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Examination Regulations

Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) (3-hour duration) Certificate in International Trade and Finance (CITF) (2-hour duration) Certificate for Specialist in Demand Guarantees (CSDG) (3-hour duration)

You must read and abide by the following regulations:

Attendance You must be available to enter the examination room at least 15 minutes before the start time stated on your attendance letter. Do not enter the examination room until instructed to do so by the invigilator.

You must produce your attendance letter and one of the following forms of government issued photographic identification:

1. passport

2. full or provisional driving licence

3. National ID card.

The document must be current/valid, bear your signature and photograph.

A government issued identity card is issued by a government agency responsible for identity, nationality, citizenship and /or immigration services. Bus passes, transport passes, library cards, student or school identification cards and work ID are not acceptable identification to sit LIBF examinations. Invigilators reserve the right to refuse entry if candidates do not produce valid identification.

You will need to bring a black pen to use for completing the answer sheet. Non-programmable calculators are allowed in the examination, however no other stationery items will be permitted in the examination room. For further information about which calculators are allowed, please refer to ‘behaviour in the examination room’.

Late Arrivals

You will be allowed into the examination room during the first 30 minutes after the start of the examination. After this time, you will not be allowed entry. You must not disturb other candidates when taking your seat. Extra time will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Temporary Absence

In cases of emergency, you may be allowed to leave the examination room and return. During any temporary absence you will be supervised. No contact with anyone other than the supervisor is allowed. You may not take any material from the examination room or have access to any material during your absence.


To avoid disturbance, no candidate is allowed to leave the examination room within 30 minutes of the start or 15 minutes from the finish of the examination. This includes toilet breaks. If you wish to leave before the end of the examination, you should raise your hand in silence and wait for the invigilator to collect your answer sheet, question paper and supporting documentation.

Toilet Breaks

Only one student may be escorted to the toilet at any one time. Please note that the invigilator will record on the attendance register the time that you are escorted to the toilet and the time that you return to your desk. Invigilators reserve the right to ask students leaving for a toilet break to show that they have no prohibited material on their person.

Behaviour in the examination room

Your name and candidate number should be written on the answer sheet, exactly as it appears on your Attendance Letter.

If you are completing a blank answer sheet, please just enter the first ten letters of your name.

There may be more than one exam running so please carefully check you have an exam paper in the correct subject. The

packs will be colour coded for each exam as follows: CDCS packs will have a blue front cover, CITF packs will have an orange front cover and CDSG packs will have a purple front cover. If any of your printed details are incorrect, please inform the invigilator who will report the corrections of the register. Do not

write on the answer sheet. Do not open your examination pack until instructed to do so.

You will be instructed when to begin the examination, and when to stop. To allow time for revision of your answers, the

invigilator will advise you when 15 minutes of the examination remains. When you are advised to stop, you must put your stationery down immediately. During the examination, you must remain in your seat until told you may leave. If, for exceptional reasons, you have to call

the invigilator during the examination, you should raise your hand in silence. You are not allowed to communicate with other candidates during the examinations. If you try to do so, the invigilator will

issue a formal caution and a report will be submitted to LIBF that may lead to your examination result being considered invalid. The invigilator has the right to expel candidates from the examination room if their behaviour is interfering with the proper conduct of the examinations. Candidates may use a scientific calculator but it must not be programmable, nor have a wireless-communications capability,

nor be capable of storing textual information. It must also not require a mains electricity supply. Calculators with any further functions are not allowed in the examination room. (Invigilators have the right to remove any calculators that they feel can be used to store and display information). Please note that LIBF does not provide any stationery or calculators for the examination. It is your responsibility to bring

these items with you to the examination. You must not bring any other paper or other materials into the examination. Ensure that all mobile phones and programmable watches are switched off and left with your personal belongings or on the

invigilator’s table. Dictionaries are not allowed.

Smoking is not allowed.

Eating and/or drinking (except water) during the examination is not allowed (except where, on medical grounds, this has been approved in advance by LIBF). Personal belongings (all bags and coats) must be left in a separate area; they cannot be with you at your desk. You will not have any access to your belongings and neither the venue or LIBF will be responsible for the safety of any personal belongings. All work is to be the unaided work of the candidate. Any considered breach of the regulations will be dealt with accordingly. Please ensure that you mark all your answers on the answer sheet; answers marked in the question paper will be disregarded. A student found to have prohibited material on their person at any time during an examination (including writing on their body) will have the content of the material recorded and/or photographed for evidence to be submitted to the Malpractice Committee. At the end of the examination you must seal your question paper documentation inside the clear plastic bag provided with your pack and hand to the invigilator. The feedback sheet and answer sheet should not be sealed inside the bag, but instead be left on your desk separately for the invigilator to collect.

Answer Sheet Instructions

Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) (3-hour duration) Certificate in International Trade and Finance (CITF) (2-hour duration) Certificate for Specialist in Demand Guarantees (CSDG) (3-hour duration)

Please follow the instructions below when completing your Examination Answer Sheet.

Please check that the examination paper and answer sheet that you have been given shows your name, candidate number, date of birth and exam subject. If this is not correct, please raise your hand and speak to one of the invigilators immediately.

It should look similar to the image shown below:


Use only a black pen to complete the form.

Make sure that you always mark your choice of answer with a bold horizontal straight line e.g. [ A ]

To amend an answer, mark X through the incorrect answer and then re-mark the appropriate box.

Only mark one answer box for each question. If more than one box is clearly marked, both answers will be considered invalid.

Please ensure that you mark all your answers on the answer sheet. Any answers marked in the question paper or supporting documentation will be disregarded.