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Year 9 History

Topic: The Movement of People

Course Weighting: 25%
Summative Task: Educational Video


In groups of no more than four create an educational video on a specific event linked to the movement of
people. You will need to take into consideration your intended audience, that being year 7 students visiting
for transition. The purpose is to educate and inform them about the colonial period in an engaging and
creative manner and consider the perspectives of convicts, free settlers and Indigenous Australians.

The way you present the information is completely up to your group, just make sure they are engaging,
informative and the assignment requirements are being met. The video needs to be between 3 to 5 minutes
long and please remember your audience and purpose. Educational videos will be presented to the class.
Get creative! 

Possible ideas:

 Social and Economic Conditions in England

 Convict Transportation
 The Colonisation of Australia
 The First Fleet
 Life after Colonisation
 The Treatment of Indigenous Australians
 Conflict between Indigenous Australians and Europeans

You need to make sure that:

 Each member will need to have a specific role and the workload is distributed evenly.
 AT LEAST TWO perspectives (convict, free settler, Indigenous Australian, etc.) need to be
addressed – How would each group interpret this event? What was their experience of this event?
 Thorough research and planning is conducted IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
 A transcript of your video is provided
 A bibliography with at least eight sources needs to be submitted with your group notes. There needs
to both primary and secondary information used.


each question)

Each group member must respond to the questions below:

1. How do you think these differing perspectives influenced the interactions and relationships between
the groups (convicts, free settlers, Indigenous Australians)?

2. What is your personal opinion in light of research and different perspectives of the event? To what
extent has your opinion changed since completing this task? How? Why?

Due Date:
You will need to submit a transcript, your video, a bibliography and analysis of event.

Chronology, terms and Historical questions and Analysis and use of sources Perspectives and Explanation and
concepts research interpretations communication

A+ Hk&U5: Highly detailed explanation of different CT&C2: Demonstrates a HQ&R3: Thorough and P&I2:Thorough E&com2: Selects and
interpretations of the past. sophisticated and highly resourceful identification of identification and produces a range of
accurate understanding of relevant sources, using ICT and analysis of different communication forms (oral,
A historical terms and concepts other methods. historical graphic, written) and digital
and uses them in accurately interpretations technologies that are
within context. (including their own) appropriate and used
A- accurately.

B+ Accurate explanation of different interpretations of the Accurate and considered use Competently identifies and Proficiently Proficient selection and use
past. of historical terms and locates relevant sources, using demonstrates of a range of communication
concepts. ICT and other methods. identifies and forms (oral, graphic, written)
B analyses historical and digital technologies.
(including their own)

C+ Explanation of different interpretations of the past. Adequately uses historical Satisfactorily identifies and Adequately identifies Selects and uses a range of
terms and concepts. locates relevant sources, using and analyses different communication forms (oral,
ICT and other methods. historical graphic, written) and digital
C interpretations technologies. Satisfactorily.
(including their own).


D+ Some explanation of different interpretations of the Partial use of historical terms Able to partially evaluate Partially identifies and Selects and uses a limited
past. and concepts. questions. analyses different range of communication
Identifies and locates some historical forms (oral, graphic, written)
D relevant sources, using mostly interpretations and digital technologies.
ICT or other methods. (including their own).


E+ Emerging awareness of different interpretations of the Minimal use of historical Minimal attempt to locate a An attempt to identify Selects and uses one
past. terms and concepts. relevant source independently. and analyse a communication form (oral,
different historical graphic, written) and digital
E interpretation technology poorly.
(including their own).