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Bharathiyar College of Engineering & Technology , Karaikal-609609

Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Date: 16.04.2015 Time: 9.30 AM to12.30 PM Max:75 Marks
Sub Code & Subject: MET62 & Design of Transmission systems
Name of the Faculty: Mr. C.R.Govindasamy &
Year & Sec: III A & B

PART – A (10X2= 20 Marks)

Answer all the questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

1. What is meant by journal bearing?

2. List any four factors to be considered while selecting rolling contact bearings.
3. What are the merits and demerits of belt-drives?
4. What is slack adjuster?
5. What are the advantages of gear drives?
6. List any four factors which influences backlash in gears.
7. When do we use bevel gears?
8. List any four applications of worm gear drive.
9. Why “spacers” are used in gear box?
10. What are the possible arrangements to achieve 12 speeds from a gearbox?

PART – B (5 X11 = 55 Marks)

Answer ONE question from each unit.
All questions carry equal marks.
11. Discuss: Bearing pressures and stresses in crank shaft.
12. A single row angular contact ball bearing number 310 is used for an axial flow
compressor. The bearing is to carry a radial load of 2500 N and an axial load of thrust
load of 1500 Assuming light shock load, determine the rating life of the bearing.
13. A cast iron pulley transmits 20 kw at 300 rpm.The diameters of pulley is 550 mm and
has four straight arms of elliptical cross section in which the major axis is twice the minor
axis. Find the dimensions of the arm if the allowable bending stress in 15 Mpa.Mention
the place in which the major axis of the arm should lie.
14. What are advantages and disadvantages of V-belt drive over flat belt drive?
15. A bronze spur pinion rotating at 600 rpm drives a cast iron spur gear at a transmission
ratio of 4:1.The allowable static stresses for the bronze pinion and cast iron are 84 mpa
and 105 mpa respectively. The pinion has 16 standard 20 ◦ full depth involutes teeth of
module 8 mm.The face width of both the gears is 90 mm.Find the power can be
transmitted from the stand point of strength.
16. Explain the different causes of gear failures and suggest possible remedies to avoid
such failures.
17. A triple threaded worm has teeth of 6mm module and pitch circle diameter of

50mm.If the worm gear has 30 teeth of 14 ½◦ and the coefficient of friction of the worm
gearing is 0.05,find (a) the lead angle of the worm,(b) velocity ratio,(c) Centre distance
and (d) efficiency of the worm gearing.
18. Write a note on worm gears
19. A 14 speed gear box is required to furnish output speed range of 125 to 2500
rpm.Draw the speed diagram and the kinematic arrangement.
20. Give advantages and disadvantages of gear drives.