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It is the mandate of NEPRA to prescribe separate performance standards

for generation, transmission and distribution for safe, efficient and reliable
supply of electric power. There is a provision of penalty in NEPRA act to
power service providers not adhering to prescribed standards. According to
section 7(2)(c) , 34, 46 (2) & 35 of NEPRA Act (XL of 1997) , the NEPRA
has established performance standards for Generation, Transmission, and
Distribution Licensees and has also developed Industry Standards & Code
of Conduct i.e Grid Code & Distribution Code.
Performance Standards

Performance Standards (Generation) Rules, 2009

Performance Standards (Transmission) Rules, 2005

Performance Standards (Distribution) Rules, 2005

Codes of Conduct
National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Alternative & Renewable Energy) Distributed
Generation and Net Metering Regulations, 2015

Power Safety Code for Transmission & Distribution Licensees 2015

NTDC Grid Code - 2005.

NTDC Grid Code Addendum - I for integration of Wind Power Plants 2010

NTDC Grid code Addendum - II for integration of Solar Power Plants 2014

Distribution Code -2005