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District Communication 419-435-8163


Andrew Sprang Sue Lehmann

Superintendent Treasurer
Goal setting is key to the success of any organization. At all levels we are expected to set goals for the year, from
my office down to our youngest students in preschool. At the district level we completed a revision of our strategic
Investment Earnings
plan last school year and are rolling out new goals and strategies this year. These strategies then guide the work For those of you who follow these
that we do, whether it is curriculum purchases, professional development, activities in the classroom, or general articles on the financial position of
district activities. This is a three- year plan that will be benchmarked over the course of that time. Included with the school district, you know that
this information is a summary of our plan listing out the goals as well as some strategies on how we can obtain the over the past three years the district
goals. Beginning with the end in mind, these goals and strategies will help us build upon and continue the improve-
ments that have been made over the past several years by both students and staff. has built up cash reserves. Looking
just at the general fund, the year end
from $2,689,148 on June 30, 2015 to
Note - this goal will be tiered to reflect 70% Spring 2019; 75% Spring 2020; 80% Spring 2021 $8,961,879 on June 30, 2018. When you factor in that the district is
Strategy 1.1: Foundational Skills
holding construction funds for the completion of the building project,
Develop awareness of the segments of sounds in speech and how they link to letters. Teach students to decode words, analyze word parts, the district may have more than $17 million dollars sitting idle. It is
and write and recognize words. important that these funds are invested in such manner that the dis-
Strategy 1.2: Comprehension trict secures a competitive market return with as little risk as possible
Provide direct and explicit comprehension strategy instruction. Teach students how to use reading comprehension strategies. The Board of Education authorizes the Treasurer to invest avail-
Strategy 1.3: Vocabulary able monies in accordance with State law. District investments are
Provide explicit vocabulary instruction. largely comprised of U.S. Government Agency Notes, Certificates
Strategy 1.4: Writing of Deposits, Commercial Paper, and Money Market Funds. FCS in-
Teach students to become fluent with handwriting, spelling, sentence construction, typing, and word processing. Explicitly teach appropriate vestments are managed by the Red Tree Investment Group and The
writing strategies using a Model-Practice-Reflect instructional cycle.
State Treasury Asset Reserve of Ohio (STAR Ohio). Red Tree is an
investment team which specializes in fixed income investments for
Note - this goal will be tiered to reflect 70% Spring 2019; 75% Spring 2020; 80% Spring 2021 public entities such as schools, municipalities and community orga-
Strategy 2.1: Foundational Skills/Fact Fluency
nizations. STAR Ohio is an investment fund that allows government
Teaching number and operations using a developmental progression. subdivisions to invest funds in a highly rated public investment pool.
Strategy 2.2: Instruction
Fortunately for FCS, while district reserves have risen since 2016,
Provide explicit and systematic mathematics instruction. This includes providing models of proficient problem solving, verbalization of thought so have rates of return. A look back at financial data shows that in
processes, guided practice, corrective feedback, and frequent cumulative review. August of 2016 STAR Ohio was earning just .56% and today is yield-
GOAL 3 - SAFE & HEALTHY SCHOOLS - ENGAGED CLASSROOMS: 100% OF STAFF WILL INCREASE THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND ing 2.13%. To put that into a dollar perspective the district earned
Strategy 3.1: Instructional recorded to funds in a pro-rata fashion. In FY18 the general fund re-
Implement a variety of instructional strategies and practices focused on increasing student engagement ceived $116,178 from investment earnings and earnings on building
(i.e. Authentic learning, project-based learning, inquiry, collaboration, integration of technology, etc.)
project funds of the district netted $111,972 over that same period.
Strategy 3.2: Relational - “Know Thy Impact” The district’s Treasurer is required by policy to provide to the Board
Implement a variety of explicit strategies focused on building relationships and credibility with students (i.e. Teacher credibility, teacher-stu-
dent relationship, assessment capable learners, feedback, etc.) of Education a quarterly update on investments. The most recent
Strategy 3.3: PBIS/LIM/LEAD/Social Emotional Awareness report was presented at the September board meeting and can be
Implement practices focused on teaching/developing positive behavioral habits to create a positive climate for learning. found on the district’s website.
Strategy 3.4: School Resource Officer
Law enforcement agencies can open lines of communication between police officers and students by placing a police officer in the school.
SROs can serve as positive role models, mentors, and teachers.
Strategy 4.1: STAFF – Four Disciplines Of Execution (4DX)
Implement the 4DX process throughout all aspects of the school environment.
Strategy 4.2: Student - Leader In Me (LIM) and LEAD
Integrate the 7 Habits into all aspects of the school environment through implementation of the Leader in Me and LEAD
Strategy 5.1: Equitable Access To Excellent Educators
Ensure equitable access to excellent educators across all buildings and programs in the district through data review, root cause analysis, and
the development of strategies designed to address any gap due to teacher inexperience.

Instant Messaging
We believe it is important to communicate with our families. One way we do that is
with our instant message system. We are using a company called School Messenger.
The phone numbers and emails that were used initially were the contacts listed in our student information system (DASL). If you would
like to be able to change how you are contacted, we will need a current email address in our system. Please send your current email
address using the link provided below, or call the school your child(ren) attend, and we will enter that into our student information system.
Go to the following link (can also be found on the district’s website-www.fostoriaschools.org) to add or change your current email address
(submit one (1) response for each child): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-uW_SQIyhUyZzIdSmXWW79fBc8-z6Gqh6Xdv-IAs1Hk/edit
Once your address is in you will be able to go to https://go.schoolmessenger.com/#/home and create an account that will allow you to add
numbers and email addresses to your profile. Note: Changes made through the School Messenger application do not inform your child’s
school of the changes. Parents/Guardians should also inform the school of any changes to phone numbers and/or email addresses.
School Messenger is compliant with the Student Privacy Pledge, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and will never be
given or sold to anyone.
We do our best to provide instant messages to all our families, but we need your help. In order to ensure we are up to date contact informa-
tion, please contact your child’s school with any phone number and/or email address changes AND update your School Messenger account.
District Communication
Tera Matz Jennifer Abell
Curriculum Director Student Services
access their textbook, supplemental reading materials,
What is Title I? Title I is the United States Federal assignments, and assessments online. Students can Greetings! As we begin the 2018-19 school year, the Student Services Depart-
Government’s largest education program to support practice skills, read selections, and locate homework. ment is filled with excitement for what services have been brought into the district!
public schools. The purpose is to help every child re- Visit https://my.mheducation.com to access your As shared in June, the hope was to bring new personnel, new programs, and new
ceive a high quality education and to achieve the high student’s account.
academic standards set by the State of Ohio. initiatives to the district. I am happy to announce the following new initiatives that
The district’s K-12 math curriculum as well as the K-6 will indeed be taking place this school year across the district to provide strate-
Social Studies Curriculum is both supported by Pear-
gies for students to learn to regulate behavior, develop their language and literacy
How is Title I funded?
The U.S. Department of Education (USED) gives a son Education. The online portion of the curriculum is
share of Title I funds to each state based on the per- known as Pearson Realize, which offers access to the skills, and increase learning and behavior through sensory-motor activities.
centage of poverty in the state. The Ohio Department student textbook and additional educational opportu-
of Education (ODE) then gives the money to school nities including math games, helpful tools for online
districts based on district poverty. student work and tracking student progress. Visit www. Regarding personnel, we welcome Rebecca Haas, Speech Language Pathologist,
Who decides how Title I funds are used in the
pearsonrealize.com to access your student’s account. who will be providing speech and language instruction to those students with ar-
schools? Elementary students K-5
ticulation (sound/speaking errors) as well as language delays (vocabulary, spoken
Each school decides how Title I funds will be used in have access to myN- language, understanding language, grammar errors.).
their school to improve education for all children. Site GConnect for Science. My
based leadership teams in collaboration with parents NGConnect is through Na-
determine how Title I funds will be used to help sup- tional Geographic and gives We would also like to welcome Alisha Bonner, Intervention Specialist who will be
port the school’s identified needs. Data is reviewed students access to a lot of implementing a self-contained behavioral unit for students grades 2-6 with signifi-
to determine the greatest needs in a school, devise
strategies to improve student achievement in the wonderful resources includ-
ing National Geographic
cant social and emotional needs related to an identified disability in this area. This
school through a school improvement plan.
Kids to use both in and out will increase positive support for those students by providing an environment with
How does Title I support families? of the classroom! To access less sensory distractions, more adult interaction, structured routines and expec-
Schools are required to plan how they will involve this platform, visit https://www.myngconnect.com. tations, practice of appropriate behaviors and social interactions, constant and
parents in the education of their children. Each school
must write, with the help of parents, a school Family Students in grades 6-8 will be using Houghton Mifflin consistent progress monitoring, and frequent and immediate corrective feedback
Engagement Plan. The school’s Family Engagement Harcourt’s ScienceFusion. for improvement.
Plan describes how schools and families work together
to help children succeed. A Parent/School Compact
is a shared agreement that articulates how parents, Two other additions to the student services team are Morgan Nye and Carrie Re-
children and the school will work together to support imer. These two are both intervention specialists as well. Morgan will be working
the child’s learning. Schools must include parents in
decisions about how to better meet the needs of their with 3rd and 4th grade students at FIES and Carrie will be working with 5th and
students, improve education in their schools, and use 6th grade students at FIES. These ladies will be working hard to provide the sup-
Title I funds to build the capacity of parents and staff to ports our students with disabilities need through inclusionary practices and small
be involved in their children’s education.
group instruction to reinforce grade-level skills and remediate those areas where
How does Title I support students? students are not achieving at expectation.
Students most in need of educational help are provid-
ed with additional support services. Title I Schools also To access the digital components including virtual labs,
set goals for school improvement, measure student videos, animations, and simulations students can sign
into https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com. Houghton Mifflin
We also welcome the Occupational Therapy services of Angie Sprang who is em-
progress using Ohio State Standards.
Harcourt’s Holt McDougal Online is the platform that ployed by the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center (NCOESC) and will
Are there other uses of Title I funds? students in grades 9-12 will be using to access Hough- be providing some services to Fostoria City Schools. She will be implementing a
ton Mifflin Harcourt’s Science High School Specific
Title I funds provide training to teachers and assistants
and support district-wide family engagement activities. courses and students in grades 7-12 will use to access Preschool and Kindergarten Motor Lab focused on a curriculum titled Ready Bod-
the Collections for English Language Arts. My my.hrw. ies, Learning Minds where students will have focused physical activities designed
What are a parent’s rights under Title I law? com offers innovative digital tools and skills-practice to build awareness of their own bodies and provide movements that directly relate
Parents have the right to: resources provide a multimodal approach—an alter-
Request information about the qualifications of their native experience—to help all students succeed. Stu- to brain functioning and academic and behavioral achievement! She will also be
child’s teacher. dents can access these resources by visiting https:// working with our self-contained classrooms across the district to work on behavior
Be informed if their child is being taught for more than my.hrw.com. regulation skills through a curriculum entitled Zones of Regulation. This provides
four consecutive weeks by a teacher not licensed in
the area of instruction. Finally, don’t forget that Progress Book is also a great students a structure and format for identifying how they are feeling and how they
See progress reports for their child and the school.
Help decide if the school is meeting their child’s needs
tool for you and your child to utilize to keep track of can begin to pay attention to their own behaviors for improvement.
grades and classroom performance. If you or your
and offer suggestions for improvement. child(ren) have not yet set up accounts, we encourage
you to do so! Another initiative relates to increasing support from the Family Resource Center.
Upcoming Family Engagement Opportunities
Again this year, the district will be focusing on hosting MCKINNEY VENTO FAQ
One addition is being provided with more hours from our FRC Case Manager and
several district-wide parent engagement opportunities. What is the McKinney Vento Program? Therapist. Also, some new services may be provided related to Early Childhood
Each of these events will have activities and sessions
that are both fun and informational. Sessions will cover
The purpose of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Chil- Mental Health (ECMH) to obtain early identification of students who are experienc-
dren and Youth Program is to ensure that all children
a variety of topics including a focus on math and read- and youth, including preschoolers, have equal access ing social-emotional concerns to then provide the necessary support for students
ing, college and career readiness, and other high-inter- to the same free and appropriate public education, as and families. Additional support through elementary and high school may also
est topics for families. These events will offer a dinner non-homeless children and youth.
for families as well as the opportunity to pick sessions be provided where students can learn life skills such as coping skills, resilience,
that best meet the needs of your family! Please mark
your calendars for this years district-wide parent en-
How is homelessness defined? and drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention. Lastly, stay tuned for a support group
gagement opportunities: October 29, December 5, and
The definition of homelessness The McKinney-Vento
law says that homelessness includes individuals who
being offered for Grandparents raising Grandchildren.
March 12 from 5-7pm. More details and RSVP forms
will be sent home closer to these dates! do not have a fixed, regular and adequate home be-
cause they have lost their own home. This means: One new service that will be provided this year is Wraparound. This service
• Individuals who have lost their own home, suffering a
financial hardship or similar reason; provided though Seneca County Children and Family First Council will be more
As a district we are excited to be able to offer an
increasing number of opportunities for our students • Individuals who are sharing the housing of others; readily accessed due to having Ginny Beaston, Wraparound Coordinator, present
to access their textbooks, coursework, and other aca- • Individuals who are living in hotels or motels or in in our buildings one day per week.
demic materials online. Below is information on these campgrounds or trailer parks that are not viewed as
opportunities – your student(s) should have already year round homes because they do not have accom-
received usernames and passwords for all of these modations, such as heat or running water; Lastly, we welcome back Vickie Heck, also an employee of the NCOESC. Vickie
resources. Please contact your children(s) teacher if • Individuals who are living in emergency shelters or
you need assistance with logging on or have questions who have been abandoned in is a Behavioral Specialist who will continue to provide continued social-emotional
regarding what is available for your child. hospitals; and behavioral support to help implement necessary Behavior Intervention Plans
• Individuals who are living in cars, parks or public
MyMHEducation is the platform that spaces. for students requiring more specialized intervention in this area.
now supports all of our McGraw-Hill
curriculum materials. Currently How can my family get assistance? It is hoped that through continued support being provided through the Student
K-6 Reading Wonders, 7-12 Social Your district contact person can help you! If you be-
Studies, and High School Anatomy lieve that you or your family may qualify for assistance Services department, research-based and innovative practices can be provided
student materials can be accessed through the McKinney Vento program, please contact and behavioral and academic standards achieved to ensure that ALL children
through here. Logging into my.mhed- your school guidance counselor or Ali Root, District
ucation.com allows students to Liaison at 419-436-4120. make progress towards their goals!!
Longfellow/Riley Elementary School 619 Sandusky St. 1324 Walnut St.
419-436-4135 419-436-4145
Grades PreK – 2 kbauman@fostoriaschools.org


Principal Adam Nelson, FCS School
Resource Office, handed
out tickets to preschool and
Mark your Calendar! kindergarten students riding the
Leadership Day: Thursday December 13th tricycles on the trike track during
Fostoria City Schools has a vision of preparing our students to leave a recess.
legacy in life. As a parent, grandparent or community stakeholder, we
want you to be a part of our success as a learning community. Over the
past 3 years, our elementary students have invested in learning the 7
Habits of Highly Effective People through the Leader in Me. 7th-12th
grade students are in year 2 of LEAD. The PK/K Longfellow building
was awarded the Leader in Me Lighthouse Milestone Award in 2017.
This award shows the effort and time of implementing this process
with fidelity. We are working collaboratively with all the schools to
bring leadership to every aspect of our learning communities. On
December 13, 2018 we will be showcasing our student leadership and
celebrating our achievements with the Leader in Me. We would like to
personally invite you to be a part of this celebration and see all that we
have accomplished as a district with the 7 Habits. Look for registration
information posted in the buildings soon and on our Facebook pages
for all buildings and district

WE NEED YOU! Calling all Leaders!

Are you in a position of leadership? Do you have a craft or skill you
could share with kids? As Leader in Me Schools, Longfellow and Riley
work hard to expose students to all different kinds of leadership and
career opportunities, even at a young age. We hold several school
events throughout the school year to promote this philosophy. From
having lunch with students to sharing what leadership skills it takes to
do your job, you can help us! Please contact Kelli Bauman at either
school to share your leadership.

2nd graders in Miss Marsh’s class worked together in the first days of
school to make connections with each other. By passing a ball of yarn
as they found ways they connect or things they have in common, a
web was created to show students how they are all connected to each
1202 H.L. Ford Dr.
419-436-4125 Fostoria Intermediate Elementary School
kbernal@fostoriaschools.org Grades 3 – 6
Bethany Zambori-Sanford, School Counselor (Grades 3rd – 6th)
Kori Bernal 419-436-4125 ext. 3304

Principal Welcome Back!

As the School Counselor, I work with students individually, in classrooms, and in small group settings. Students
often complete self-referrals to meet with me individually; however, students are also referred to me by teachers,
From the Desk of Mrs. Bernal administrators, and parents.
What an exciting first few weeks it has been. We are thrilled to see and All students have been given the opportunity to sign up to participate in Lunch Bunch (small groups during lunch).
hear all of the progress we are making in our building. The following Lunch Bunch topics are offered as options to students: Anger Management, Family Support, School
Success, Self-Concept, and Social Skills. Students that participate in Lunch Bunch can benefit from learning how
This year is going to be focused on building leadership within our students to accept responsibility, manage stress, communicate effectively, make decisions, build self-confidence, and solve
as well as building relationships between; families, students and teachers problems. Each Lunch Bunch meets once a week for six-eight weeks during lunch.
- our why. In the classroom we will be working on-our how:
1. learning rather than completing tasks. Fifth and sixth grade girls will have the opportunity to participate in a Girls Empowerment Group. This group will
2. building relationships rather than rules. focus on lessening aggressive behavior, increasing self-esteem, improving positive healthy choices, and helping
3. building vocabulary that is empowering rather than enabling. girls realize their full potential.
Ultimately what we look forward to throughout this year is building Please call me or email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child. Parents may also let me
students that are empowered to take control of their learning - our what. know if they would like their child to participate in a Lunch Bunch or the Girls Empowerment Group. I am here to
help you and your child have a great year!
Please feel free to contact us with any celebrations or concerns!
Mrs. Bernal & Mr. Haupert
All of the students in FIES PE are getting prepared for the fall fitness testing. Part of this is undertaking the steps
needed to meet our WIG of improving the PACER average by a score of five laps. Our lead measure is to have
Reading Volunteers Needed 100% of our students be able to jog laps for two minutes without stopping or walking.
Fostoria Intermediate Elemen-
tary School (grades 3-6) needs All classes at this point are working on their kicking skills by playing derivatives of kickball, and soon we will be
heading to soccer skills and soccer games. In addition, we will work on our striking skills by playing teeball or
reading volunteers! Project wiffleball.
MORE is a scientifically based,
structured, one-on-one volun-
teer reading mentoring program
As a new school year is progressing so many exciting changes for our students in Technology are as well. Our 5th
that was developed and tested and 6th graders are getting used to relying on their computers in most classes. They need to remember to charge
in Ohio. It has been proven to them at night so they are ready to be used for the following day. With these students having computers they will be
be an effective reading interven- having more technology opportunities to complete activities outside the classroom. So exciting! The 3rd and 4th
tion for students who are not on grade students are currently working on completing their action team surveys and practicing logging back onto the
grade level in reading. Mentor computers and learning their emails. All students will also soon be practicing their typing skills. Looking forward to
participation is flexible. You a great year with your children.
can volunteer for one 30 minute
session each week or as many Band
sessions as you want. You can ect MORE runs Monday-Friday 5th graders have begun the process of learning a new instrument! At the beginning, we have been making decisions
on who is joining band, as well as picking the right instrument for each student. We have been reviewing the basics
participate as an individual or as 8:00-3:00. Please contact Pam of reading music that carries over from Mrs. Englemann’s music classes, and gearing up to make our first sounds!
part of a team (church, civic club, Berrier at 419-436-4125 or pber- The 6th grade band has resumed and is back on track. Both bands won’t be performing until May this year, but stay
business, or social group). Proj- rier@fostoriaschools.org. tuned for our special “gig band” opportunity for the 6th graders in December!

Music Art
In the 3rd Grade classes, We have started the year creating awesome pictures for the Square 1 Arts Fundraiser. Each child will get a packet
the students will be with their artwork on it. Their masterpiece can be displayed on an assortment of gifts to buy!
preparing for their Holiday For the 1st quarter in the art room, all students will be learning how to create portraits and self-portraits. The 4th
Program called “The Snow graders especially will be creating a project related to Veteran’s Day and we will be looking for a business this fall to
Ball”. The program is hang their art! If any businesses are interested, you can contact the FIES art teacher at: Michelle Weber mweber@
Tuesday, December 11th at fostoriaschools.org
7:00 PM in the FJSHS PAC.
They will be singing many
songs with choreography
and there will also be many
solo singers. Santa will
also make an appearance
and sing.
The 4th Grade Music
classes will be preparing to
start playing the recorder.
They will learn to read
music on the treble clef
staff and how to set up their
playing area.
The 5th Grade music
students are learning
the many instruments of
the orchestra: Strings,
Woodwinds, Brass and
The 6th Grade music
students are starting a unit on the many genre of music, including Opera,
Broadway Musical, Folk, Latin, Disco and many others.
Fostoria Junior/Senior High School 1001 Park Ave.
Grades 7 – 12 dbauman@fostoriaschools.org

Drew Bauman
We are glad to be back together with staff and Following habit 1, students and staff will set their
students at Fostoria High School and have sights on the “end in mind” and determine what
enjoyed the first month of school and the exciting steps they have to take to reach their goals.
changes that are taking place in and around the Since students will be developing their blueprint
building. for success, we thought it was only fitting that
habit 2 be all about the #blueprint.
Fostoria Junior High and High School students
are venturing into their second year of LEAD and
the 7 habits. Based on our experiences from last
school year we have adopted a few changes in
hopes on creating more opportunities for our
students and staff to engage in the 7 habits
together. Great day for a High School Quiz Bowl members attending the competition at Put-N-Bay!
Over the course of the year we will be focusing
on one habit at a time. It is our hope that this
more intentional approach will create a greater
emphasis on learning and living each of the 7

At Fostoria High School we have increased our

focus on recognizing positive demonstration of
the habits and make sure to take time to come
together and celebrate as a building. Students
and staff are able to submit “Redmen Shoutouts”
when they witness a person living the 7 habits.
These are read over the announcements and
posted in our main hallway for everyone to see
and read. At the end of each habit we will hold
a drawing and award a prize to one of our lucky
Redmen Shoutout recipients.
As a whole school
we are carrying
these themes into
the work we will be
doing with students
to help them begin
to focus on specific
career pathways
as they prepare
for life after high
school. Fostoria
High School has
partnered with the
Based on this schedule our Adult LEAD team Fostoria Chamber
will work to develop themes to help us reinforce of Commerce Great day for a DECA competition! Twenty-four students competed and 19 earned awards.
these habits and make them integrated into our to launch the Proud of ALL members’ efforts and enthusiasm! Way to go!!
daily operation. Throughout the first quarter we Redmen Career
will be focusing on Habit 1 “Be Proactive” and Connections
Habit 2 “Begin With the End in Mind”. We have program, in hopes
chosen “Now 4 Later” as our phrase for habit of providing
1, emphasizing to our students that, as we kick our students as much access to career and
off this year, our efforts are aimed at achieving workforce experiences as possible. Students
future goals whatever they may be. have taken surveys through the Ohio Means
Jobs website and will be placed in one of four
“schools” including;
Redmen School of Business & Manufacturing
Redmen School of Health & Human Services
Redmen School of Public Service &
Redmen School of Science & Technology
Students will have the chance to hear from guest
speakers who work in these fields, visit potential
job sites and workplaces, and hopefully have
the opportunity to perform job shadowing and Fostoria City Schools is excited to announce that we will be organizing a district-wide
internships. All of these efforts are in an effort to Homecoming Carnival that all students, Pre-K – 12, and community are invited to attend.
give FHS students the clearest picture of their The Homecoming Carnival will take place on Friday, October 12th at Longfellow Elementary
futures as possible and to give them all the from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. The Homecoming Court will be recognized and the Redmen Pride
resources they need to find their path to success Marching Band will perform prior to kickoff of the football game at 7:00 p.m. at Fostoria
during and long after their high school careers. Memorial Stadium. It is our goal to make Homecoming have greater meaning in the minds
of our students, community members and alumni. We would like this to be an opportunity to
join together for an evening of fun and to celebrate our Redmen pride!
Michele Wolf
Athletic Director
Athlete Nutrition
So far, this fall has been a
record setting season for a
couple of our high school
athletes. Dakota Thomas
(senior) recorded her
1000th assist on Sept 4th On Saturday, September 8th, the Varsity volleyball Mark your calendars for Friday, October 12th. The
in a Varsity volleyball game team won their own 2018 Fostoria Volleyball 2018 Homecoming football game will honor the
at Genoa High school. On Invitational, beating Fremont SJCC, McComb, and high schools’ attendees as the Redmen host the
Friday, Sept 7th in a Varsity Southview. Elmwood Royals.
football game vs. Cardinal
Stritch, Maalik Tucker
(senior) broke the school
record for rushing yards in a
single game with 392 yards.
The record was previously
held by Ryan Hook with
318 yards against Shelby The Fostoria Athletic Department is proud to
in 2003. announce the naming of our football field. On Friday,
October 12, 2018, the site will be named Dick Kidwell
Field at Fostoria Memorial Stadium. This is our 2018
Nutrition Information for Athletes Homecoming game vs Elmwood High School. The
family will be hosting a meet and greet prior to the
Males Females
game at the stadium and a short reception after the
Moderately Moderately game at the Fostoria Moose.
Age Sedentary Active Age Sedentary Active
Active Active Coach Kidwell coached the Fostoria Redmen
Football team from 1977-1996. He coached the team
14 2,000 2,400 2,800 14 1,800 2,000 2,400 to 12 GLL Championships (79, 80, 82, 83, 85, 89, 91,
15 2,200 2,600 3,000 15 1,800 2,000 2,400 92, 93, 94, 95, 96), 2 State Championships (91, 96),
2 State Runner-Up (89, 92), 10 playoff appearances
16 2,400 2,800 3,200 16 1,800 2,000 2,400 (79, 80, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 96) and an overall
17 2,400 2,800 3,200 17 1,800 2,000 2,400
record of 174-50-3.
Coach Kidwell will be joined by his family to be
18 2,400 2,800 3,200 18 1,800 2,000 2,400 honored at the end of half-time of the football game.

Carbohydrates provide the fuel your body needs to burn the excessive calories during a
practice or workout. A good source of Carbohydrates can include: Bread, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice,
Beans ,Snacks (pretzels, crackers, granola, etc.)

Protein aids in the rebuild and growth of muscle and other body tissue during recovery. Good
sources of protein can include:
Meat (ideally lean cuts), Fish, Eggs, Dairy products

Hydration allows your body to keep going when you are being pushed to your limit.
Meals under $5
Water, Sports Drinks, Chocolate milk (great after a practice/workout), Skim milk (not during Eat great without breaking the bank with these easy options
practice), 100% Juices
Fruits and vegetables are key in supporting a healthy lifestyle both contain key ingredients that 5 FOR BREAKFAST
aren’t provided in proteins or carbs. Good sources include: Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Melons, 1. Greek yogurt + fruit
Green vegetables (peas, green beans, pepper, celery, etc), Carrots, Corn
2. Toasted waffle + nut butter + jelly
Additional Info: The above calorie needs table are estimates, you may find yourself needing a
little more or a little less. Ultimately it comes down to how well you feel, if you find yourself being 3. Breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, low-fat cheese, salsa + tortilla
exhausted and sluggish you may need to up your calories. 4. Overnight oats (made with milk) + fruit
Keep in mind to do your best to keep a well-balanced diet. A diet purely consistent of 5. Egg Muff-lettes (egg/veggie/cheese omelets baked in muffin tins) + toast with jam
carbohydrates won’t give you the proper nutrients to help your body heal after a workout and a
diet purely consistent of fruits and vegetables won’t give your body the energy it needs.
5 FOR lunch/dinner
The most overlooked category is fruits and vegetables. Fruits are crucial due to the fructose 1. Tuna + veggie + ranch dressing in a tortilla roll-up
(sugar) they contain. They provide a quick dose of energy for your body to use. Vegetables are 2. Pita with chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, + Greek dressing
low in calories and provide essential nutrients for body health and are a great snack to have 3. To-go salads; cooked protein, pasta, veggies + dressing
through the day, especially when paired with peanut butter or something similar. 4. Rice or quinoa bowls with sautéed shrimp and veggies
It’s a great idea to always have a snack with you for after school or before practice. School
5. Bean and cheese quesadillas with salsa
lunches provide enough for a typical student for his/her school day. But as a student athlete you
may need more and packing a snack is a good way to help bridge the gap. 5 FOR Snacking
Another important detail to know is that it’s not always helpful to eat a huge meal right before 1. Nut Butter Dunk – microwave nut butter until melted, dunk apple chunks
practice. When your body exercises blood is diverted from organs like the stomach and intestines
2. Hummus and veggies/pita chips
and rerouted to the muscles to meet demand. Now if you have a full stomach during this time it’s
hard for your body to digest the foods you’ve eaten causing stomach pain. Try having a smaller, 3. Frozen yogurt + fruit
healthier snack instead. If you going to eat a large meal do it the night before or, if able, leave 4 4. Fresh fruit and yogurt dip
hours in between the meal and activity. 5. Baked tortilla chips with taco-seasoned cooked ground turkey, cheese, salsa
Fostoria City Schools

Alicia Swartzmiller
Happy Fall!

Bus Safety talks have been happening on all buses over the past couple of weeks, drivers are speaking to the students about safety rules and practices to help ensure safe travel
to and from schools and events. Please look for a bus safety page to be coming home with students next week. It will help explain the safety rules that bus drivers implement on
their buses as well as a description of your child’s Place of Safety. Please sign and return the forms by Friday September 28th.
October 22-October 26th is National School Bus Safety week, we will be practicing our bus evacuation drills during that week. As always thank you for your continued support in
teaching our students how to be safe on and around buses!

Progress continues on the remodeling

project at the PreK-6 school

Work on the new 7-12 building

project moves forward