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Campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary

Table of Contents
Student experience ......................................................................................... 4
At the University of Lethbridge,
Student support ................................................................................................. 8 everyone has the ability to shine,
Campus ................................................................................................................... 10 and we believe it’s our job to help make
Student housing .............................................................................................. 12 that happen.
Sports & recreation ....................................................................................... 13
Undergraduate degrees & programs .............................................. 14
Undergraduate admission ....................................................................... 16 We are one of Canada’s leading universities and research
Graduate degrees & programs ............................................................. 18 institutions. But more than that, we are a community of inspiring
About Lethbridge............................................................. 20 lights united by one common purpose — you. Your education.
Your future. And your limitless ability to make an important
uLethbridge Calgary Campus........................................... 22
difference in the world.
Expenses.......................................................................... 24
Scholarships..................................................................... 25 Each year, we proudly welcome more than 600 international students
How to apply.................................................................... 26 representing more than 80 countries to our campus. Our motto is Fiat Lux, “let
there be light.” While Lethbridge is one of Canada’s sunniest cities, the phrase
actually refers to the illumination that comes from research and learning.

At uLethbridge, you will learn to think about issues from all angles. You’ll work
alongside the world’s brightest minds and most accomplished researchers
to bring new light to society’s most perplexing questions. You’ll have
extraordinary opportunities to take your learning beyond the classroom and
discover the world. Your classes will be small, your professors will know your
name, and you’ll receive the support you need to succeed.

Fast Facts: In the pages that follow, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find at
uLethbridge, meet some students and alumni and begin to think about:
8,500+ students What makes you shine?
600+ international students from 80+ countries
150+ undergraduate program options
60+ graduate program options
74% of students from outside Lethbridge
32: average class size (after first year)
14:1 student to faculty ratio Mike Mahon, PhD
Top 3 undergraduate university President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Lethbridge
(Maclean’s University Rankings, 2016)
1 common purpose: YOU 3
Learn how to think, not what to think. Clear your head. Fill your mind.
Our liberal education foundation encourages you to explore a variety Life is complicated, your education shouldn’t be. From our
of subjects, connect and integrate knowledge across disciplines extraordinary campus and facilities, to student services,
and discover what you’re passionate about, all while developing the academic programs, small class sizes and more, students are
critical-thinking skills you’ll need to succeed. central to all we do at uLethbridge. We are here to help you
transition to university, Lethbridge and Canada.

Create, inquire, discover. LEARN BY LIVING.

Participating in research or creative
achievement as an undergraduate will help Take advantage of experiential learning opportunities with co-
you stand out from the crowd when you operative education and internships, applied and independent
graduate. At uLethbridge, students at all studies, study abroad and exchanges, preceptorships,
levels play a key role in discovery, giving you practicums; and volunteering.
the opportunity to work with some of the
world’s leading researchers.
What makes you shine?
Meet Daniel Lima “Making my family proud.”

Fourth-year BASc student | Majors: Psychology & Anthropology

International student from Brazil Meet Shannae Delancy
Second-year BN After Degree student
After studying psychology in Brazil, Daniel wanted to pursue a more scientific side
International student from Jamaica
of the discipline. This is what brought him to uLethbridge. Taking full advantage
of our liberal education foundation, he took classes in music, photography and Shannae was already living in Canada and
anthropology, where he discovered his passion for the latter subject. Today, Daniel discovered uLethbridge while helping a friend
specializes in evolutionary anthropology, which combines anthropology with back home research Canadian nursing programs.
psychology. “The University is full of opportunities. So far I’ve done two terms of The uLethbridge Bachelor of Nursing After
co-op, a number of independent studies, and I might be publishing something very Degree’s affordability prompted her to move
soon. I’m excited about it. I’m starting my honours thesis next semester. All the here, and the accessibility to student services
opportunities are offered. I’m happy and taking everything I can.” and campus facilities have proved invaluable
to her. “The biggest support has been the
What makes you shine? professors. They’re very approachable. I’m able
“People. I like people, studying people, interacting with people. to talk to them about my ideas, and they provide
I’m working at the International Centre with exchange students feedback and suggestions. They’re always really
now; the University offers many opportunities to meet people excited to help.”
on campus and in the community.”

4 5
Students Say:
Best things to do at lunch: Hike in the river valley.
Best place to study: Tenth floor of the University Library in the comfy chairs by the
Best thing about Lethbridge: The short commute and extra time for hanging out
with friends, being active and studying.

Best thing to do in spare time: Skiing and hiking in the mountains, road trips
around southern Alberta, to Calgary, Waterton Lakes National Park and the United States.

It’s a glowing
Things to know: passion for work
and for play.
School Motto: Fiat Lux, Latin,
meaning Let There Be Light It’s the spark of creativity
and discovery, and the
School Colours: Blue and Gold burning desire to do. It’s
constantly raising the bar.
uLethbridge’s Blackfoot
name: Iniskim, meaning Sacred
Buffalo Stone It’s what we do, each
and every day.
Mascot: Luxie the pronghorn,
the fastest land mammal in the
Western Hemisphere
School Tradition: Stroke the
pronghorn statue outside the
Library for luck before exams
Established: 1967

6 7
We are here for you,
all the way through!
Our faculty, staff, administration, alumni, Board Student Mentors are uLethbridge
students who provide guidance and
and Senate members are all here to provide you support to new students as they
with the support you need to succeed. transition to university life. Every new
student is assigned a mentor who
The International Centre is a significant resource for current and future communicates via Mentor Mail and
uLethbridge international students. We are committed to providing you personal emails.
excellent assistance with any challenges you might encounter as you adjust to
life and studies in Canada. This assistance may include cultural and academic Whether you need help with a course or
support, immigration assistance, and academic and welfare advocacy. tips for efficient studying techniques, our
Student Success Centre provides tutors
The International Centre also offers the English for Academic Purposes and learning strategists to help you make
program and helps students who wish to study abroad. the grade. The Centre also plans events
that help you release stress in a fun way.
The Accommodated Learning Centre provides in- and out-of-class support
and assistive technologies for students with disabilities. The Writing Centre provides practical
writing support to supplement in-class
Academic Advising assists with course selection and program planning. Each instruction and helps you understand
Faculty has its own academic advisors, who have specialized knowledge of the writing assignments. This is a free
programs. service available to all students in
all disciplines at every stage of the
Counselling and Career Services offers no-cost counselling for career writing process.
development and personal growth. Our career development team empowers
students and graduates in their career decision-making by providing one-on-
one career advising, organizing career events and managing career resources. For a comprehensive list of our student
Individual counselling is confidential and can help you with a variety of support services, visit:
personal issues including: adjusting to university life, anxiety, disordered eating, uLethbridge.ca/future-student
relationship issues and much more.

A Daycare Centre is available on campus.

Our Health Centre provides convenient access to quality health care and
access to doctors on campus.

8 9
OUR CAMPUS Where you learn shapes how
you learn, and our world class
facilities will inspire you.








10 11
Student Housing Welcome to
Pronghorn country
Welcome to your home away Strong, swift and enduring, the spirit of the
from home. Studies show that
pronghorn is legendary, and it’s a spirit that lives
students who live on campus are
more likely to have a successful within us all. Whether you’re competing in sports
academic experience. As a resident, or academics, uLethbridge students proudly wear
you are steps away from classes, our blue and gold.
professors’ offices, student
services, social and recreational Pronghorn Varsity Teams
spaces, study rooms and academic Basketball | men’s and women’s teams
programming. Hockey | men’s and women’s teams
Rugby | women’s team
We have a variety of options Soccer | men’s and women’s teams
such as dormitory-style rooms, Swimming | combined team
apartments and townhouses. The Track & Field | combined team
costs for accommodations vary.
First-year students are required to The Herd
purchase a meal plan. Show your Pronghorn pride. Join The Herd, a student-led spirit squad that supports
Residents belong to the largest our teams passionately throughout the year. Meet new people, get into Pronghorns
student club on campus, the games for free and cheer on our teams. Go Horns!
Organization of Residence Students
(ORS), which provides support and Stay fit and have fun! Our
plans fun activities for residents. competitive sport clubs
include golf, lacrosse and
Learn all about our on-campus housing here: dance, and our recreational
ulethbridge.ca/housing activities include fencing,
karate and curling. We
also have many intramural
Off-campus Housing activities to choose from,
like floor hockey, dodgeball,
Lethbridge features extensive off-campus housing close to campus. volleyball, basketball, and
Since the majority of our students live in West Lethbridge, you’re Ultimate Frisbee.
bound to run into other students (or even your professors) at the local
grocery store, restaurant or park.
Learn more about the Pronghorns at gohorns.ca
uLethbridge manages an off-campus housing list that you can Find out about sport and recreation on campus at
find by visiting ulethbridge.ca/offcampushousing ulethbridge.ca/sportrec
12 13
Bachelors of Fine Arts Combined Degrees Programs

Undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts—Art 5

Art History / Museum Studies
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor


Bachelor of Fine Arts—Dramatic Arts 5
of Management
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Fine Arts—Art /
Technical / Design Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Fine Arts—New Media 6 Bachelor of Fine Arts—Dramatic Arts /
New Media Bachelor of Education
We offer more than 150 programs. Bachelor of Fine Arts—Multidisciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts—New Media /
Streams: Art, Dramatic Arts, Music Bachelor of Education
Our liberal education lists are structured so the courses Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts—New Media /
Bachelor of Management
you take in your first year will apply to your degree. - Native American Art
Art History / Museum Studies Bachelor of Health Sciences /
Bachelor of Management
Art Studio 6
Bachelor of Music / Bachelor
of Education
Bachelor of Health Sciences 6 Bachelor of Management /
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Education
(Second Degree or Combined
(BA / BSc, 40-course, or Second Degree) Aboriginal Health
Degrees programs only) Bachelor of Science /
Addictions Counselling Bachelor of Education
Agricultural Studies 1 Art Education Public Health Bachelor of Science /
Anthropology Career and Technology Studies Bachelor of Management
Archaeology and Geography 1 CTS: Business Focus
Art 2 CTS: New Media Focus
Canadian Studies Drama Education Bachelor of Music Pre-Professional
Dramatic Arts 2 English Language Arts Education Transfer Programs
Economics 3 Mathematics Education Digital Audio Arts
Modern Languages Education Music 5 Engineering6 (University of Alberta)
French Engineering6 (University of Saskatchewan)
French 6 Dentistry (University of Alberta)
French/Spanish French / Spanish Bachelor of Science Journalism (University of Regina)
General Major in the Humanities Music Education (BA / BSc, 40-course, or Second Degree)
Native Education Law (University of Alberta)
General Major in the Social Sciences Agricultural Biotechnology
Physical Education Law (University of Calgary)
Geography 1 Agricultural Studies 5
Science Education Medicine (University of Alberta)
History Archaeology and Geography 5
Social Studies Education Medicine (University of Calgary)
Kinesiology 1 Applied Statistics Pre-Nursing Pathway
Music 4 Biochemistry Social Work (University of Calgary)
Native American Studies 6 Biological Sciences
Bachelor of Management Veterinary Medicine
Philosophy Chemistry (University of Saskatchewan)
(40-course or Second Degree)
Political Science 3 Computer Science 3
Psychology 1 Computer Science and
Also available as a Bachelor of Science
Accounting 2
Also available as a Bachelor of Fine Arts
Religious Studies Geographical Information Science
Computer Science 1 3
Also available as a Bachelor of Management
Sociology Environmental Science Also available as a Bachelor of Music
Economics 5 4
Urban and Regional Studies General Major in the Sciences 5
Also available as a Bachelor of Arts
Women and Gender Studies Geography 5 6
Additional requirements or pre-requisites for
First Nations’ Governance entry into program
General Management Kinesiology 5 7
Pending government approval
6 Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Nursing and Labour Relations Neuroscience
Physics For more information, visit
International Management
Nursing Psychology 5 ulethbridge.ca/ross/admissions/
Marketing program-availability
Political Science 5 Remote Sensing

14 15
International Admission Requirements English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
High school applicants who successfully complete the equivalent of Grade 12 of uLethbridge offers an intensive English program designed to help
secondary (high school) studies will be considered for undergraduate admission. students meet the English Language Proficiency requirement for
admission. It also provides students with the skills necessary to
Please visit the following link to learn more about country-specific requirements: succeed in an English academic environment.
EAP has four levels:
Transfer applicants who present eight or more transferable courses with an Pre-intermediate
overall GPA of at least 2.00 on the 4.00 scale will meet general admission Intermediate
requirements. High Intermediate
Transfer applicants presenting fewer that eight transferrable courses will also
need to present an acceptable secondary credential. Each level of study is one semester (approximately four months)
and consists of four courses: Writing, Reading, Grammar and
Transfer applicants presenting three- and four-year university degrees from Communication. Completion of the Advanced level of EAP meets
recognized universities may be considered for admission to a second bachelor the ELP requirement necessary for admission to undergraduate and
degree program. graduate programs at uLethbridge. Our EAP semesters are Spring
(January - April), Summer (May-July) and Fall (September - December).
English Language Requirements
The cost* of the program is approximately $4,000 per semester for
To ensure success in academic study, all applicants, regardless of citizenship tuition and fees.
or country of origin, must meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP)
requirement. The following will fulfill the ELP for undergraduate admission: uLethbridge also offers custom and summer EAP courses for those who
- At least 80 on the iBT TOEFL with minimum scores of 16 in each of wish to improve their English levels for shorter periods of time. We
Listening, Reading and Speaking, and 18 in Writing cater to groups of 15 to 30 students and can tailor a program to suit
- IELTS overall score of at least 6.0, with at least 6.0 in each band your wants and needs while in Canada.
- Completion of Advanced EAP program on the uLethbridge campus
For more information, contact:
Some programs have additional language requirements. international@uleth.ca

Learn more at: ulethbridge.ca/ross/admissions/elp

Deadlines to apply:
- May 15 for September intake (for most programs)
- September 15 for January intake
*All costs are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

16 17

Master of Science | Majors: Doctor of Philosophy
Addictions Counselling Major: Biomolecular Science 7
Agricultural Biotechnology Concentrations: Biochemistry; Bioinformatics;

and Programs
Agricultural Studies Biophysics; Biotechnology; Molecular and
Archaeology cellular biology; Molecular genetics and
Biochemistry development; Structural biology
Biological Sciences Major: Biosystems and Biodiversity 7
Chemistry Concentrations: Biogeography; Ecology;
Whether you’re looking to further a professional career or Computer Science Environmental science; Evolutionary biology;
Computer Science and Geographical Global change; Physiology; Resource ecology;
want to advance research in your field, the following degree Information Science Systematics; Water resource policy
and management
options will help you meet your personal and academic goals: Environmental Science
Exercise Science Major: Cultural, Social and Political Thought 7
Geography No concentration
1 2
Health Sciences Major: Earth, Space and Physical Science 7
Master of Arts | Majors: Master of Counselling | Major: Individualized Multidisciplinary Concentrations: Astrophysics; Biophysics;
Kinesiology Climate change; Condensed and soft
Agricultural Studies Applied Psychology
Mathematics matter; Earth systems; Geomatics;
Anthropology Specialization: Geophysics; Inorganic chemistry; Materials
Archaeology Counselling Psychology science; Nanoscience; Organic chemistry;
Art Organometallic chemistry; Physical chemistry;
Canadian Studies 2 Remote sensing; Spectroscopy; Water and
Master of Education | Majors: Psychology
Dramatic Arts environmental science
Economics Counselling Psychology 5 Major: Education 2
Education Educational Leadership Master of Science | Majors:
Concentrations: Counselling psychology;
English General (Management) Formal and distributive leadership; Learning,
French Accounting teaching and curriculum
French/German 3
Finance Major: Evolution and Behaviour 7
Master of Fine Arts | Majors:
French/Spanish Human Resource Management Concentrations: Animal behaviour; Behavioural
Geography Art and Labour Relations ecology; Ethology and comparative psychology;
German New Media Information Systems Evolution and cognition; Evolutionary
History Theatre and Dramatic Arts International Management ecology; Evolutionary psychology; Language
Individualized Multidisciplinary Marketing development; Sexuality
Kinesiology 3
Master of Music | Majors: Policy and Strategy Major: Neuroscience 7
Music Concentrations: Behavioural neuroscience;
Native American Studies Not applicable Cell and molecular neuroscience; Cognitive
New Media
Offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science
and the Faculty of Fine Arts neuroscience; Computational neuroscience;
Philosophy 4 Neuroimaging; Neuropsychology
Master of Nursing | Major:
Offered in the Faculty of Education
Political Science Major: Population Studies in Health 4
Offered in the Faculty of Fine Arts
Not applicable 4
Offered in the Faculty of Health Sciences Concentrations: Diversity, disparities,
Religious Studies
Offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science inequalities and social determinants of health;
Sociology Global population in health; Life course, aging
Urban and Regional Studies and the Faculty of Health Sciences
and health; Population health and demographic
Women and Gender Studies
Offered in the Faculty of Management
change; Sustainability and population health
Offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science
Major: Theoretical and Computational Science 7
Concentrations: Applied mathematics;
Bioinformatics; Biophysics; Computational
and theoretical chemistry; Computer science;
For more information about graduate Demography; Geophysics; Mathematical
studies at uLethbridge, please visit biology; Nanoscience; Pure mathematics;
ulethbridge.ca/graduate-studies Statistics; Theoretical physics

18 19
Our City we are here
When you talk about Lethbridge,
three words quickly surface:
We are one of Canada’s sunniest cities, with an average of
320 days of sunshine per year. Bring sunblock and sunglasses. Calgary

Coulees Lethbridge
Think of a flowing landscape that flanks our river valley.
Once you see the coulees, you never forget them.

Chinook winds warm our winters and bring a welcome breeze
in the hot summer months. Population: 95,000

With both a university and a college, we are a campus community where ideas grow.
Lethbridge is culturally vibrant with flourishing arts and social scenes, stunning Spring | March – June Fall | September – November
landscapes, four distinct seasons, spectacular sunrises and sunsets. To the west, Average temperature range: 5°C to 20°C Average temperature range: 25°C to -10°C
you’ll see vast prairies and the Rocky Mountains, which are only a short drive away. Sunny and windy, sometimes with rain or Sunny and windy, sometimes with rain or
snow snow
Lethbridge offers plenty to do on and off campus, and thanks to our size, getting
Summer | June – September Winter | November – March
around is easy. Enjoy live music, performance and theatre; go for a meal, coffee or to a
Average temperature range: 25°C to 30°C Average temperature range: 5°C to -25°C
film; check out a museum or an art gallery; enjoy an outdoor festival in Galt Gardens.
Our city has something for everyone. Sunny and dry Sunny and windy, sometimes with snow

20 21
Calgary Campus “The Calgary Campus is a
professional and convenient
campus. Plus, the co-op program
Evening and Weekend Classes allowed me to not only get real
work experience, but helped me
Located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, the uLethbridge Calgary Campus offers pay for university without having to
management programs geared toward working professionals who want to take out a personal loan.”
supplement their credentials and advance their careers.
– Maaike van Gogh (BMgt ’15)
Our Calgary campus offers professors who are industry leaders who bring International student from the Netherlands
relevant, real-world experience to your class. Classes are small, so you can
interact with your professors and classmates in a supportive, goal-oriented
environment. Co-operative education, international exchanges and work-study
programs give you experience in the business world.

Calgary Campus Admission Routes

If you have a business-related diploma, you can earn a BMgt in as little
as two years. If you have an academic diploma in a non-business field,
you may be able to complete a Bachelor of Management in as few as 25
If you’ve completed at least eight post-secondary courses, you may be
able to transfer your credits toward a BMgt program.
Second Degree
If you already have a degree, you may be able to complete a BMgt in as
few as 15 courses.

Majors Minors
- Accounting - International Management
- Finance - New Media * Students who wish to complete International Management at our
- General Management - Social Responsibility Calgary Campus will require alternate arrangements to complete the
- Human Resource Management and - Supply Chain Management requirements for this major
Labour Relations ** In all majors except Accounting
- Marketing Other Programs
- International Management* - CPA Bridging
- Management Certificate**
- Professional Diploma in Accounting
22 23
MONEY MATTERS Scholarships
Hundreds of scholarships, awards and bursaries are handed out to
Estimated Educational Costs* for new and continuing students every year. Last year, 38% of new high
International Undergraduate Students school grads received a financial award averaging $1,875.
All scholarships are granted in Canadian dollars.
These amounts are based on a typical course load of five classes per
semester (10 courses over the academic year). Board of Governors’ Admission Scholarship

Tuition and Fees $18,649 (2016/2017) $1,000 for actual admission average of 80% or higher. Completed Application
for Admission required by December 15 to be considered.*
Health and Dental   ealth insurance is included in the
above fee and is mandatory Board of Governors’ Relocation Scholarship
Books and Supplies $1,250 ($125 per course) Up to $500 for actual admission average of 80% or higher based on
geographic region. Completed Application for Admission required by December
Total Annual Cost $19,899 15 to be considered.*
*Board of Governors’ Scholarships reward applicants who apply early for Fall admission to
uLethbridge. These awards can be combined with uLethbridge Leadership and Entrance
International undergrad students will receive financial support of $155.10
Awards. Remember to apply early to maximize the value of your scholarships.
per 3-credit course, reflected directly on the student’s fee assessment.
Leadership and Entrance Awards
Up to $6,000 awarded to qualifying students. Separate online awards
application required by March 15 for September admission.
Estimated Living Costs* per Month
Board of Governors’ Transfer Scholarship
Off Campus On Campus Up to $1,500 awarded to qualifying new transfer students based on academic
achievement. Separate online awards application required by June 15 for
Shelter (rent and utilities) $500 $555 September admission.
Food $300 $400 Post-Diploma Entrance Scholarship
Clothing $100 $100 Up to $1,500 awarded to qualifying students admitted to a post-diploma
Personal $200 $200 program based on academic achievement. Separate online awards application
required by June 15 for September admission.
Local Transportation $77 $77
International Entrance and Continuing Award
Total Living Cost per Month $1,177 $1,332 These awards are given based on incoming GPA (no less than 70%) for
transferring or incoming students. For continuing students consideration is
given to those who have completed a minimum of 6 courses the previous
academic year with a GPA of no less than 3.0.
*All costs are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.
Value: $1,000 (minimum). 70 awards are granted to entering students and 30
awards to continuing students each year.

24 25
Step by step
instructions to apply
Apply for residence
Our first-year residences are in high
for undergraduate admission demand, so if you’re interested, submit
your application as soon as possible.

Apply online at ulethbridge.ca/housing.
Pick a program and review the
admission requirements.

Learn more at ulethbridge.ca/future-student or
contact an International Recruitment Officer: Qualify for Admission
international@uleth.ca. If you qualify for admission, you
will receive a letter of acceptance.
Congratulations! If you do not meet

the English Proficiency Requirement
Apply online but you qualify academically, you
will be offered conditional admission
Visit ulethbridge.ca/future-student to and can then register for our English
submit your online application. It’s easy, for Academic Purposes program.
and you’ll be one step closer to becoming
a student. Remember to apply before

May 15 for September intake, and before
September 15 for January intake.
Begin the study permit process

Collect the documentation you will
require to apply for your Canadian
Send us your grades study permit. For instructions, visit:
Documents cannot be uploaded to the online cic.gc.ca/english/study
application. After you apply, email copies of
your documents to admissions@uleth.ca. Have

your official transcripts and proof of English
proficiency documents sent directly to our Meet the International
Admissions office by the issuing institution: Student Advisor
Registrar’s Office – Admissions You will be contacted by our
University of Lethbridge International Student Advisor with
4401 University Drive W. important information to prepare you for
Lethbridge, AB, Canada TIK 3M4 your departure and arrival in Canada!
Fax: 403-329-5159

26 27 27
It’s Your
Time to

Maybe you know for sure, maybe you’re

still figuring it out. Either way, university is
an incredible journey, and we would love
to be part of yours. At uLethbridge, we are
a community of inspiring lights who shine
brighter together. We can’t wait to meet
you, show you our campus and our city,
and introduce you to our students, faculty,
staff and community.

Together, we shine brighter.

University of Lethbridge International

4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Phone: 1-403-329-2053