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June 5.2013
Emergency escape sketch
Bird's eye view for Jiangsu New Changjiang
Group--China Top 500 Industry Enterprises
● Everyone has stock,gold,and villa——Chinese Happiness Village
Zhoushan Changhong International Industry Park
● Zhoushan Changhong International Industry Park Natong

Zhoushan Changhong International

SuTong Bridge
ShipyardCo.Ltd TaiCang

Zhoushan Changhong International Shanghai

ShipRecyclingCo.Ltd Shanghai Office

Zhoushan Changhong international metal

Resource Utilization Co.Ltd
● Linear Distance:

Zhoushan Airport to Shanghai Airport Hangzhou Zhoushan CHSHIP

in 40 minutes; Zhoushan
Changhong international shipyard to
Shanghai in 2.5 hours;
● Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard projects with a
total investment of about 6.7 Billion RMB,covers an area of
4300 acres,has a coastline of 4500 meters。After the completion
of projects,annual shipbuilding output can reach 2.52 Million
DWT,including 4 sets offshore drilling platform。
●The second phase of the project is comprised of ship scrapping,
second-hand ships trading and metal resource utilization etc.
Total investment of about 3 Billion RMB, covers an area of about
2000 acres, plans to occupy the sea coastline of about 1800
Newbuilding and Shiprepair Brief

● Dry Dock:
No1: 380M X 105M X 13.5M
No2: 380M X 40M X 11.5M
● Lifting Capacity:
900 T Ganry crane (building)
4 X 50T Portal crane
● Horizontal berth: 50M X 600M 180K Tons
● Lifting capacity:500T Gantry crane(Total 4 sets)
Fabrication/Assembly Process
Processing equipment

Plasma Cutting 1250TOil Press 14M Rolling Three Core Roller

and Bending

Bevelling Machine Mumerical Control Pipe-Bending Pipe Fabricating

Pipe Cutter Machine
Assembly Workshop
Three blasting shop and six painting shop

● Singlepainting room area:39M X 39M X 17M

● Blocks transit depot: 40000M2
Storage capacity

●Storage area:35000㎡
●Lifting capacity:20T、10T、
Wharf facilities

● Outfitting quay:1176M+580M
● Water depth:-15M
● Crane: 6Pics 50T Gantry crane
Logistical support

Power station Compressor station Gas station

Cherry picker crane Flatbed truck Fire-fighting station

Changhong International Commitment to HSE
●Zhoushan International Shipyard has an established HSE
Management System in accordance with the principles and
requirements of ISO 14001 and QHSAS 18001. and to be qualified
within this year.
●Zhoushan International Shipyard’s HSE target: NOBODY GETS
HURT .Safety aspects related to the management action is a firm
commitment,procedural aspects of continuous improvement, individual
responsibility and improve safety awareness。
●HSE is the senior management’s commitment, Middle management’s
confidence and execution and everyone’s involvement !
Changhong International HSE Management System
●Leadership and commitment to HSE are demonstrated by top
●Induction course prior to work for all personnel including client, sub-
contractors and visitors.
●Specific training on first-aid, emergency response, scaffolding,
firefighting, work at height, confined spaces work, and respiratory
protective equipment.
●Daily Toolbox talks and monthly HSE performance assessment.
●Regular reporting system of statistics and analysis of
Changhong International HSE Concept
●People HSE is prioritized the first among the values of
foremost individuals,and all accidents are preventable.
HSE management is the responsibility of

●Safty in Good HSE performance is the key to long time

production success.Good HSE performance is the key to
long time success.

Changhong International Shipyard will ensure

that all personnel, including client , personnel,
production sub-contractor personnel, and visitors, attend
an induction course prior to commencement of
Changhong International Quality Concept

- Changhong International Shipyard QA/QC system is set up

according with GB/T 19001-2008 and ISO 9001.

- QA/QC is a process control instead of product inspection.

- Strict selection of qualified sub-contractors

- Workers’ training program and qualification

- Monthly evaluation of working performance

- Yearly internal audit

KPI Analysis and Assessment System
Chonghong International Shipyard have a quality KPI analysis and
assessment system:
• The KPI will be set up yearly
• The relevant data are collected, and statistic is done
weekly, monthly
• Analysis and assessment are done monthly
• Necessary action will be taken accordingly
• Follow up and close out
UT返修率统计 RT返修率统计
Repair Rate of UT Repair Rate of RT

3.00% 5.00%

2.40% 2.34% 4.00%

2.12% 3.55%
1.87% 1.87% 1.90% 1.89% 1.91%
1.80% 1.82% 3.00% 3.00% 2.99%
2.88% 3.02% 3.02%
3.01% 3.01%
月度Monthly 月度Monthly
累计Accumulative total 累计Accumulative total
1.20% 2.00% 1.91%

0.60% 1.00%

0.00% 0.00%
Jan.,2009 Feb.,2009 Mar.,2009 Apr.,2009 May, 2009 Jan.,2009 Feb.,2009 Mar.,2009 Apr.,2009 May, 2009
Changhong International Technical Design Capacity

●Mature technical team formed

by experienced engineers with
international marine and offshore

●Good office facilities and

design softwares such as
AutoCAD,Tribon,PDMS etc。
Changhong International main design software
●Tribon、PDMS & AutoCAD

船舶再生利用工程项目 Ship recycling engineering project

项目组成 船舶拆解、二手船交易和金属资源利用
Project composition ship breaking, secondhand ship trading and metal resource recyling

主要建设 配套设施。
Main construction Two harbor basins, one is 610 meters by 120 meters, another is 520 meters by 120
meters, Dock is 1292 meters, and the corresponding supporting facilities.

生产能力 年拆船总量约150万轻吨。
Production capacity about 1.5 million light tons per year.

投资金额 总投资30亿
Investment amount The total investment capital is 3 billions

占地面积 占地2000亩
floor area Covers an area of 2000 acres
Harbor Basin 港池 40T Portal Crane 门机

1,000T (SWL) 浮吊 Floating Crane 浮船坞 Floating Dock

抓钢机 Steel-grasping machine Motor Vehicle 运输车辆

80T地磅 Floor scale Fork Lift Truck 叉车

全回转拖轮 2000-3200HP Tugboat 仓库 The warehouse

测氧仪 oxygen detector 测爆仪 explosimeter

Operational Management
The organization chart of Zhoushan Changhong International Ship Recycling Co., Ltd
General Manager

副总经理 副总经理
Deputy general Deputy general
manager manager

生产部 安环部 行政部 财务部 经营部 外联部

Product HSE Administration Finance Business Public Relations
Department Department Department Department Department Department
Safe and Environmental Dissassemble

——泊位拆解 Berth disassemble ——船坞拆解 Dock disassemble

——场地拆解 Site disassemble ——场地清理 Site clearing
Berth disassemble
Dock disassemble
Site disassemble
Site products after dissemble
谢谢!Thank You!

Zhoushan Changhong International Industrial Park