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Aum Amriteshwarye Namaha

Campus Interview - HR Questions

1 Tell us something about the project undertaken, your role in the project team
2 Life at Amrita
3 How do you manage your studies before exam
4 Your Achievements
5 Introduce yourself, hobbies, Weakness and strength
6 Your favorite courses and questions based on that
7 Why you want to go for an IT job and not into a core company of your field ?(Non IT)
8 A comparison on the selection process of the three companies - Infy,CTS, Wipro
9 Why an IT job and not higher studies ?
10 Reason for having past arrears
11 Difference between LCD and plasma tv
12 Any question for the interviewer
13 How do you spend a working day ?
14 Extracurricular activities and questions based on that
15 Personal details
16 How do you manage your time ?
17 reason for having past arrears
18 Speciality of Kerala
19 What are the qualities required to work in a group
20 What do you know about my company ?
21 How was your college life ?
22 Have you organised any activities ? What are the problems faced and solution to it.
23 Who is your motivator ?
24 Which are the Electronics companies widely known
25 You be an ECE students why chosing an IT job ?
26 Your personal areas of improvement
27 Give examples or instances where you displayed your strengths
28 An essay - " Migration of urban areas - Causes and Weakness"
29 Current affairs and latest news
30 Tell us something about your family
31 Why do you chose Wipro ?
32 Strengths and Weakness
33 Why IT job ?
34 How do you manage your daily studies
35 How will you manage to work at different locations ?
36 What difference do you feel about the interviews of other companies
37 Speak about your personal interests
38 Always have a question for the interview panel
39 Difference between Ettimadai and Amritapuri
40 Which one are you looking for ? - Remuneration or brand name ? Why ?
41 Where do you want to be posted if selected ?
42 Are you ok signing bonds ?
43 Why do you want to pursue MBA as your long term plan ?
44 What strategy would you employ, if you find a subject very difficult in a semester ?
45 Why do you think Extra curricular activities that you mentioned are so important ?
46 tell us about daily routine
47 What do you expect from a movie ?
48 You are given a 3 L jar and 5 L jar. How will you measure a 1 L
49 Let us you get all the three offers from Infy, CTS and Wipro ? Which one would you chose and why?
50 Have you organised any event ? If so, how did you organise ?
51 Why Infy ?
52 Explain the different products of Wipro ?
53 Will you join Wipro , if you are placed in delhi ?
54 Why are you not going for Mtech ?
55 What is ozone layer?
56 What is green house effect ?
57 How was your written test experience in Infy ?
58 What is the latest novel which you read and can you explain more about it ?
59 Amritapuri - Could you explain more
60 Explain more about your achievements
61 Tell us about your papers presented
62 Can you explain your Career Objective
63 What is your passion in life ?
64 How do you manage both academics and extra-curricular activities ?
65 Do you have arrears ? What is your main weakness?
66 Why do you think we should hire you ?
67 What do you expect from an IT company ?
68 How do you motivate your team ?
69 I think your communication skills are very average. What do you want to say on this ?
70 Difference between UG college and Amrita
71 Explain one unique feature of your work in your studies either in UG or PG
72 Are you interested in teaching ?
73 Do you want to ask me anything ?
74 self introduction
75 Do you want to know anything about CTS ?
76 Explain the various activities in your Extra-curricular ?
77 Project experience - Problems faced and how did you solve it ?
78 Whose responsibility is to keep environment clean ? " - Essay
79 Questions based on your resume alone..
80 Current affairs - Defense Minister, Home Minister
81 What are your strengths ?
82 What do you know about Wipro
83 Which post will prefer in Wipro
84 Tell us about your family
85 Compare your Schooling and College life
86 Are you interested in signing a bond ?
87 How do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
88 Time management - Is it so important for your daily life ?
89 Tell me on what basis or criteria would you choose between Infy,CTS, Wipro
90 Tell me about likes and dislikes
91 Could you tell us about college ICTS networking system ?
92 Why should I hire you ?
93 Short-term and long-term goals in life
94 Why did you select Engineering ?
95 What are your expectations from cts ?
96 Who is your role model ?
97 Tell us more about your hobbies. Why did you select this as your hobby ?
98 Tell me more about yourself.
99 Why you want to join wipro ?
100 Are you a philanthropist ? What kind of activities you are involved in it?
101 Which domain of Wipro would you like to work in ?
102 How was your college life ? What all activities did you take part in ?
103 What are your hobbies ? The recent book you have read .
104 Any plans for higher studies ?
105 Define hardwrok.
106 How do you manage to be consistent in your work ?
107 What made you attend the wipro interview ?
108 How do you utilise your leisure time ?
109 Explain your experience while working in your project ?
110 What kind of preparation will you undergo before joining a company ?
111 What do you mean by flexible ? How will that help you and the company ?
112 What is you final year project ?
113 Did you go through the website of Wipro
114 What are your plans for the higher education ?
115 How do you plan your routine ?
116 Are you comfortable relocating to another location ?
117 What do you know about Wipro
118 How do your friends call you ?
119 How did you manage your Extra-curricular activites with your tight Btech schedule?
120 Have you coordinated any activity ? If so , explain
121 How would you foresee yourself after 5 years
122 Tell me about your leadership qualities
123 Have you applied your analytical reasoning skills to solve a real-life problem. Give eg
124 How do you see technology changing the world ?
125 If given a chance, what innovation would you bring in ?
126 What difficulties did you face in your project ?
127 Tell me about the events you have organised ?
128 Did these organising skills affect your studies in any manner ?
129 If you are asked to work in Calcutta, would you relocate ?
130 Goal in life
131 Where do you find yourself after 5 years
132 What did you learn about team work in your college life
133 Why IT job, why not Mtech ?
134 What is passion towards work ?
135 What do you expect from CTS ?
136 If you given a seminar, and you don’t know the topic , what will you do ?
137 What do you expect in a software field and how do you think you are going to survive
138 You don’t have software expose, how will you fit in CTS ?
139 How important is your presence among your group ?
140 Area of weakness and why ?
141 Why do you prefer CTS, Wipro, Infy ?
142 What will you do, if you have to work from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. ?
143 How do you rate the placement procedure of CTS and Infy
144 Out of the 3 companies, which company's placement procedure was better and why ?
145 Why chose Infosys over the other companies ?
146 How do you balance Extracurricular and studies..Obstacles faced
147 Are you flexible and adaptable ?
148 Why do you think you need to be selected ?
149 Any problems faced in your 4 years of college life …
150 How do you manage to conduct an event and what are the problems faced ?
151 Have you presented any papers ?
152 Talk for a few minutes about your favorite course
153 Why did you choose ECE ?
154 One question for the interviewer ?
155 What is your father's influence in your life /
156 How will you contribute to wipro's growth
157 Why do you prefer Wipro over CTS and Infy ?
158 Are you ready to relocate anywhere in India ?
159 Explain the projects . What was your part in it ?
160 What was the most crucial point in your project ?
161 How do you plan your day ? How do you prioritize your work ?
162 Narrate an incident where you have utilised your leadership skills
163 Why did you choose this college and EC as your field ?
164 Challenging situation in your project - If any
165 What are the sources for your project /
166 Would you agree to all of our demands ?
167 What are the risks faced during your project and how did you overcome it ?
168 What do you find special in us ?
169 Full form of slogan of Wipro
170 Products of Wipro and branches of Wipro outside India
171 How are you ?
172 What were the troubles you faced during the project ? How did you solve it ?
173 How do you manage sports and academics ?
174 Explain about your home town
175 Classical music - Difference between kamboji and kedara gowla
176 Why did you get different grades for different subjects
177 How did you find college life at first ?
178 Being a native of kollam, why did you prefer hostel ?
179 Benefits of being a hostellier
180 Why did you select software industry ?
181 Wll you be able to survive the change of stream ? If yes, how ?
If we put you in software field for 5 years and then change to technical stream suddenly, will
182 you be able to go with it? How would you do it ?
183 Have you participated in any cultural events ? What is Service learning project ?
184 How was your previous interview experience ?
185 What does CTS gain by employing you ?
186 Founder of Wipro ? Full form of Wipro ? Awards of Wipro
187 Current events happening in India …
188 Being EEE student, why IT industry ?
189 Briefly explain about your industrial training experience
190 What is your opinion about work-life balance ?
191 Can you adjust in any of the locations provided to you by the firm
192 Incident where you experienced failure and how did you face it ?
193 Rate Infy and CTS in a scale of 10
194 How much do you devote daily for your studies ?
195 What is one thing you have done, which has affected someone's life
196 Community service that you have done and how did you feel doing it ?
197 What is your dream company ?
198 Do you think our paper was tough ? Do you want to make it easy ?
199 What are the 2 qualities in you for which we should select you ?
200 What are the qualities required for an IT professional ?
201 Explain about your placement training done in your campus ?
202 What are your future plans ?
203 Daily routine in hostel during working days and weekends ?
204 Passions and hobbies
205 Co-curricular activities - Explain
206 What are the other verticals you are interested in other than EEE
207 What would you do if you are placed somewhere far ?
208 how good are in a group activity ?
209 What all subjects did you learn in 3 years of college life
210 Why do you want a software job
211 Are you ready to stay in a stressed world ?
212 Favorite subject at School
213 What is your biggest weakness, how did you overcome it ?
214 How is life at Amritapuri ?
215 Did you face any difficulty while developing the project /
216 Do you have any face any difficulty while developing the project ?
217 Do you have any problem signing the bond with Wipro ?
218 How do you see yourself after a few years ?
219 How was the test pattern for other companies ? Which was the toughest ?
220 What were the Infosys HR questions ?
If your team mate becomes sick and you have an exam just few days before the project
221 completion, how will you prioritize ?
222 Give me an instance where you proved yourself a quick learner ?
223 How do you motivate others ? Give examples
224 Why should CTS recruit you ? What are your expectations from CTS ?
What will you do if you are the team leaderand your team consists of your best friends and if
225 they are not ready to work in that project ?
226 Which company will you choose - Infy or Microsoft
227 describe your native place
228 How was the day so far ?
229 Say something about your school days ?
230 What excited you the most during your school days ?
231 How do you plan your time for reading books ?
232 How much did you read today from the time between taking the tests and results
233 How good are you as a team player ? Would you mind relocating ?
234 Instance in your life related to your organising skills and leadership skills
235 Why there is a dip in your cgpa compared to your schooling days ?
236 How many hours you stay in the hostel ?
237 Did you like the food in the hostel
238 Do you think mobile phone is a boon or bane ?
239 Why do you think "PASSION" is necessary ?
240 Should the company select/reject you ?
241 Should the interview be continued or not
242 Tell me an instance where you used your thinking cap in overcoming a problem
243 How do you manage time for your hobbies ?
244 Scenario based questions - How do you react to it ?
245 Comparison of placement tests of 3 companies
246 Why do you think there are two english accents - Mallu / professional
247 What was the most difficult semester in your college life ?
Scenario - Iam a project manager in the company. How will I manage an employee who is not
248 doing her job ?
249 What is the burning issue in today's newspaper ?
250 What was your most difficult project experience and how did you manage it ?
chose and why?
Students to be aware of their weakness
Emphasize on time management
Vocabulary class
Speech oriented training
Analytical reasoning and verbal to be given more
More mock interviews
Take timebased tests more
CT workshops to be conducted
Conduct more paper based tests than online tests
Make newspaper reading mandatory
Technical test to be included too