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MAYO 08 2018

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco (California) in 1955, the fruit of
two university students, Abdul Fattah Jandali and Joanne Carole
Schieble. Who gave it in adoption. Paul Jobs, was a machinist in the
state railway company and his mother a housewife.

They handed the little Steve up for adoption to the couple formed by Paul
and Clara Jobs (railway engineer and housewife). From 1961, the Jobs
family resided in Californian in Mountain View, important center of the
American electronic industry. With just twelve years old he joined the
Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club, a youth association in which the
company's engineers taught children and young people the latest
creations in the field of computing.

After finishing his bachelor's degree, Steve Jobs joined Reed College, a
university, but dropped out of school one semester later. After an
internship at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto, in 1974 Jobs
was hired as a designer by Atari, a pioneer company of the then-
emerging videogame industry.

He founded Apple in 1976 together with a teenage friend, Steve

Wozniak, with the help of Jobs' ex-partner in Atari, Ron Wayne, in his
garage. Boosted by the success of the Apple Jobs gained great public
relevance, being on the cover of Time in 1982. He was 26 years old and
already a millionaire. In early 1984, his company launched the Macintosh
128K, which was the first personal computer to be commercialized
successfully using a graphical user interface (GUI) and a mouse instead
of the line of commands. After having problems with the top
management of the company that he founded, he resigned. Jobs then
sold all his shares, except one.That same year he received the National
Medal of Technology from President Ronald Reagan.

Jobs asked Gates that Microsoft will make a version of BASIC, a

software programming language, for the Macintosh computer, which he
was developing at the time with his partner Steve Wozniak. Gates
accepted the task and also had graphic versions of Excel and Word.
Steve Jobs was impressed by Excel and decided to make a secret pact
with Gates. "If Microsoft was committed to producing this program
exclusively for the Macintosh for two years and no longer making a
version for IBM PCs, then Jobs would stop the team that had working on
a BASIC version for the Macintosh and acquire an indefinite license to
use the Microsoft programming language "in January 1983. However,
the debut of the Macintosh took a year longer than expected and Gates,
without any clauses to retain it, began to develop a new operating
system for the OC of IBM, that is, the first version of Windows.

He met with Bill Gates and recriminated him for what he considered a
betrayal on his part immediately became involved in lawsuits and
lawsuits against the Microsoft of Bill Gates, he returned in 1997 to the
company, which was in serious financial difficulties, and was its
executive director until August 24, 2011. In that summer, Apple
surpassed Exxon as the company with the highest capitalization in the

During the 1990s he transformed a subsidiary company acquired from

Lucas film into Pixar, which revolutionized the animation industry with
the release of Toy Story. The integration of this company in Disney, of
which it was a supplier, would make Jobs the largest single shareholder
of the entertainment giant. In the year of his death, his fortune was
valued at 8300 million dollars and ranked 110 in the list of great fortunes
of Forbes magazine.

In his second stage at Apple, he also changed the business model of the
music industry: he approved the launch of the iPod in 2001, and in 2003
the iTunes music online store, In 2007 he introduced the iPhone, the first
of the family of high-end smartphones Declared "invention of the year"
This led to the creation of the App Store in July 2008

Already in 2009 managed to hoard 25 percent of the sale of music in

the United States, and is the largest music store by sales volume in

In 2010 he surprised the world with the iPad, he presented the second
versión, the iPad 2, in March 2011, in which it would be one of his last
appearances in public.

Since 2003 he had diagnosed cancer in the pancreas, the following year
he would stay in treatment, however his condition continued to get worse
since then. Finally, his body could not take it anymore, dying on October
5, 2011 in his own home.