon City.

These establishments are accessible for payments for just about

any Bayad Centers and malls which we are grateful for the chosen



A. Management Feasibility Objectives

 To know the duties and responsibilities of each personnel.

 To ensure that all employees are suited with their respective position

 To guarantee that all operations are being done efficiently and accordingly as the

company sees fit.

B. Personnel and Administrative Workforce

The proposed business will be managed by Ms. Jan Cathrine Catipon, John

Michael P. Ong and Georlianne Catalan.

C. Organizational structure

The proponents chose the line type of organizational chart because it suits

the nature of the proposed business. In a line organization, top management has

complete control and the chain is clear and simple. Line managers make the

majority of the decisions and direct the line personnel to achieve the business’


Organizational Chart:
D. Job Specifications and Job Descriptions

Job Description is an employee’s role and responsibilities in an organization.

Job specification describes the knowledge, skills and abilities along with the

associated education, training and experience required to successfully perform

within a position.

General Manager

Job Description:

1. Manages the overall operation of the business.

2. Supervises the performance of all personnel.

3. Maintains budget, personnel records, prepare payroll and pay bills.

4. Arrange for maintenance and repair of equipment and other services.

5. Schedule work hours for personnel and staff.

6. Assists in product deliveries.

7. Check quality of raw materials up to final product.

Job Specifications:

1. Male or Female

2. 23 to 30 years old

3. College Graduate (Business Administration or HRM)

4. Knowledge with running an Embroidery Business or any related


5. Good Communication skills

6. Computer literate


Job Description:

1. Prepare, design, and produce embroidered bull cap orders

2. Produce intricate and creative designs on clothing

3. Applies a range of traditional and modern stitching techniques

4. Work safely around embroidery equipment; monitor and deal with any

maintenance issues.

5. Responsible for organization and timeliness in receiving, producing

and delivery of bull cap orders.

Job Specification:

1. Male or Female

2. At least 20 years of age

3. At least High school graduate

4. Knowledgeable on how to operate an embroidery machine

5. Knowledgeable on computer design

6. Detail oriented

7. Computer literate
E. Conditions of Employment

Recruitment and Hiring Procedures:

 Job fairs/ under graduates/ college graduate

 Submit resume personally and through e-mail

 Interview

 Evaluation

 Hiring

 Requirements (Health Clearance, Police/NBI Clearance)

 Training and Orientation

Work Policies

The proponents have implemented their own working policies to

strengthen the responsibility of the SIENA BULL CAPS personnel.

 Employees should be mindful of their matters not only to the clients

but also to his/her peers.

 Always have Respect in the workplace and Respect with your co-


 Timeliness is next to Godliness; show up on time, produce and

deliver on time.

F. Proposed Personnel Salaries/Wages and Benefits


 Social Security Sytems (SSS) Contributions

 PAG-IBIG fund

 Philhealth Benefits

 The 13th Month Bonus (Mandatory)

- Basic monthly pay divided by twelve months, multiplied by the

Number of Months worked within a year

 Free Meals

- Lunch for the Morning shift, Dinner for the afternoon shift.

 Vacation, sick and maternity leave

G. Proposed Personnel Development

Training, Seminar and orientation of personnel are needed for the

development of each member and for the betterment and improvement of the

business’ operation in the long run.

H. Administrative/Personnel Facilities

SIENA BULL CAPS personnel are provided with



A. Marketing Feasibility Objectives

In this chapter, we describe what a market feasibility study is and the need

for it. We have outlined the steps in the marketing research processes and we

explained how to estimate total market demand.

B. Marketing Description

Demographic Condition:

One factor which is always vital to a successful business is its location which

is very much in favor to the proposed business due to high density of the school

and area itself.

Economic Condition:

Granted that a large portion of the target market are in the middle class

people like the students, employees and the like, it bodes well the business since

those who passes by the area are people who are more than capable and willing

to patronize the proposed business.

C. Demand Analysis

The proponents gathered the following information regarding the actual

demand, particularly from ages 12 to 33 years old which the proponents consider

as their target market in Siena College Quezon City.

The table below shows the Actual Demand for the past five years:

(Source: National Statistics Office)

The next table shows the projected demand for the past five years:

(Source: National Statistics Office)

The arithmetic straight line method was used for the projected demand for

the bull-cap making business. The formula used was:

P= Y2 -Y1 / N

Where: P = Projected Demand Computation:

Y2 = the present year Actual demand for the last year:

Y3 = the previous year Less the demand for the first year:

N = the number of years The difference is:

Take the Average:

D. Supply Analysis

The proponents...

(Source: National Statistics Office)

The arithmetic straight line method was used for the projected supply for cap-

making business. The formula used was:

P = Y2 – Y1 / N

Where: P = Projected Supply Computation:

Y2 = the present year Actual supply for the last year:

Y1 = the previous year Less the supply for the first year:

N = the number of years The difference is:

Take the average:

E. Supply and Demand Analaysis (with write up after table)

F. Target Market

The firm’s primary target market are the students, professors, school sports

clubs, school interest groups, school clubs, school religious organizations and

school alumni from Siena College QC.

The secondary target markets are the people who passes by the school

vicinity and people referred by word of mouth.

G. Market Survey Result



Gender Frequency Percentage

Male 46 46%

Female 54 54%

Total 100 100%

46% of the respondents were male while 54% of the respondents were female with a

total of 100 respondents.


Age Frequency Percentage

12 – 16 28 28%

17 – 22 58 58%

23 – 33 14 14%

Total 100 100%

28% of the respondents were aged 12 to 16 years old; 58% of the respondents were

aged 17 to 22 years old and lastly, 14% of the respondents were aged 23 – 33 years old

with a total of 100 respondents.



Grade/Year Level Frequency Percentage

Grade 6 – Grade 10 29 29%

Grade 11 – Grade 12 34 34%

1st year College 5 5%

2nd year College 4 4%

3rd year College 13 13%

4th year College 15 15%

Total 100 100%

29% of the respondents were students from Grade 6 to Grade 10; 34% of the

respondents were students from Grade 11 and Grade 12; 5% of the respondents were

students from 1st year college; 4% of the respondents were students from 2 nd year
college; 13% of the respondents were students from 3 rd year college and 15%of the

respondents were students from 4th year college with a total of 100 respondents.



Answer Frequency Percentage

YES 72 72%

NO 28 28%

Total 100 100%

72% of the respondents were interested to own a Siena bull cap while 28% of the

respondents were not interested.



Suggested Colors Frequency Percentage

Black 29 29%

Maroon 18 18%

White 15 15%

Red 13 13%

Navy Blue 6 6%

Gray 5 5%

Yellow 4 4%
Army Green 4 4%

Blue 3 3%

Violet 2 2%

Golden Yellow 1 1%

Total 100 100

13% of the respondents suggested red; 29% suggested black; 18% suggested maroon;

15% suggested white; 6% suggested navy blue; 5% suggested gray; 4% suggested

yellow; 4% suggested army green; 3% suggested blue; 2% suggested violet; 1%

suggested golden yellow; and with a total of 100 respondents.



Rate Frequency Percentage

5 42 42%

4 33 33%

3 13 13%

2 9 9%

1 3 3%

Total 100 100%

42% of the respondents rated 5 on the attractiveness of the cap’s design;

33% of them rated 4; 13% of them rated 3; 9% of them rated 2 and 3% of

them rated 1 with a total of 100 respondents.



Price Frequency Percentage

₱50 3 3%

₱100 19 19%

₱150 28 28%

₱200 32 32%

₱250 6 6%

₱300 9 9%

₱350 1 1%

₱400 2 2%

Total 100 100%

3% of the respondents suggested ₱50 as the price of the Siena bull cap;

19% suggested ₱100; 28% suggested ₱150; 32% suggested ₱200; 6%

suggested ₱250; 9% suggested ₱300; 1% suggested ₱350 and 2%

suggested ₱400 with a total of 100 respondents.