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English for Marjorie Rosenberg ae Series editor David Bonamy PEARSON English for Marjorie Rosenberg Series editor David Bonamy evel ceyel es ey ree ery Finance and the economy p. 6 ‘Banks and building societies Investment banks p. 10 Review p 11 Bank products p12 COntine banking p14 ‘Telephone heiptines 18 ‘Comparing products p. 18 Review p. 19 ‘Credit and debit cards p. 20 Plastic money p. 22 Personal loans and overdrats p24 Mortgages p26 Review p.27 Discussing the economy Deserbing aileron types of financial organisations Understanding how investment Danks work Finding out what a customer needs and giving adce Explaining ontine bank accounts tone customers CGwing and checking mstructons: Comparing product details Taking about creat Agrecing and cisagreeing politely Asking for and giving inflormabon Expaing terms of mortgages ‘The basics of Islamic banking 28 Islamic retal products p. 30 Explaining the regulations of Istame banking “Taking about past habits Explaining ferent islamic banking products ‘Comparing flamie and non Istame banking Present simple: revision Present simple with adverbs of frequency and tme expressions Present continuous Articles Future possibity and ably: wil, and be abie 0 ‘The imperative Sequencers Fture forms: wi, present ‘continuous and be going to ‘Comparative and superatve adjectives Used © Past continuous Medals in the past Functions of tnancia institutions Investment banking Fetal banking products Ontine banking Telephone helpline words Product phrases (Cred and debt cards| Using cro cards Borrowing money Mortgages: Word partnerships Banking verbs Islamic corporate banking Background of Islamic banks