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westerns ways of life.

BKOF (Invitation)
Suppose you are
invited to an event.
It is very important A. Listen to your teacher
to call or drop a note
letting the host know Repeat after him/her
that you will attend. Read the expression aloud.
Don’t be afraid of
• Please come inside
hurting someone’s
feeling by - Thank you/ Thanks
responding “no” to
• invitation.
an Would you come to my sister’s party to morrow?

Supposed you get an - Sure, I will

invitation for a
- I would not say no
dinner party. Don’t
come late. Arrive - I’m afraid I can’t
within 5 to 15
minutes after the B. Listen to your teacher
time on the
Repeat after him/her
Perform the dialog between a friend
When a person invites
another to dinner or Ade : Hey, guys. Would you like to drop in?
lunch, the person
who invites pays for Doni : No, thanks
it. This rule applies
for both men and David : I’d like to, but I must be home
women. before noon

C. Work in pairs

Complete the dialog with suitable expression

When you have finished perform the dialog in front of the class

Mary : would you come to my house this afternoon, Ayu?

Ayu :

Maybe some others time.

Mary : That’s ok.

D. Work in pairs
Make a dialog based on the following situation

When you have finished, perform the dialog in front of the class

1. You invite your new friend, Angela, to your house this afternoon she
promises to come.

What would you say?

How would she reply?

2. You invite your close friend, Victor, to come to your party.

Unfortunately, he can not come. He has some thing to do that day.

What would you say?

How would she reply?


Causatives are main verbs that cause people to do things. Causative

verbs include: make, get, have, let.


subject Main Object Verb word Object

verbs (person)

His mother made Him take his medicine.

Let’s get Ralph to go with us.

My English had us give oral reports.

let him go to school.
His mother

subject Main Object Verb word complement

verbs (things)

His mother made his medicine taken (By hi m).

Let’s get fixed first.
out car
My English had given
teacher oral report
let checked
I this machine
Did you notice that all passive causatives are followed by verb-3?

Can you figure out the difference between active and passive causatives?

Discuss it with your friend.

Read the previous story (‘Please All and You Will Please None’) once
again. Then, complete the following sentences with causative form:
active or passive. See the examples.

What do you think they should do?

1. The man should have let the donkey stay at home.

2. The man could have made his son go to the market alone.

3. The man’s son_____________________________________________

4. The donkey________________________________________________

5. A group of men____________________________________________

6. Two women_______________________________________________

7. The passers-by____________________________________________

8. The boy___________________________________________________

9. The old man_______________________________________________

10.The man and his son_______________________________________


E. Study the following invitation letters

Study the structure of the letters

Komplek Jayaraya
Your address
Jl. Bangunan Baru No. 10

The date when
September 10, 2005
you write the
letter To Sunny
The address of Jl. P. Diponegoro No. 24
the addressee

Salutation Dear Sunny

We are going to have a one week holiday, aren’t we?

Could you come and visit us? Let’s go to Pasir Putih
The body of the Beach and camp there. I think the weather would be
letter nice. We’ll have lost of fun.

Could you please Organization
to reply soon?

Yours truly SMP Negeri 2 Jl. Pemuda No. 2

The end of the Palembang 30317, Telp. (0711) 410934

To : Riani Doni
We invite you8/29/2005
to attend our meeting.

It will be held:Hi, there. Are you ok?

- On Saturday, Augustto27,
Please come my2005
tomorrow at 04:00 p.m. big party,
- At 11:00 a.m.
JCOT dude!
- In the school hall
F. Identify the structure of the letter Don’t miss it.
Agenda: Final presentation for wall magazine
competition 2005

Please come on time.

See you there!

Diana Burhan
Difficult words

Invite /In’vaIt/ : mengundang

Attend / : menghadiri

Agenda / : acara


G. Write an invitation letter and its reply.

Write an invitation letter based on topic bellow

Read your letter and the reply aloud.

1. Invite other school to participate in your school music festival.

2. Invite all students to join the sport competition to celebrate your
school anniversary.

3. Choose your own topic.


Complex sentence

A complex sentence has two parts:

a. An independent clause

It is a complete thought and can stand as a sentence by itself.

b. A dependent clause

It is not a complete thought. It needs to be attached to an

independent clause to get its meaning.

Looks at the following examples:

a. A computer’s central processing unit (CPU), the part of computer

that interprets and executes instruction, has one or more

b. This process is more efficient than it would be if each instruction

had to start at the first stage after the previous instruction
finished the final stage.

Match an independent clause in column A with a suitable

dependent clause in column B.


Independent Clause Dependent Clause

1. Metal is poured into the a. after it is cooling

b. when the trees are cut
2. The mold is broken to down in a selected area of the
free the metal object forest

3. The wood chipping c. who or what helps your

process begins body? Take oxygen from the air

4. At the mill, the bark of d. where the wax had been

the logs is removed and the logs
are taken to a chipper e. which cuts them into
small pieces called woodchips
5. Do you know …
f. which produces carbon
6. The bloodstream carries dioxide as a byproduct
carbon dioxide to the heart
g. that delivers oxygen to
7. The respiration system, the circulatory system for
in anatomy and physiology are transport to all body cells
h. which pumps the carbon
8. In the cells, oxygen is dioxide-laden blood into the
used in a separate energy- lungs
producing process called


H. This is a memo.

Read it and study the structure.

Answer the questions that follow

To : Lab Assistant Louise

The opening
segment From : Dr. Plowman

Date : October 10, 2005

Louise don’t forget to prepare the material and

The purpose
equipment for Grade 9 biological experiment
of the memo
today at 10:00 a.m. Thanks.

The closing
segment Dr. Michael Plowman
Difficult words

Assistant / : pembantu, wakil, lector

Memo/ ‘memow : nota peringatan, memo


1. Why did Dr. Plowman write a memo?

2. In your opinion, where would Dr. Plowman put the memo?

3. What is the purpose of the memo?

4. Suppose you are Louise. What would you do?

I. Write a memo and its reply.

Write memos based on the following situations.

Read your memo and the reply aloud.

1. The Students’ Associations chairperson reminds member to

attend the monthly meeting. It will be held at 02:00 p.m. in the
school hall.

2. The librarian reminds a student to return the story book he/she

has borrowed. Other students wait to borrow it.

3. The headmistress informs duty-teacher that she may be back

late from her out of town trip. The staff meeting is rescheduled to
the following day.

4. There was phone call for the geography teacher while she was
teaching. The administration staff informs her about it.