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Sierra Nevada College Lesson Plan

Teacher Candidate: Briana Parish Lead Teacher: Adrian McCarthy

Grade/Subject: 9th/Algebra 1 District: Washoe County School
Lesson Content: Unit 1 Test Review School: Hug High School
SNC Supervisor: Ron Seckler Time Allotted: 50 Minutes

Materials, including technology:

TV and One Note Software on Surface tablet

Standard(s), including literacy for all content areas and/or SMP

Review- Solve multi-step linear equations from grade 8, Use real numbers and properties: associative,
commutative, distributive, inverse, & identity. (A.SS.E.2, A.REI.1, A.REI.3)
Introduce- solve and graph on number line multi-step linear inequalities. (A.SS.E.2, A.REI.1, A.REI.3)
Write and solve single variable linear equations and inequalities to model real life situations.(N.Q.1,
N.Q.2, N.Q.3, A.CED.3, A.SSE.1)
Rearrange formulas and solve literal equations and inequalities for one variable. (A.REI.1M A.REI.3M
A.CED.4, A.SSE.2)

How will learning be assessed at the end of the unit/learning cycle (summative):
Students will be reviewing test questions from a test they took on Friday, students can re-take tests at
any time some questions may be changed so students cannot just memorize the correct answers.
Students will have whiteboards and will work problems from the test and show the teachers once
completed, so we can access where mistakes are taken place. Teachers will then review the correct
steps and answers on the One Note which will project onto the TV screen.

Objective(s): high cognitive demand for diverse learners Cognitive Level (DOK or Bloom’s)
1. Students will review problems that were answered incorrectly and DOK 3
work with their team members to determine why the question was
answered incorrectly and then revise the previously answered
incorrect questions correctly as a group.

2. Students will analyze different problems that were answered DOK 3

incorrectly and determine what part of the answer was wrong and
how they can have done it correctly. They will have an opportunity to
work as a group to answer the questions correctly on their
whiteboards, and on their test.

Connections to past learning or experience, building background

Students will be reviewing all content that was covered throughout Unit 1 which they have just finished.

Essential Vocabulary Definitions

Variable A symbol for a number we don't know yet.
Sierra Nevada College Lesson Plan

Equation The act of equating or making equal.

Combining Like Terms A mathematical process used to simplify an expression or

to add or subtract polynomials.

Strategy for teaching new vocabulary

We review new vocabulary words with students, have it written in their worksheets, notebook pages.
We review definitions and have students copy them into their notes.

Sequence and Scope of Instruction (include instructional Instructional Strategy estimated

strategies, questions, opportunities for meaning making time
through discourse and other engagement strategies,
formative assessments, opportunities for metacognition,
grouping, differentiation and transitions)
Students have been placed into groups based upon their
skill level, each group has at least one student that has
mastered the content or has a strong grasp on it. Ell
students are placed with students that speak their native
language and can help translate information if they are

Students will enter the classroom, sign in the attendance 5 minutes

sheet, and grab a whiteboard and marker.

Students will then begin the warm-up that covers the 5 minutes
information they will be reviewing for the day.

Teachers will then review the warm-up on the board

with the students while the other teacher passes back 5 minutes
the tests students took on Friday.

As a class we will go through each problem step by step. 30 minutes

Teachers will project the question from the test on the
TV, students will then work problems on their
whiteboards, once completed they will raise their
whiteboards up. Once everyone has completed this, we
will work the problems together on the One Note which
will project onto the TV.

At the end of the class period students will complete an 5 minutes

exit ticket and turn it in as they leave at the end of class.

Closure : specific activity to review content

At the end of the class period students will complete an exit ticket that will ask them a series of
Sierra Nevada College Lesson Plan

questions in which they can reflect on their learning, areas where they are still confused or have

Teacher Candidate Reflection on the lesson (after delivery)

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SNC: April 3, 2014