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Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers

Before completing, teachers and their supervisors should read and develop a clear understanding of the following documents:

 Queensland State Schools Annual Performance Review process for teachers – Overview
 Queensland State Schools Annual Performance Review process for teachers – A step-by-step guide
 Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

The Annual Performance Development Plan (APDP) needs to be developed in alignment with the Australian Professional Standards for

Name: Sarah Evans Role: Classroom Teacher

School: Stretton State College

Agreement date: 26/03/2018 Final review date:

School priorities (from the school’s Annual Implementation Plan):

High Performance
Successful Learners
Connected Community
Plesae note: Your APR must address these three elements and then may include additional technical/discipline specific goals and
leadership goals.

Phase 1 – Reflection
A self-assessment tool is recommended to determine areas of strength and areas for development.
Domains of
Standards Areas of strength Areas for development
1. Know students and how they Differentiating learning using Developing strategies for
Professional learn assessment data to address the challenging high performing
knowledge specific learning needs of students. students further.
2. Know the content and how to Selecting and organising content in Few opportunities to work with
teach it units to deliver a quality learning students with Aboriginal and TS
program. Islander backgrounds.
3. Plan for and implement Select and/or create and use Establish learning goals across a
effective teaching and learning resources that engage students in range of curriculum areas specific to
learning. each individual student.
Professional 4. Create and maintain Support and encourage an inclusive
practice supportive and safe learning
classroom environment so all Managing ongoing challenging
students can participate in learning behaviour in order to reduce
activities. disruptions to learning.
Full participate and contribute to
5. Assess, provide feedback and moderation activities and cross- Use student data more (from
report on student learning marking to aim for consistency in summative and formative sources)
assessment results. to inform and modify teaching
Professional 6. Engage in professional Engage in opportunities to evaluate Engage more with parents/carers
engagement learning and improve teaching programs regarding students' learning and
(professional learning teams, cohort wellbeing.
7. Engage professionally with
advice and attendance of
colleagues, parents/carers
professional development).
and the community
Template not to be altered or modified in any way

Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers

Phase 1 & 2 – Goal setting, professional practice and learning
These should be framed through reflection on areas of strength and areas for development within the
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
Focus areas for Agreed performance Actions to develop Indicators of success Phase 2 – Reflections,
improvement development goals capability What will you/others see if comments and notes
As per reflection Refer to SMART goals Be specific about what your goal is achieved? on professional
framework – Specific, actions you intend to Refer to Documentary practice and learning
Measurable, Achievable, undertake and the support Evidence Guides. During this phase, the
Relevant, Time-phased and professional learning teacher’s APDP is put into
you will require. action during day-to-day
work and is supported by
professional learning to
achieve goals.

1.5 Developing By the end of Term 2 be Obtain resources and Uplift in students'
strategies for able to display and assistance from the results in both formative
challenging high explain three levels of HODs. and summative
performing students differentiation used in Look at ACARA assessment.
further through the classroom and standards for Year 4. Parent feedback.
differentiation. show that I am Liaise with Year 4 Monitoring rotations in
extending students' teachers and share class to guage level of
learning in the upper resources to extend understanding.
two bands in particular. students further.


Career aspirations Career goals Actions to develop Indicators of success

Work towards completing Continue to build and collate Seek feedback from Judy (DP) Completing portfolio.
portfolio for next teaching resources for Year 3 (as a new and HODs on lessons. Positive feedback from HODs
stage(proficient). teacher). and DP regarding progress.
Regularly collect evidence for
teaching portfolio.

Template not to be altered or modified in any way

Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers