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Alejandra Suarez

Forum 3.1

Before participating in this discussion forum, read and review all the required learning
resources for this module.

2. After studying the reading material, watch the video Great Speeches, Volume 1 and
choose one of the speeches presented.
3. Evaluate the speech in terms of its effectiveness, and the elements you have studied.
Use the following questions as a guide:

o Does the speaker understand the audience? Was the audience engaged in
the message delivered? Explain and provide examples.

I choose the Barack Obama speech. The president understands the audience and
catches their attention in every moment. All people and all ages was engaged in
this message. The speech focus was on better the values, economy and the
future of United States of America.

o Was the message clear? Explain and provide examples.

The message was clear and firm. The speech was about freedom, economic,
values, progress, technology and equalities.

o Did the presenter use visuals to aid in the understanding of the topic? In
your opinion, were visuals needed in this speech? Why or why not?

The presenter wasn’t use visuals items. I think wasn’t necessary for this kind of
speech because he could lose the audience attention.

o Evaluate the speech. How would you rate the speaker or presenter? Explain
your answer.

In my opinion the speech was excellent, directly and inspired. I liked that much.

o What would you do differently if you were delivering this speech?

The only I would do different it’s play the anthem at the beginning of speech so
that the audience gets excited.

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