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Senthil Job Duties:

Work on various shell scripting projects to automate processes and upgrade existing automations to
comply with new firm standards.

 Writing pre-session and post session shell scripts for Informatica jobs
 Writing shell scripts (.sh & .ksh) for command jobs and Box jobs in autosys.

Handle the full life-cycle of the project, from requirements analysis to final implementation and
rollout into the production environment.

Analyze the requirements for the new/upgraded/enhanced automations.

 Gathering requirment analysis for the new and existing applications to automate the manual
tasks and make the application user friendly
 Enhance the old autosys jobs, informatica jobs and comet jobs to the upgraded versions as
per the new standards.

Design and implement the automations, following the full secure SDLC lifecycle process.

 Handling the complete SDLC process which includes requirement analysis, coding, testing it
in non prod environments.
 On Successful testing in non prod, rollout to production environment as per change
management process and security standards.

Ensure all firm standards are employed. (Examples include, but are not limited to, separation of
environments and security standards.)

Interact with team members based in different locations (New York, Montreal, Mumbai and Pune).

Use proficiency in UNIX/Linux platforms.

 Use Unix proficiency in developing pre and post session scripts for informatica jobs.
 Developing complex scripts which makes informatica jobs to connect various databases like
sybase, oracle and perform shell scripts.

Use proficiency in automation scripts such as Autosys, UNIX shell, Perl, etc.

 Automating existing tasks and migrating all old autosys jobs which runs in older version (4.5)
to new R11 versions of autosys.
 Writing perl scripts and maxl scripts for upgrading the jobs as per the latest standards.

Perform SQL querying and work with relational Databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or DB2.

 Developing complex sqls and writing stored procedures for the informatica jobs.
 Creating complex mappings using Informatica Powercenter Workflow Designer and
workflow manager and schedule jobs.
 Creating a various end to end reporting feeds which includes design and development using
Informatica, Oracle and SYbase Databases.

Develop in high level languages like Java, C#.

 Writing Java scripts and C# scripts for the object oriented databases.