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Industrial Engineering Department



IE528J - 56040

Submitted by:

Arroyo, Madeline D.

September 26, 2018

1. Based on the video messages from industry leaders, what had been your key take away

about Corporate Culture?

Based on the video messages from industry leaders, my key take away about corporate

culture is that it is really an essential or important part towards taking steps to the success and

growth of a company as well as the growth, development and improvement of each and every

employee or individual that is part of the organization or the company just as like what Richard

Barrett had said, the founder of corporate values center, “it is evident that the values driven cultures

produce high performance and simply the best companies in the planet to work for”. The statement

is clearly an evidence that the culture of one’s organization is really an important key to the success

of a company or organization. And he also said that instead of being the best in the world we

should be the best for the world. This statement had a really great impact on me because I realized

that being the best doesn’t mean that you stand out alone or that you are the only one that is on the

top. It is being on the top together with other people while helping them to also be the best of who

they are. We become the best to help other to bring the best in them also. Herb Kelleher said that

we should honor, respect, care for, protect and reward our employees regardless of title and

position and this is a great reminder of the values or culture that a company must have in order to

achieve or accomplish all of its objectives or goals. And this could also be the glue that stick the

company as well as its employees together with a peaceful and harmonious relationship towards

one another, a company could grow together with its employees. I also realized through this video

that if a company or organization didn’t pay much attention or did not take their corporate values

seriously then it could lead to the company’s downfall or on the worst case scenario is to close,

shut down or sell the company just like what Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos had experienced, they

sell their company because they didn’t pay much attention to their corporate values. The number
one value that an organization must have is to do the right thing according to Garry Ridge. And

this is surely one of the important value that every company must have or possess. It is to do the

right thing no matter how hard it may be, no matter what others may say, the right thing will always

be right and the wrong will always be wrong. It is some matter of choices and we must always

choose what is right not just for only one person but for all of the person or the majority of the

person in an organization. According to Jeff Dunn, the former president of coke, it’s not about

getting the short term results it is about understanding the longer term applications. It is truly right

because a person’s vision must not only last for a short time but it must cascade through a long

time or for many years. It is not about having short term results or accomplishments but it is about

having much longer applications that the company would also last longer. And the last statement

that had really struck me is that of what Carolyn Taylor had said, it is difficult to change your

culture because you have to change yourself. And yes, changing one’s self is never been easy

especially if you have to do this not because you want to but because you need to, in order to adapt

to the corporate values of your company but we must always remember that changing one’s self

to be better than who we already are is the first step to become greater individual and it is also that

one little step that would help the company to succeed and to grow continuously.

Every statement just boils down to how important the corporate values is to a company or

an organization. That without it, a company would struggle hard to achieve success and that it

might be difficult for a company to last long for the foundation of the company is not that well –

established. Corporate values is a must for each and every company for it is the key in order to

unlock the hidden door beyond success, continuous growth and a long – lasting company that

prevails through time.

2. What are the characteristics of a company with a high performance culture? Explain how

as managers you will be able to build a high performance culture organization.

There are many characteristics of a company with a high performance culture and one of

it is that there is a collaboration between the employees. They must cooperate, share, and work

well together in order to achieve a specific goal or purpose. There must also have a sense of

innovation and that is the company encourages new ideas, and individuals are able to move ideas

through the organization. The company with a high performance culture also responds and adapts

well to opportunities, which means that they don’t let go of every opportunity that may come in

their way. When opportunities came, they grab and hold on to it tightly and make it their way to

achieve more success. There must also a communication from the top managers up to the very last

employees. Employees send, receive, and understand the necessary information. There must also

be a support between employees. Employees must provide each other with the resources and

guidance they need to be successful. And that they are also confident in the company leadership.

The employees trust their bosses and the bosses also trust their employees. Also, the company has

the policies and resources to help people maintain physical and mental health. A company with a

high performance culture is also a company that has a comfortable workplace where people have

the resources to be effective in their work. Also there must be a sense of responsibility on each

employees. Employees are accountable for their actions and have the independence to make

decisions regarding their work. Employees know what determines success in their role, and they

are rewarded or recognized for achievements. The mission and vision must align towards each

other and the employees know, understand, and believe in the company’s mission and values.

These are all some of the many characteristics of a company with a high performance culture.
As manager I will be able to build a high performance culture organization by having a

culture or value that would unite us, I and my employees together, towards achieving a specific

goal. I would make sure that my employees could adapt and adjust well to the company’s culture

that I as a manager would be going to build. I will see to it that every employee of my company

would be able to feel comfortable and that they would feel a sense of belongingness in the

company. I would make sure that they won’t feel like as if they are being left out and that they are

not being cared for, look at and love at the company. I would listen to all of my employees

complaints or praises and make sure that I would do all of my best to right whatever things that

have gone wrong and to continue doing the things that are already bringing better outcomes to the

company. I would make sure that everything that I decide or do would be of the benefit for the

whole company, for all of my employees and not just for the gain or benefit of a single person or

for myself only. I would always take into considerations all of the things that they recommend or

suggests. I would always encourage them to be positive especially if things aren’t going the way

they want it to be or if things didn’t go as planned. I would remind them that there would always

be a chance to right everything that went wrong and that things would be better maybe if not now

then as soon as the possible time. I will always make sure that they have a comfortable and good

workplace. That the environment of the company is good enough for them to work well and I will

always ensure their health and safety in the work area. I would help them to be motivated and to

focus on the work or tasks assigned to them. I will always look at the welfare of my employees. .

I would be the manager that will help them to boost the best out of them. And maybe the best thing

that I could do is to be their best example as a good role model of the company. I would make sure

to be the manager that an employee would like to follow and become to be someday. I would be
the manager that will help the company as well as my employees to succeed and grow continuously

through the different corporate values that I will build for the company.