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Camp rock 2 w characters

(Everybody is getting ready for Camp to open while Mitchie and Connie are driving to Camp.)

Mitchie: (Screams.) Turn, turn there's the sign. Oh my gosh. I can't believe were finally here. (Laughs.) Oh
wait. I told Shane I will text him when we are almost there.

Connie: Mitchie.

Mitchie: What?

Connie: Nothing, nothing.

Mitchie: Come on mom. It is obviously something. I mean you and subtle aren't very good friends.

Connie: Huh. You and Shane talk all the time. You haven't seen this boy for almost over a year. I just don't
won't you to be too disappointed if he can't come to Camp this summer.

Mitchie: Mom.

Connie: I want you to have fun and focus on your music.

Mitchie: First off. This is going to be the best summer ever and second. Nothing can make me lose my
focus. (Drives passed a sign.) What is that? Has someone opened another Camp.

(They both get to Camp Rock when loads of families wait. Mitchie helps her mom with the bags.)

Mitchie: Seriously. Why did someone open another Camp across the lake?

Connie: Arg. Who knows. But it is nothing to worry about.

Mitchie: (Screams.) Caitlyn.

Caitlyn: Aah. Mitchie. (Both runs to each other.)

(Connie takes a deep breath.)

Mitchie: Hi Caitlyn.

Caitlyn: How are you?

Mitchie: I'm great.

Caitlyn: Let me take it for you. (Grabbing her guitar.)

Mitchie: Thank you. I was so affraid we would get here in time, but it doesn't look like too many people got
here yet.

Caitlyn: Well do you know what this means? Since we are the first ones here we totally get our first choice
off. (Opens the door.) Look.

(Caitlyn, Mitchie, Peggy and Ella all scream and talk.)

All: Hi. You look lovely.

Tess: (Turns around.) Well I guess no one cares about my life.

Caitlyn: What do we know. You keep changing your status every two seconds.

All: Laughs.

Tess: It's fine. I have a question and its for Mitchie.

Mitchie: For me?

Tess: So. Whats going on with you and Shane?

Mitchie: Nothing is going on.

Caitlyn: That's a total lie.

Mitchie: You guys are obsessed. (All laughs.) No seriously. I don't know I just, I feel like if we don't spend
too much time together then nothing ever gonna happen.

(Out in the middle of nowhere a bus is broken down.)

Shane: Just one more crank and I think I got it. Mmmm. That's not good.

Nate: Can we just wait for the tow truck. Oliver tried and he couldn't get it.

Shane: That's because Oliver isn't that properly motivated. He's not getting to Camp Rock before Mitchie.

Oliver: We should of never taken that shortcut.

Jason: Maybe because Oliver doesn't even know Mitchie does he.

(Shane tries to get the spanner out but instead Nate got it out.)

Shane: Thanks. (Starts to walk.) Its gonna be really cool. She's gonna walk in and I will be sitting their and I
will say. (They stop.) "Hey Mitchie". (Starts to walk.) She is gonna be so surprised.

Nate: " Hey Mitchie ". That's your big line.

Shane: Trust me everything is cool when I do it. I'm just finally excited about spending time with her.

(Jason gets something out of his pocket.) Jason: Ah. Here you go.

Shane: Is this from the tire?

Jason: Yeah. I saw it leaning on the ground and I thought it was important, so I picked it up and put it in my

Shane: Why didn't you tell me this earlier.

Jason: How can I told you if I didn't remember it.

Shane: It's fine. It's just one bolt right.

All the brothers: Yeah.

Oliver: Screams.

Nate: No

Shane: Please no.

All the brothers: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Nate: No.

Shane: Urg.

All the brothers: No, no, no, no, no, no.

The bus falls straight in the river.

Jason: Told you that's important.

All the boys walk away from the bus. While back at the cabin.

Caitlyn: Where is everybody?

Mitchie: I know like there is nobody out there.

Peggy: I sure hope you got something to do at Opening Jam because if not. I got nothing.

Mitchie: Kinda. Maybe. Sorta. I don't know. I.

Caitlyn, Peggy and Ella: Lets hear it. Sing it.

Mitchie: Um. Okay.

They all wait until Mitchie gets out her song book.

Mitchie: Its not finished.

Peggy: Okay. Come on.

Mitchie: Its nothing special.

Peggy, Caitlyn and Ella: Come on.

Mitchie: "Last year's old news. I'm breaking out my sixth string. I'm playing from my heart."

Peggy: That is amazing.

Caitlyn: I love it.

Ella: You're so good.

Mitchie: Really. Thank you. That's all I got so far. I have a lot of lyrics but the music not really worked out
Ella: Maybe we can sing the first part over and over again.

Mitchie hears a tune in the background.

Mitchie: That's it.

Ella: Really. No one ever agrees with me. (Laughs)

All of the girls giggle and walks outside.

Mitchie: Barron, Sander.

Barron: Hey. What's up?

All: Hey. Hi.

Mitchie: Play it again

Sander: For you Mitchie anything. Lets Rock.


Audience cheers and claps as song finishes.

Brown: Whooa. Hey alright. Mitchie Torres returns. Welcome to the heart and soul of rock and roll.
Weather you're slick and happening or dark and jamming. Camp Rock is the place to be. Yeah.

Everyone cheers.

Brown: Now you might of notice that there aren't that many people as last year past. But not to worry.

A truck comes through the camp and the brothers are on the back of it. The trucks horn goes.

Mitchie: (Screams.) Shane.

Connie: Sorry she does that.

Mitchie runs to Shane.

Brown: Rockers, my nephews but better known as Connect 3.

Shane: Hey. (Screams as he falls off the truck.)

Jason: We should of not tied his shoes together.

Nate: He says he can make anything look cool.

He stands up with a chicken on his head.

Shane: Whoa.

Nate: Oh and I believe she stand corrected.

Mitchie: Shane. Are you alright?

Shane: (Taking chicken off head.) Yeah. I'm fine.

Mitchie has a giggle.

Shane: Surprise.

Shane and Mitchie hugs each other happily with everyone cheering.

Brown: Alright. They are gonna be with us through the entire summer.

Mitchie: The whole summer?

Shane: Absolutely!

Brown: The official reason being they miss their uncle, but I don't think that's the entire story.

Audience stares at Shane and Mitchie.

Jason: Everyone is staring. By all do something. React or weave.

Shane: Hey guys. I'm Shane and this is Jason and Nate. You know its going to be hard but treat us like
campers. Wow I guess that wasn't that hard.

Brown: Yeah as I was saying. Um, we are a little smaller this year and curtesy of our new friends across the
lake. Camp Star. And not so convenience lead by my out to destroy me, still mad that I kicked him out of
the group, former band mate Axel Turner.

Tess: Axel Turner. The guy who owns star records is across the lake.

Brown: Yes and I share your distain Tess. Thank you for that. Now its gonna take some effort but I'm sure
that we all peacefully co-exist on the lake. Yeah.

After Brown said his speech about the new camp across the lake, they heard some on the lake like
someone being shot.

Jason: We are under attack!!

Everyone looks up at the sky as something in a basket starts to fall.

Barron: Nice.

Peggy: Its full of marshmallows.

Caitlyn: This one has got chocolate.

Barron: Gram crackers.

Mitchie reads a card that was in ones of the baskets.

Mitchie: Camp Rock is invited to an opening night bonfire.

Everyone cheers.
Brown: No, no, no. Absolutely not. Not.

Everyone is screaming out the word bonfire.

Brown: This is a set up. (talking to Connie.) For what I'm not sure of.

Connie: Come on Brown. It will be fun. You said yourself we need to get along right. This is not because I
haven't had desert yet. This is really good chocolate!

Camp Rock sail out over to Camp Star.

Tess: 1 word. WOW!

Caitlyn: This isn't camp. Its a resort.

Tess: Like that's a bad thing.

Nate: Right I got it.

Shane: Whoa. I ain't got it.

Shane has one foot out of the boat and the other foot in the boat. Boat then starts to move away from the

Shane: Whoa.

Nate: I think we should add it to the un-cool list.

Shane: A little help. A little help please.

Mitchie goes over and helps Shane out.

Shane: Thank you, thank you.

Mitchie: See. This is the thing you can't learn on e-mail.

Shane: Maybe we should come back to that.

The junior camper starts to run away from their counsellor.

Counsellor: Wait. Wait for me.

Jason: Hey. What's up guys.

Jason gives high 5's to the juniors.

Jason: I remember when I was a junior rocker. Is that..... Is that a camera bud.

Jr Rocker Trevor: Don't touch it.

Jason: Do you think I am going to drop it n the water?

They both let go of the camera and it lands straight in the water.
Jason: Even if you thought that. Guess you can be right!

Jr Rocker Trevor: You dropped it curly, you can swim for it.

Jason started to worry.

Axel: Brown. My man. Long time.

Connie walks over with Brown.

Connie: Hi. I'm Connie.

Axel: Hi.

Brown: Listen Axel. I don't know what you are actually playing at.

Axel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You are breaking the step. I'm beginning to think why I left the band.

Brown: Left the band. You, you left the band. That is so rich. Is that what you have been telling people.

Axel: You my friend have to stop living in the past. I'm trying to reach out to you here.

Brown: Reach out. Reach out by driving me out of business.

Axel: There's no reason why we can't both be successful. We both had on a leash.

Brown: Leash.

Axel: Camp Star is dedicated to producing the superstar for tomorrow, and what's your place about again.

Brown: Encouraging kids to love their music Axel.

Axel: Like I said. Room for the both of us. (walks away.)

Brown: You, you know just to be clear. He did not leave the band, we kicked him out.

Connie: I know, I know. Its ok. (walks.)

Brown: We kicked him out.

Nearly by the bonfire Shane and Mitchie starts to talk.

Shane: Question. What do you say you and I break away and finally take you on a first date?

Mitchie: Answer. I'd like that.

They both finally get to the top and realises that its a stage.

Mitchie: Wow.

Tess: I know right. Its all been what I have been saying ever since I got off the boat.

Shane and Mitchie stare at each other for just a second and Mitchie starts to walk on.
Mitchie: (to Shane): Come on.

Nate is standing on the other side when Jason comes over.

Jason: Ready?

Nate: We really shouldn't be here. Its so obvious this guy doing it to get back at Brown. First he tries to take
down all our crowd and now Camp Rock. What is that?

Jason: Hot chocolate. They're handing it out for free as you walk in. Plus you can keep the mug.

Nate looks at Jason in a strange way.

Jason: What?

Nate: There is no way that I am staying at this bonfire.

Dana: Hey powdy boy. You better hurry, the bonfire is about to start. (walks down the stairs.)

Nate: You know what. We should probably go and take our seat. I think their about to start.

Jason: Mm hum.

Nate: Don't mock.

Jason: I'm not.

Nate: Yes you are.

Jason: Ok. Just a little bit.

Jason looks around and takes a seat.

Ella: Look. They actually have a real wardrobe department with incredible fabric and Diana made this. Uh
oh. I think I just sowed my scarf to my bra.

As they all sit down they have a little giggle.

Mitchie: So I thought this was suppose to be a campfire. You know singing, telling stories and a actual fire.

Axel: Everybody have a seat. (Walks on stage. Audience cheers and is clapping.) I'm Axel Turner and I like to
welcome all of you rockers and my dear old friend Ranson Cesario.

Jason: Yeah Brown.

Axel points at Brown and he gives a wave.

Axel: To Camp Star.

Brown takes seat near Shane.

Axel: Do you want to hear a speech. Do you want to get to know what a campfire is all about? (Pauses)
Ella: Hey. That's what you just said. Your twins.

Axel: So does anyone have anything they would like to play? Camp Rocker don't be shy.

Camp Rockers do not reply. Mitchie, Ella, Peggy and Tess all stand up.

Mitchie: We will do it if no one else will do it.

The audience claps and Brown give a smirk. Mitchie and her friends come down and she brings her guitar.

Mitchie: This song is about me and a friend of mine.

Shane smiles and claps and so does the audience.


As song finishes the audience claps and cheers while Shane, Jason, Nate and Brown all smile.

Shane: Cheers.

Axel: That was sweet. But I guess its time for Camp Star to answer and huh my apology the embarrasses.
We are kind of new at this. (walks off stage.)


As they song finishes Dana's bracelet comes off and hits Nate in the face.

Nate: Ow.

Jason: Hey. You ok?

Dana notices that her bracelet has come off. The crowd cheers. Shane and Mitchie look at each other.

Axel: And that is how we do things here at Camp Star.

Caitlyn: Wow!

Nate looks at the bracelet.

Axel: Um. Before we go anywhere further. I would like to make a quick announcement. We are having
staffing problems. Who knew we can be so popular.

Brown looks at Shane.

Brown: Ok. Now we are under attack.

Axel: So I would just like to put it out there. If there are any Camp Rock Counsellors or Staff who would like
to make a switch, I will be willing to double your salary.

All Camp Rockers look in shock after hearing that.

Brown: You got to be joking. We barely have as much staff as it is.

C.R.C (Camp Rock Counsellor): I'll do it.

Shane: What!

Other C.R.C also gets up and joins Camp Star.

Jason: No.

Axel: Also any Camp Rockers who would like to join us and I am sure I will be able to find you a bunk. Oh,
did I mention our cabins are air conditioned.

Mitchie: He can't do this.

Brown: Alright. I need all Camp Rockers to get on the boats now. Well come on. Go. Please.

Jason: Come on guys. Back to the boats. Lets go.

As Camp Rockers head to the boats Connie gives the mug back to the people at Camp Star.

Nate: Are you sure its ok?

Shane: (Looks.) Just a scratch.

Dana: I'm really sorry about that.

Nate: Oh. Its all good. I'm fine.

Shane puts arm around Nate while Nate pulls his arm off him.

Nate: I'm just happy that I catched it for you.

Dana: Well. Its always kinda been my lucky charm. I guess it still works.

They both stare into each others eyes for just a quick second.

Shane: What about the part where it hit you in the eye.

Dana and Nate look at Shane but it is more Nate.

Shane: I'll be over there.

Nate: So, Dana. You were amazing up there!

Dana: You think. I'm just glad that it is finally over. I was practising for weeks. Still every time I go on, I'm
almost feel like I'm going to throw up. (Nate still staring at Dana.) I'm really glad you guys came. My dad
was totally sure that nobody will show. My dad is Axel Turner.

Nate: He's your dad.

Dana: (Laughs) Everyone says it exactly like that. Trust me one you get to know him, he's a really nice guy.
Well I guess I should go.

Nate: Here. You don't want to lose it. (Giving back bracelet.)
Dana: You can keep it if you want.

Nate: What would I do with a bracelet?

Dana: Right. For the record I'm glad you're ok. You got really pretty eyes.

Nate smiles and moves his eyes.

Dana: Aha.

Axel walks up the steps.

Dana: Sorry that was weird. I didn't mean for you to get uncomfortable.

Nate: No, its all good. People told me that all the time. Um, maybe because they are right up in my face. So!

They both have nothing to talk about.

Dana: So! What? (Turns around to see her dad standing there.) Um. I'll see you around.

Nate: Ok. (Dana goes.) Yes I want to keep it, you have got pretty eyes too. Stupid. (Walks past Shane.) I'm a

Shane: Ha. Something that we both can agree on. (Nate punches Shane on the arm.) Ow. A strong idiot.

Axel: Hey. I don't want you talking to that boy.

Dana: Don't worry. I don't think that its gonna be a problem.

Axel: Ok. Come on.

Mitchie: Rockers. Boats, now. Huh. Wow, now this is a recording studio.

Luke: Hey.

Mitchie: (Turns around.) Um, hi. Can I help you with something.

Luke: Do I look like I need help.

Mitchie: (Smiles.) Do I know you?

Luke: That's funny. I'm Luke, Luke Williams. (Mitchie has no clue.) I was just on stage like 2 minutes ago. Oh,
"I'm giving you the fireeee oooh nooo!"

Mitchie: Wow, impressive.

Luke: I now. Its my thing. So, you thinking on coming over here?

Mitchie: Uh, no. I am perfectly happy where I am.

Luke: Well. You are Shane Gray girlfriend, so.

Mitchie: Wait. What has Shane. (Starts to look mad.) How do you ever know that?
Luke: You have to know the players to play the game, right?

Mitchie: No.

Luke: Its a tough business.

Mitchie: Its Summer Camp!

Luke: To you, but to anybody at Camp Star is step 1 to a long illustrious career and I don't have time to
second rate.

Mitchie: We're not second rate.

Luke: You don't have to get all offensive. Its none of my business. You don't have to try and convince me.

Mitchie: Look, just so we're clear Luke "I'm Giving You The Fire" Williams or whatever your name is. Not
one Rocker, not in a million years, would ever think about joining this narcissistic, overproduced ego

Tess: (Comes in.) Guess what! My mom said yes, I can make the switch.

Luke: That's great. Welcome to the ego factory.

Tess: Thanks.

Mitchie: Tess. How could you?

Tess: Oh, um, I'm sorry. I feel horrible but.... (Giggles with Luke.).... Who am I kidding, I am so excited I can't
pretend to be sympathetic. That was great what you did up there. "I'm giving you the fire." So impressive.

Luke: I know right.

Mitchie: (Pretending to act surprised.) Wow! Good luck trying to find a big enough spotlight for the both of

Back at Camp Rock.

Mitchie: No, you guys. Its gonna be ok. I mean Brown's a smart guy. He can figure something out.

Brown: (Walks in.) Thanks for the vogue of confidence, Mitchie. (Smiles at Mitchie.) I guess I don't need to
get everyone's attention. So, the good news is and this really warms my heart.... We lost very few Campers
last night. (Everyone claps.) But, we did lose quiet of our remaining staff. Which means and I can't believe I
have to say this.... Camp Rock is closed. Effected and immediately.

Everyone is shocked and Mitchie is in despair.

Brown: Look, you have to believe me. I truly haven't got any other option. I'll start calling parents as soon
were done here, which I guess is now. I'm sorry. (Walks out.)

Shane: Brown, wait. Guys. (Connie and Connect 3 goes after Brown.)

Ella: Camp Rock is over, but we just got here.

Caitlyn: Its not his fault. I mean there's nothing he can do about it.
Mitchie: (Steps out.) But, that doesn't mean that there is anything that we can do about it.

Peggy: Mitchie.

Mitchie: No, I'm serious. This is our summer and we're not giving up, we're not backing down.

Caitlyn: I don't know Mitchie.


Brown opens door to the music cabin.

Brown: What's going on. (In a sad tone.)

Mitchie: Well, you said you needed some new counsellors, so I found you some.

All of Mitchie's friends stood behind her waving at Brown.

Brown: (Smiles.) Well, I better call a staff meeting to order.

All of them: Yes.

Mitchie: Thank you.

Bell rings.

Jason: No, not guys. (Shane and Nate pushing him along.) I already told you I'm not gonna be doing this.

Nate: Jason. You are looking at this all wrong. This isn't punishment.... Its a reward.

Jason: Really?

Nate: Really. It just means that everybody thinks you got the leadership skills, maturity, intelligent.

Jason: You think I'm intelligent.

Nate: No, and sure guts take on this challenge.

Shane: (Looks at Nate.) Wow, you're good.

Nate: Thank you.

Jason: You're right. This is an honour.

Nate: Exactly. Now, get in there and make us proud.

Jason collects clipboard from Shane and gives a hand shake to Nate.

Nate: We'll be right here if you need us.

Jason gives the thumbs up to his bothers and walks straight into the Jr Rockers Cabin.

Jason: Alright.
Shane and Nate: (Quietly) RUN!

Jason: Hi everybody. I'm Jason, I'm gonna be your counsellor. I'm a little new at this so I thought you guys
go a little easier on me. What do you say?

Jr Rocker Jamal: I say, lets get him.

Jr Rocker Trevor: Guys, guys, guys. Hold on a second.... (All the Rockers stop while Trevor gets his camera
out.).... Not get him!

Jason: No, no, no.

Kids scream and jumps on Jason. Later after that Mitchie puts a sign up and smiles at it.

Caitlyn: Alright, lets dance! (Walks into drumming session.) Sorry.

Nate is also late and runs into the dancing session. He waves at them and walks out. Ella walks into the
drumming session but stays there.

Jr Rockers: Screaming and running around like animals. (Jason is underneath the table protecting himself
and also build a house out of wood.)

Peggy walks out of her class while Mitchie has got nobody. Peggy later sits her head in her hands while
Mitchie is with her class and she goes hiding underneath the table scared.

Mitchie: (To Shane, Nate and Barron) All good?

The boys: All good!

Mitchie: Lets do this. (All walks away.)

Caitlyn: (later finds her class.) Yes. Here we go guys. Alright, circle, down, bone, head, knee, out.

Mitchie is out on the beach with her class doing the guitar.

Peggy: (To the Rocker) Louder.

Rockers: La, la, la, la, la, la.

Peggy: Awesome.

Ella: How about this? What do you think?

Mitchie walks out of cabin.

Peggy: (To Mitchie) Hi. (Waves to her as her class has finished.)

Mitchie walks down the steps. She notices Shane and he waves at her. She gives a smile. Mitchie watches
Ella with her class and still smiling. Caitlyn walks up the paths with her class and puts the thumbs up to

Back at the Cabin with the Jr Rockers. Something hit Jason's wooden house which made him step up to the
Jason: Urrgh. (Gets up from hiding under table.) That's enough. (Jr Rockers stop.) Do you want to Rock.
Well, do you know what. You don't deserve to Rock. Why should I show you first thing of becoming a Rock
Star if you don't want to show me any respect. Well, ok then. Who wants to play the drums?

2 Junior Rockers put their hands in the air.

Jason: Who wants to play the guitar?

6 Junior Rockers put their hands up.

Jason: Who wants to be a lead singer?

1 Junior Rocker put their hand up.

Jason: Well, you're going to need tighter pants and a tambourine.

Shane: I heard that. (Walking past the cabin.)

Jason: Sorry.... Its true. (Quietly.)

Outside in the bushes Nate is hidden using binoculars to see Dana on the opposite side of the lake.

Shane: (Walks by.) Nate.

Nate: (Jumps.) Yeah, Shane. (Laughs.) What's up bro?

Shane: What are you doing?

Nate: Um.... (He thinks of something to say.) .... Life Guard Duty. Schedule's a mess. Can't be too careful.
(Shane looks at clipboard.) Just 1 last look.... All clear. (Gets up and goes.)

Shane looks and follows on. While in the hall.

Shane: So, what do I have to do to pull you away from this clipboard?

Mitchie smiles at Shane.

Connie: Mitchie. I just rolled a pound of hamburgers all by myself. I told you honey that I needed help.

Mitchie: (Looks at clipboard.) No, no, no! That's impossible. I know for a fact I scheduled.... (Brown comes
over.) Absolutely nothing. I'm so sorry.

Brown: What's going on?

Connie: This isn't working. The kitchen is a disaster. Yesterday, I order 50 pounds of black bears, and
instead they delivered 50 cases of beach balls instead.

They all look at Sander and Barron blowing them all up.

Mitchie: Well, I can admit mom, you don't have the best handwriting.

Connie stares at Mitchie.

Brown: Ok, its rock and roll. Its going to be a little chaotic but I think you are doing great. Just make some
adjustments to the schedule. Yeah, perfect. Shane help Connie with the hamburgers. (Walks away.)

Shane: Actually I , I got this thing.

Connie: Oh, well really. Come on pretty boy.

Shane: Well, I, but.... (Turns head round to Mitchie.)

Mitchie laughs while in the drumming session.

Nate: Alright, that's it, pick it up, bring it home. I knew that you could do it. Ah, its getting a little late so,
what do you say you go and spend some free time.

All the drummers: Yeah.

Nate runs out and sails to the middle of the lake. Staring at Dana.

Sander: Hey, man. (Scares Nate.) What are you doing?

Nate: Why does everybody keep doing that?

Sander: Sorry, we're just doing our part as activity director.

Nate: What's the activity today? (Scared and worried.)

Sander: Wave boarding!

Nate: (As Sander goes.) No, uh. (Tips over. Arrives at main land at Camp Star.)

Dana: Are you ok?

Nate: Yeah, I'm great.

Dana: Uh, don't suppose you came to see anybody particular?

Nate: Nope, just getting some exercise.

Dana: (Sad.) Do you play a lot of sports?

Nate: Canoeing. Its pretty much it.

Dana: I'm not really all that sporty either. I played soccer when I was little but who doesn't. I don't count
this as a sport but I kinda like to be a dancer. Its like my nerdy secret, if I would be anything wish. What
would you be?

Nate: I don't know. I'd never really thought about it.

Dana: Probably because if you could be anything you'd be you.

Nate laughs and so does Dana.

Dana: Uh, do you want to show something really stupid. I was goofing around and I accidentally sorta wrote
your name on my hand but with permanent ink. It was a mistake.
Nate: No one has ever written my name on their hand before.

Dana: Really more on my wrist. (Laughs.)

Nate: Dana.

Dana: Yeah.

Axel: Dana.

Nate is worried.

Dana: Oh god. Its my dad. I'm so sorry, I'm not suppose to be talking to you. Hurry.

Nate hides under the canoe.

Dana: Go.

Axel: Dana. Dana.

Dana: Hey. I saw this canoe.

Axel: Uh, don't touch it. Its one of theirs. I'll get people to fish it out. What's that on your wrist?

Dana: Nothing.

Axel walks off.

Nate: You know what I wanna be? A kinda guy who tells you how he really feels. I hate canoes.

Back at Camp Rock. Nate is damp and walks along the beach.

Nate: (To Shane) I'm still an idiot.

Shane: I still agree. (Laughs. Nate comes back to punch him.) Dude you can't keep hitting me. Thank you.

Mitchie runs up behind Shane and jumps on him (Laughing.)

Shane: Ow.

Nate: Thanks Mitchie.

Mitchie: I had an absolute best day ever. Everything is finally starting to work out.

Shane: Great. Its all because of you.

Mitchie: No, its because of us.

Shane: The only reason why I'm here, why my brothers are here, is to get to know you better. Its only been
2 seconds.

Mitchie: And that's the sweetest thing that anybody has even said to me.
Shane: But.

Mitchie: But.

Announcement from speaker: A friendly neighbourhood announcer. Will the counsellors get to the bonfire.
Please report to the mess hall.

Shane: You have to go.

Mitchie: We've gotta go.

Mitchie walks ahead and she looks back at Shane.

Mitchie: Are you coming?

Shane: No, its cool, I'll catch you up!

Mitchie: Shane.

Shane: Go. They need you.

Mitchie: Ok. (Waves and walks away.)

At the bonfire Connie walks over to Jason.

Connie: Hey, I'm impressed.

Jason: Yeah.

Connie: Your doing much better with them.

Jason: It took a little bit of time but I finally gained their respect.

One of the Jr Rocker's whispered in another's ear and started to giggle. Connie walks over and sits next to

Jason: Who glued me to this log?

Jr Rocker: Log butt, log butt, we're gonna call you log butt.

Jason: Do you know what's worse being called log butt, or being sat by log butt.

Connie: Oh, oh.

Brown: Run.

Jason runs after the Jr's.

Brown: Run. He's coming.

Connie: Oh.

Jason: Come back here.

Jr Rocker Audrey: Fireflies.

Brown: Wow. Catch them everybody. Lets jump, jump.

Axel, Tess and Luke are hiding in the bushes watching them.

Axel: Mmm, mmm, mmm. Seems like a load of flies over there. There's no way they are gonna get through
this summer! (Walks away.)

Tess: I remember doing that. It was fun.

Luke: Don't even talk about it. (Walks away.)

Tess just watches. Mitchie, Caitlyn, Ella, Peggy, Sander and Barron all sitting down.

Peggy: It felt so great just standing in front of that class today.

Caitlyn: I feel like there's nothing I can't do.

Ella: Please. Still can't do please. (All giggle at Ella.)

Sander: Wish we had all that attitude the other day at Camp Star.

Barron: Yeah, I just really wanted to show them up.

Peggy: That hardy counted they've been planning that for weeks.

Barron: Yeah, and now there like walking around like there better than us.

Peggy: So not true. You know I would really like to see us go against them.

Barron: Yeah

Caitlyn: If we had time to get it together, there's no way they will stand a chance, like Final Jam.

Peggy: There is just no way.

Mitchie: A lot of big talk. You wanna see if its true.

All stares at Mitchie. At Camp Star.

Luke: Its about time. My private vocal lesson started 10 minutes ago.

Tess: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that Axel gives you the extra rehearsal.

Camp Rock arrives at Camp Star.

Camp Rockers: Camp Rock, Camp Rock, Camp Rock, Camp Rock, Camp Rock....

Luke and Tess goes to them.

Camp Rockers: Camp Rock, Camp Rock, ooh.

Mitchie: Yeah, that's right.

Tess and Luke comes on stage.

Mitchie: We're here on you're stage, see you guys didn't really give us a chance to answer back that night.
But guess what that's gonna change. Camp Rock verses Camp Star The Final Jam.

Camp Star: Ooooh.

Mitchie: What do you guys think of that?

Barron: Drums (Nate plays the drums.)

Sander: A little guitar please. (Shane and Jason plays the guitar.)

Barron: 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4.


At the end of the song Axel is sat in the audience.

Axel: That is a fantastic idea. Truly, I'm impressed. A little bit of a healthy competition is exactly what we
need. A champion always needs a good spiralling partner.

Luke: We do. (Confused.)

Axel: But you really think that you um, take my guys on head to head?

Peggy: Any time, any place.

Camp Rockers: Yeah.

Shane: Can't wait.

Axel: Maybe use the apathy theatre.

Mitchie: Doesn't matter where, we just know that Camp Rock is gonna blow you away.

Camp Rockers: Yeah.

Axel: I'm sure the audience will be better judge than that.

Caitlyn: Bring it on. You can pack it with anyone you want.

Axel: (Giggles.) Well, how about a world wide audience.

Shane and Jason look at each other.

Axel: Why don't we auction this this on TV, have the public decide who is really the best.

Ella: TV, we really get to be on TV.

Mitchie: I don't really know about this.

Luke: Not a big talker now are you?

Camp Star: Ooooh.

Mitchie stares at Luke in disgust.

Peggy: That would be so cool.

Caitlyn: The whole world will see us.

Mitchie: Uh.

Sander: Come on Mitchie.

Barron: This could be huge.

Mitchie: (Thinks) You're on!

Everyone cheers and Mitchie is thinking on what she just said. Back at Camp Rock, In the Mess Hall. Mitchie
walks in and Shane walks to Mitchie.

Mitchie: I got this song that I wrote a long time ago and I kinda forgot about it, but I think it could work.
(Gives song book to Nate.)

Nate: Its a duet.

Mitchie: Now, but I think I can rewrite it and make a part for everybody.

Shane: Or we could rewrite it.

Mitchie stares at Shane and smiles.

Ella: I lay pretty, pretty flowers on your grave. (Mitchie is confused just like Ella.) Am I the only one who
thinks this song is totally depressing.

Peggy: Mmm, you're on the wrong page. (Turns over page.)

Mitchie: Yeah, that was for my hamster's funeral. (Fakes a smile.)

Ella: This is perfect.

Peggy: The staging will be pretty cool.

Caitlyn: Yeah, it looks like some great spots for dancing.

Sander: And, its got a great groove.

Jason: But, before we get ahead of ourselves. I have a couple of conditions.

Nate: You have got conditions.

Jason: Yes. Well, one condition. There has to be a spot for my Junior Rockers.

Mitchie: Of course. That's what it is all about. So, what do you guys think?
All: Yeah, I'm in, lets do this!

Shane: I think we should talk to Uncle Brown.

Mitchie: Why? I already know what he is going to say. (Smirking.)

At Brown's Cabin.

Brown: (To Connie) How could she do that. I told them, I told Mitchie. Axel Turner cannot be trusted.

Connie: I don't know why you are getting upset. At the very least Camp Rock can get some great exposure.

Brown: He took advantages to what he did. He saw an opportunity and went for it. An opportunity to
destroy me for once and for all.

Connie: And I thought Mitchie could be dramatic. Ok, then call him and say no. Its not a big deal.

Brown: Well, way past big deal.... (Turns the computer round.) .... Look, Camp Wars. Catchy, I especially like
the tag line.... 'Only One Will Survive'.

Connie: Million of viewers will be watching. That's good right?

Brown: (Walks.) After this we are done, and not just for the summer.... For good.

Connie: (Surprised.) Oh, come on. Brown, give them a chance. (Mitchie is out by the door listening.)

Brown: Look, nobody believes in my Rockers more than I do, but we're gonna look like a joke next to Camp
Star. We don't have the resources, the in free structure, the money, talent, passion, commitment. We've
got that. Its not gonna matter.

Connie: It always matters.

Brown: And when people watch, where do you think they're gonna send their kids to Camp?

Connie: She didn't do this on purpose.

Mitchie looks sad.

Brown: I know, I just, I just wish she would on never fallen into the trap.

Mitchie walks off upset while Connie and Brown hears something for outside and knows that it was

The next morning Mitchie goes out with flyers in her hand.

Announcer: Good Morning Camp Rockers. A message from Mitchie Torres. All Rockers report to the stage
immediately. Yes, that means you. Keep moving.

Mitchie: (Walks on stage with a speaker) Alright Rockers. There are new schedules outside, out on the
board. For this moment on everything is about winning the competition. Everything, we have to be
completely focused.

Barron: What about swimming and water skiing and stuff.

Mitchie: Focus. (Mitchie had the loud speaker on in Barron's ear.) Sorry. Oh, sorry again. (Smiles.) Seriously
you guys, if we wanna save this Camp we have to put all our energy into this and give the best performance
any of us has ever put on, and we may have our doubts but were.... (Shane and Brown are listening.) .... too
far to back down. Agree.

Everyone: Agree.

Mitchie: Alright, now lets go and get to work. (Enthusiastically. Everyone is just stood there.) Now! (Using
the speaker.)

Everyone walks away and there is a worried Shane and Brown. Mitchie is in a cabin arranging with Sander.

Mitchie: I don't know what to do about the set but its gotta be big. Think of the biggest thing that you can
imagine and make it bigger.

Sander: Alright. (As he walks off.) Thanks.

Shane: (Walks in.) Mitchie, we're moving in the wrong direction. There's less time on it than last time.

Mitchie: Um, I got a few minutes now.

Shane: That's not what I mean.

Ella: Mitchie. Can you look at this. I want us to coordinate to make us matchy, matchy.

Caitlyn: Mitchie, hi Shane.

Shane: Hi.

Caitlyn: I know your rewriting but we got to make decisions about the music.

Mitchie: (Quietly.) Ok.

Shane: (Looks at Mitchie.) Mitchie, can I speak to you? (Pulls her over.)

Peggy: Do you know who's doing the vocal arrangements. If its me.... fine, but somebody has got to tell me.

Mitchie: Um, I'm sorry. (Walks over to Peggy. Shane then walks out and slams the door meaning that
Mitchie turns round to see that he is gone.)

Shane: (To Nate as he is walking by.) I don't even know why I'm here. (Nate turns around.) Take my advice
and never get a girlfriend! (Walks off.)

Nate: I don't think that would be a problem. (Staring at Dana again and she stops to look through her
binoculars to see Nate. She waves at him and he does the same thing back.)

At the Mess Hall.

Peggy: (Laughs with Barron.)

Mitchie: Hey, what you guys doing? I thought you would be rehearsing.

Caitlyn: Whoa, calm down. I mean we're been rehearsing for 5 hours. We're just talking a little break.
Mitchie: Really, cause I was watching and it look like we need a lot more work.

Peggy and Barron laughs while Mitchie comes over.

Mitchie: You guys done already?

Peggy: No, he was just telling me this story about his sister and it is hilarious. You have to tell her.

Mitchie: Oh, is it the one where these kids who weren't taking their job seriously and their Camp shut
down. Yeah, I think we heard it.

Peggy and Barron stop smiling.

Jason: Hey, Mitchie. You gotta check what me and the Juniors worked out. Its a real spotlight for them.

Mitchie: That's great. Um, I'm sure whatever it is it has to be more of a back ground moment. (Jason and
the boys are confused and walks out.) Sander, what's going on? You guys haven't made any progress since I
left like half an hour ago. You have to get this thing built, you guys have to work with me!

Sander: If only gone to Camp Star and signed up.

Mitchie: Ok, that's not fair. I'm just trying to get things done, but if you guys don't care....

Caitlyn: Mitchie, we all care. You gotten lighten up.

Mitchie: .... Really, and what will that get us? (Shakes her head and walks out.)

Caitlyn: Whoa, alright, ok. Lets do it again. (Tired.)

Ella: That girl is taking the F.U.N out of summer. (To Peggy and Caitlyn.)

Peggy: There is no F.U.N in summer.

Ella: Exactly.

Peggy: Seriously I love her, but I'm gonna kill her.

They all walk out to start working again while Shane and Brown are just standing there.

Brown: Ok, well I think I know what you got to do?

Shane: I'm on it. (Shane goes.)

At Junior Rockers Cabin.

Jr Rocker: Starts talking.

Jason: Guys, guys. Calm down. She didn't say no, she said she will think about it.

Shane: (Opens the door.) All working those spreading Rockers, so I got a proposition for you guys. You think
your up for it?

All Jr Rockers nod their heads. Out on Stage Mitchie walks over to Peggy.
Mitchie: Ok, we have a tone of stuff to go over. Where is everybody? Seriously people have to start being
on time!

Shane runs out with the Jr Rockers with water gun.

Jr Rockers: Screams

Shane: A.T.T.A.C.T!!

Everyone gets up and starts to play with them. They get Peggy and Mitchie soaked.

Mitchie and Peggy: Aaaah.

Water balloons are thrown by the Jr Rocker while Sander is laughing as water is coming out of the hose.
Mitchie is upset as it is still going on. Halfway through the water fight Connie and Brown comes down the

Connie: (Shocked.) Oh dear. This was not on the schedule.

Brown: (Smiles.) You kidding. This is what a summer is all about. Counter Attack. (Brown goes and joins
them. He laughs) Whoa.

Mitchie walks off the stage and goes. Later that night people chase Brown and they all land in the lake. At
the bonfire that night.

Sander: That's on fire there.

Jr Rocker Audrey: That's so was awesome.

Shane: (Walks over to Caitlyn, Ella and Sander.) Has anybody seen Mitchie?

Caitlyn: (To Shane) Um, I don't know. She missed dinner.

Shane: (Looks around.) Ok, thanks. (Walks off.)

The rest has a giggle. In a Cabin with Mitchie and is working on the music. Shane enters.

Shane: Your sheet music soggy.

Mitchie: Just pouring myself into my music. (Sounds sad.)

Shane: Huh, that was bad.

Mitchie: Yeah, I know. Um, are you here to help? (Finishing her note.)

Shane: I can't.

Mitchie: Why?

Shane: Because you and I are going on a moonlight picnic. (Lifts a basket.)

Mitchie: Now?
Shane: Right now.

Mitchie: How could you?

Shane: Cause I'm a nice of a guy.

Mitchie: Think I just go running off.

Shane: Your saying no.

Mitchie: Do you not understand everything that needs to be done.

Shane: How could I not when you are reminding me every 2 seconds.

Mitchie: And the water balloon fight. What were you thinking?

Shane: I was thinking wow, wouldn't it of been fun.

Mitchie: So, you're saying I'm not fun?

Shane: Huh, why do I keep trying? The whole reason I came was because....

Mitchie: I know, was to get to know me better. Well guess what this is me trying to save something that I
care about.

Shane: .... So am I.

Mitchie: Really, well how's that really working for you?

Shane: Not so great.

They both look at each other with disappointment. Shane gets his basket and goes.

Mitchie: Shane. (Shane turns.) You forgot your flashlight.

Shane gets it and walks out and goes straight to his cabin.


At the end both of them look at each other sad and they both goes to their cabin. In Mitchie's Cabin.

Mitchie: (Wakes up and gets out of bed.) Where is everybody?

Mitchie starts to look around.

Mitchie: Huh.

Outside everyone is getting ready for the big night ahead of them.

Peggy: Alright, lets work on all of the harmony and a good team. (Mitchie walks through.) This is the four of
our ones. Good morning. (Waves at Mitchie.)

Mitchie: (Smiles.) Good morning.

Caitlyn: (With the dancers.) Oh, hold on. (Walks over to Mitchie.)

Mitchie: What is going on?

Ella: (Comes over to.) You were right. It shouldn't be all up to you and we do need to step it up.

Caitlyn: Shane got everybody up before dawn.... (Shane looks over to see Mitchie standing there.).... he can
be pretty persuasive when he wants to be.

Shane: (Comes over to join them.) Good morning, sleep well. I don't think you got the new arrange me yet.
(Gives her the arrangement paper.) We need a lot of work.

Mitchie: You did this?

Shane: We all did. (Everybody there around them.)

Everyone: Yeah.

Mitchie: I already know that I'm gonna love it. (Smiles to Shane.) Thank you.

Shane: (Smiles.) Your welcome. Alright then. Lets get started. We gotta rock this stage we own it right.
(Drums go.) Now I can hear you, but I got to see you play. Nate, show them how its done.

Nate: Like this. (Plays the drums.)

Shane: Nice one. Jason, show them how to rock.

Jason: Ok you guys. A lot of this..... (Show) ..... but this. (Shows the Junior Rockers to rock with the guitars.)

The Jr Rockers copy Jason.

Jason: Good job.

Caitlyn: Well, its easy for you guys, but we're not all rock stars.

Shane: But you can be.

Audience screams.


Everyone claps and dances. The next day Nate walks down the path and he has got a beat in his head and
starts to click with his hands with his sunglasses on. He sits on a bench.

Dana: Hi Nate. (Nate falls off the bench.) Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?

Nate: Hi Dana. (Takes off sunglasses.) What are you doing here?

Dana: (Sits along side of Nate.) What do you think? (Smiling.)

Nate: You came to see me.

Dana: Good guess. (Laughs.)

Nate: Well, here I am.

Dana: Huh, that's it. (Nate is confused.) I came all the way over here in a canoe, risking my father raff and
that's all you have to say to me?

Nate: I don't know what else to say.

Dana: There's nothing that you are suppose to say. Everyday seems like all looking and waving and that is
so sweet and I really like him.

Nate: You do? Really is that what you said?

Dana: But then.....

Nate: But then. That's never good.

Dana: ..... How do I really know if I don't know anything about you. I guess I just thought that you were

Nate: I am different. (Standing up.)

Dana: No your not. You are like exactly every other teenage boy in the world. Have you even told anyone
anything about yourself? You know anything else besides canoeing.

Nate: Well, I don't really like canoeing.

Dana: Oh..... (Really sad.) ..... Good, so I really don't know anything about you.

They both look at each other.

Nate: I still don't know what I am suppose to say.

Dana: I think you just did. (Walks away and Nate realises that he had messed it up.)

At the Mess Hall, Shane is getting food.

Connie: (To Shane.) My special order. (Goes straight back into the kitchen.)

Shane reads the note that Connie gave him and he smiles. (Remembering the good times with Mitchie.)


At a shed and Nate is thinking when Shane walks in.

Shane: I take back what I said about girlfriends.

Nate: Its all good cause this rate I'll never have one.

Nate: Huh, well..... its this girl.

Shane: I kinda figured.

Jason entered.
Nate: I really like her but I'm having a hard time telling her how I really feel.

Jason: Your a rock star, use it.

Nate: I don't think she cares. She just wants to know stupid, random stuff about me.

Shane: Its not random stuff. She just wants to know you care to let her know who you are.

Nate: Well I care, but I just don't know how to say it.

Jason: Well..... If you can't say it, you can sing it.

Shane looks at Jason and they both go just leaving Nate on his own. Nate smiles and looks at the picture of
the horse. The next day Nate goes to Camp Star to pay someone a visit. Nate hides and notices Axel, Luke
and Tess having a argument.

Luke: Every single time I start to sing, I get lost behind her big head.

Tess: Huh.

Luke: You couldn't stand the spotlight.

Tess: You didn't..... But know that you mention it.

Nate finds Dana.

Axel: Enough! (Everyone looks.) We will run through it again and this time remember its not amateur hour.

Tess: (To Luke.) He means you.

Dana collects her notes.

Nate: Hi Dana.

She jumps out of her skin.

Nate: Kinda makes you jump doesn't it.

Dana: You shouldn't be here.

Nate: I know I just couldn't wait.

Dana: Wait for what.

Nate: It is a list of things that you don't know about me. (Hands the piece of paper to Dana and she opens

Camp Star Announcer: 2 minutes.

Dana: I really got to go but I'm sorry. (Gets up.)

Nate: Wait. (Also gets up.) I still have 2 minutes.

Dana: Ok. (Both of them sit down.)


In the middle of the song the Camp Star Announcer speaks.

Camp Star Announcer: Places everybody. Get a move on.

The song continues as Dana moves and then she sits back down. The last chorus they both hear Axels voice.

Axel: Dana.

Nate finishes the rest of the song while Dana and Nate gets up and starts to walk.

Axel: Dana. Everybody is waiting.

Nate: Sorry. Its my fault.

Axel: What do you say the advert of the competition.

Dana: Its ok. (Turns to Nate.) Go. (Gets the list back out of his shirt pocket.) Thank you.

Axel: We'll talk about this later. (She walks off with her dad and Nate walks off in the other direction.)

It was the evening and it was getting dark at Camp Rock. Everyone was at the bonfire except from Jason
and his Junior Rockers.

Jr Rocker Boy: And all that was left was a bloody footprint.

Jason: (Scared.)

Jr Rocker Trevor: Lame.

Jr Rocker Jamal: Not even scary.

Jason: Yeah, totally not scary at all. Its my turn. Go to bed, turn down the lights.

Jr Rocker Boy: You mean crank down the lights,

Jason: I know what its called.

They all get under the covers when Trevor snaps a pencil to scare Jason.

Jason: What was that.

Jr Rockers: (Laughs.)

Jr Rocker Jamal: Jason. Do you think we're gonna win?

Jason: Of course we're gonna win. You guys are Rock Stars.

Jr Rocker Jamal: But what if they are too?

Jason: I guess I didn't really think about that. Goodnight. (He gets out of bed.) Everybody up. Shhhh. Follow
my lead. We're on a mission. (With Jr Rockers at Camp Star.) Ok guys, stay down low. Ow, ow, ow. (He rolls
down instead.) Ok, don't roll. Ok gently guys come on. Slowly, single file. Go careful, come on, shhhh.
(Letting the Jr's go first.)

Jason and the Junior Rockers are watching Camp Star's performance and are shocked. Jr Rocker Trevor
videos their performance.


The performance is over.

Jason: Go, go, go. (To Jr Rockers.)

Tess: Well.

Axel: Good..... maybe great, but this competition isn't about maybe.

Luke: Ok fine, but can you tell her to stay out of my light.

Tess: Well maybe if you stayed out of my way it wouldn't have been a problem.

Axel: Let me see tear it down instead. Lets reset people. Come on move. This has to be perfect. Camp Rock
isn't gonna know what hit them.

Back at Camp Rock, in the Mess Hall. Everyone gathers and wants a good view.

Jr Rocker Trevor: And the stage was super cool.

Jr Rocker Audrey: It was huge.

Everyone: What does it look like?

Shane: Whoa, whoa, wait. Hold up. So its just Tess and Luke singing?

Jason: Yeah pretty much. Everyone else is doing something but they're defiantly the stars.

Peggy: But this makes it so much easier. We could totally win this thing.

Mitchie: How so?

Ella: Oh, come on. Even I get it. I don't care what they're singing. You and Shane are better than Tess and
Luke any day.

Everyone: Yeah.

Mitchie: Shane and I aren't even singing together.

Caitlyn: But you originally wrote the song as a duet.

Mitchie: I know but uh.

Barron: You are the two strongest singers.

Caitlyn: And we know you have chemistry.

Mitchie: Ah, its just everybody worked so hard.

Caitlyn: Yes to help to save the Camp but the two of you singing alone out on stage to help us win. You have
to do it. (Mitchie and Shane look at Caitlyn.)

Peggy: Then its settled.

Everyone: Yeah (And walks off.)

Junior Rockers are outside on the steps watching the funny times at Camp Rock when Mitchie walks
towards them.

Jr Rocker Trevor: Look at Jason.

Jr Rocker Jamal: Its the best one.

Mitchie: You guys ok that Shane and I aren't singing?

Jr Rocker Jamal: Yeah, we're good. I was looking forward to do something new, but its ok. If it means we get
to come back next summer.

Mitchie: You guys had a good summer?

Jr Rocker Trevor: Only the best summer ever. (Gives Mitchie the video camera.)

Mitchie: (Laughs.) You guys just gave me the best idea ever. (Hugs the Jr Rockers.)

Jr Rockers: Ew. Thank you.

Mitchie: Here. (Gives back video camera and runs up the stairs.) Hey guys new plan. Everyone meet in 10

At Camp Star for the competition.

Gina: Come on and welcome to Hitz TV. I'm Gina Farlow. Today we're bringing you to Camp Wars. The
ultimate Camp show down. Now there can only be one winner in the Final Jam and your votes gonna help
us decide. Just call in or text us for each performance. Kids make sure to have your parents permission and
let us know who sang right or make a bad note. What's your favourite Camp: Camp Star or Camp Rock.

Producer: And we're out.

Gina: Ok.

Axel: Georgina. Its great to see you.

Gina: As always Axel.

Axel: (Laughs.)

Gina: Wow, I'm going backstage and get ready for the concert. Good luck.

Brown walks up.

Gina: Ok, lets get some interviews backstage.

Brown: You um, you know everyone?

Axel: Na, I know her. But don't worry she doesn't have anything to do with the voting.

Brown: (Nods.) Oh, I probably shouldn't hold our hopes if we're being friends again.

Axel: Probably not. But you never know. Next time I might ask you to run my Summer Camp.

Brown: (Has a little laugh.) Thanks, but I'm already booked.

Axel walks away from Brown.

Tess: Huh. Good luck (To Luke.)

Luke: Huh. I would be lucky if you forget your words this time.

Tess: (Giggles.) You know not good luck. I hope you fall off the stage.

Luke gets ready and Tess sees Mitchie and the girls in the make up room and she smile and waves and so
does Mitchie. The audience cheers.

Gina: As the sun goes down, the volume goes up. Welcome back to the ultimate Summer Camp show
down. Where you decide the winner.

Audience cheers. Camp Rock watches backstage.

Gina: Now first up is Camp Star. Now Camp Star was found by a super star and producer of Star Records
Axel Turner. (Cheers for Axel.) Who has been producing for twenty years now and I know if I was here
studying music, this is the place where I wanna be.

Caitlyn: Hu, why is she saying that?

Mitchie: Its her job. She's suppose to say nice things.

Ella: If she doesn't stop talking I think I'm gonna throw up. (Gina starts to talk.) To late.

Gina: But there's no turning back now because the party has already started. Camp Star everybody.

Audience cheers.


Shane and Mitchie look at each other as it is about to start. Brown looks at the audience with Connie and
Nate is looking at Dana.

As the song finishes the audience cheers and Camp Rock claps backstage.

Gina: Camp Star everyone. Woo. If the audience loved them like I did you would call or text in now. But
don't go anywhere because in a moment we will hear from Camp Rock.

Backstage with Camp Rock.

Peggy: What happened to you? (To Ella.)

Ella: When I get nervous I sparkle things.

Peggy: (Laughs.)

Tess and Luke walks past the make up room.

Tess: If only you stayed out the way.

Luke: Excuse me.

Mitchie: Hey. You guys we incredible.

Luke: I know right. Only one thing that would made it better. Doing solo.

Tess: I totally agree. (Luke goes off.) Its a boundary that we...... Thanks (Mitchie smiles.) Good luck. (Walks

Gina: Quiet a performance hey. (To Brown.)

Brown: No denying it then. But don't count those votes just yet. I think you are gonna be very impressed.

Gina: I don't need to be impressed. It would be a miracle if Axel didn't win.

Brown: Excuse me.

Gina: Do you know how much he spent marketing this. He's paying to tweet and text free cell phone users
during the hemisphere. You don't even need to see the show for Camp Star.

Producer: One minute.

Camp Rock get ready to get on the stage.

Peggy: How come I got a text saying vote for Camp Star.

Mitchie: What I just got one to.

Caitlyn: Mine's on saying that I can download Camp Star as my ringtone.

Nate: (To Dana.) You were really a star.

Dana: Thanks.

Nate: And I really gotta go. Oh, and ate crust on my bread and burps makes me nervous. (With Axel behind
him.) Excuse me. Oh, that performance was amazing.

Axel: Thank you. Don't you have somewhere to be?

Nate: Yes, but you know once you start expressing your inner most thoughts and you release it, (looks at
Dana.) its kinda hard to stop. Wish me luck.

Dana: Good luck.

Axel: Dana. He is the enemy.

Dana: No, he is not. Not everything in life is a competition but maybe just one huh. (Walks off.)

Audience cheers.

Gina: And we're back if you like Camp Star get ready to get blown away by Camp Rock. Now Camp Rock was
founded by an iconic legendary guitarist Brown Cesario. (Brown gets up while audience applause.)

Shane: You ready?

Mitchie: Lets do this.

Gina: Ladies and Gentlemen Camp Rock. (Audience claps and cheers.)


Images behind them about what has happened so far at Camp Rock and near the end of the song beach
balls where thrown.

Shane: Woo. (Hugs Mitchie.)

Gina: They were incredible. Now it is time to chose which Summer Camp Rules. Don't go anywhere. We'll
be right back.

Sander: Totally call in.

Brown: Yes.

Camp Star clap and cheer except from Axel and Luke. Everyone is calling in.

Axel: (To Brown.) Impressive but it will never sell.

Brown: You know um..... she still values your music.

Axel: Maybe so, but that's why you wouldn't make it in a business.

Brown: That's fine. I don't want to be in your business.

Axel: (Laughs.)

Audience cheers.

Gina: And the results are in.

They all wait to find out who has won. Camp Rock is devastated and are disappointed that Camp Star has
won. The Junior Rockers are really sad and also Brown is sad that he has lost. Mitchie cries on Shane's
shoulder while he hugs her. Tess is happy but feels sorry for Camp Rock and Dana and Nate hugs it out. Tess
goes over to Mitchie and puts her hand on Mitchie's arm and she looks at Tess. Shane walks over to the
rest of Camp Rock.

Back at Camp Rock. The evening and the last bonfire. Nate and Jason plays the guitar while Shane and
Mitchie folds some blankets.

Mitchie: Do you know what I might keep this as a souvenir. (Chucks.)

Shane: Can't believe we've lost.

Mitchie: Every song can't be a hit. (Both of them smile.) That's what you told me. Doesn't mean that we
have to stop singing. (Shane nods.) I really sorry that I didn't spend time with you this summer.

Shane: The whole reason why I came here.....

Mitchie: Was to get to know me better.

Shane: ..... And I learned everything I need to know. (Both of them smile and shares a kiss. They both walk
to the bonfire. They hold hands.


They clap through half of the song when.....

Jr Rocker Jamal: What's that?

..... Some of Camp Star comes over to join them.

Tess: (To Brown.) Hi. We saw the fire.

Dana: We don't really get to do this thing.

Tess: So I wonder if so of us can join?

Brown: There's always room.

Tess: Brown. If its alright I would really like to come back to Camp Rock next Summer please.

Brown: Come on.

Carries on singing.

Connie: Hey can I have some help. The phones are going crazy.

Counsellor: Sure, I'll help.

Camp Star Girl: I told my parents that I want to come to Camp Rock next Summer.....

Carries on singing.

Camp Star Girl: Hey, can you put me up for next year?

Brown: Sure I can. We'll work something out.

Mitchie smiles and they all carry on singing. Shane and Mitchie hugs at the end.