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Sunday Nights
5:30-7:00P.M. AWANA for Kids, 

#FeedYourSoul Prayer Service for Youth & Adults

Wednesday Nights
6:30P.M. Junior Choir Rehearsal for Kids

Youth Fall Outdoor Series
Survey of the book of Hebrews for Adults

Pastor Alan Shelby 07 Oct 18
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Obstacles are __________________________ waiting for you
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1. Sins we ___________________
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https:/www.youtube.com/user/hbcbs THE STORY OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE:
You will either be transformed or you will ______________


Oct 14 The Scandal of Being Scorned, 1 Sam 18:20-23
Oct 21 The Scandal of Time-Out in the Wilderness, 1 Sam 22:1-2
Oct 28 Getting the Frog Out of Your Fairytale, 1 Sam 25
Nov 4 Leading Instead of Leaning, 2 Sam 5:6-10
Scripture References OVERCOME As a nation and as families we face
Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this 1. Refuse to succumb to ____________- giants and giant scandals, and the only
world: but be ye transformed by the way they can be conquered is by the
level thinking, 10-11,26 personal __________________ of faith,
renewing of your mind, that ye may
prove what is that good, and acceptable, A. By ______________ into God because when the gospel is preached
and perfect, will of God. B. Be __________________ by God, and disciples are made, society is
Heb 12:1 Wherefore seeing we also are not captivated by the obstacle, eternally changed.
compassed about with so great a cloud 45-47
of witnesses, let us lay aside every
weight, and the sin which doth so easily 2. Refuse ____________________ to the Point two
beset us, and let us run with patience the critics Providence always ____________ those
race that is set before us, who trust in the living God.
A. ____________________, 28
Rom 13:12,14 The night is far spent, the
day is at hand: let us therefore cast off B. ____________________, 30
the works of darkness, and let us put on C. ____________________, 33-36 Point three
the armour of light. 14 But put ye on the 3. Refuse to accept someone else’s When you __________ your mind, you
Lord Jesus Christ, and make not ____________________, 38 are able to see life from a divine
provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts viewpoint.
thereof. 4. Refuse to fight without ________-
2 Cor 10:4 (for the weapons of our ________ on God, 39, 2 Cor 10:4
warfare are not carnal, but mighty Point four
5. Refuse to settle for less than
through God to the pulling down of The first step of faith is all it takes to
strong holds;) __________________, 40
____________ the defeat of your
1 Cor 2:3 …in weakness, and in fear, and infernal adversary.
in much trembling.

Point Five
“God wants us to be at the drab Holy highlights allow you to experience
everyday level, where we live in the sacred ____________________.
valley according to our personal
relationship with Him. …Look back at
your own experience and you will find Point SIX
that until you learned who Jesus really Always dress yourself in Bible
was, you were a skillful skeptic about ________________________.
His power. When you were on the
mountaintop you could believe anything,
but what about when you were faced Outline of Today’s Text Point SEVEN
with the facts of the valley? …The last The key to behaving heroically is to
time you were on the mountain with I. LEAVING AS A SHEPHERD, 20-22
A. Command of the Father, 20-21 think ____________________.
God, you saw that all the power in
heaven and on earth belonged to Jesus— B. Coming of the Son, 22
will you be skeptical now, simply because II. ARRIVING AS A SOLDIER, 23-27
A. Champion of the Foe, 23
you are in the valley [facing the giant]?“
B. Climate of Failure, 24-25 Definition
— Oswald Chambers C. Question of the Fighter, 26 • Faith is belief plus unbelief, and
D. Confession of the Fellowship, 27 ____________ on the belief part.