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Short Story Title: ___Poison_________________________________

(Identify what is asked for in each number)

1. Main characters
 Timber (Protagonist, because Timber helped his friend, Harry, about the misconception about the krait on his stomach.)
 Harry (Neither, because he didn’t do anything wrong, It is just a misconception.)
 Doctor Ganderbai (Protagonist, because he came over to help Timber help Harry.

2. Setting
 Harry’s house during the middle of the night.

3. Plot Summary

Harry told Timber that a krait crawled onto his bed and sleep on Harry’s stomach. Timber called a doctor and ended up realizing that there
are no krait in the first place.

4. Type of Conflict

Man vs self

Because Harry is overworking himself against nothing at all. He thought that there is a krait on his stomach, but there are actually nothing

Man vs Man

In this story, Harry is arguing with Dr. Ganderbai about the kraits on Harry’s stomach, and the doctor told him that there is nothing on his

5. Theme / Moral (lesson)

Harry represent a person who over-work himself over small stuff, or over nothing at all
Don’t overthink about something that might not be true.

The story “Poison” uses the First point of view, narrated by Timber.

(BRIEFLY explain what is asked for in each number)

A. What is the story’s falling action?
The story’s falling action was when the doctor and Timber found out that there is actually nothing on Harry’s stomach at all. Then Harry
argue with Dr. Ganderbai that there was a krait on Harry’s stomach.

B. How would you change the falling action if you were the writer? Why?
I would make the snake fight back instead of there being no snake at all, to make the story more intense and interesting for the reader.

C. Identify ONE figure of speech or idiom used by the writer in this part of the plot, and explain its meaning.
The whole of Harry's chest was visible now,
or rather the striped pyjama top which
covered it, and then I saw the white cord of
his pyjama trousers, neatly tied in a bow. A
little farther and I saw a button. Apart from
the button there was nothing on his

Timber describe the pajama of Harry and how there is nothing at all on Harry’s stomach.