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on computers.

consummate hackers deft at hacking into the computers

of banks and large corporations are a dime a dozen, stealing important Technologv has made rhe rr
information and money. Thus, computers are rather unreliable and our over Discuss.
dependence can be a cause for concern.
lffipB_ on drafting the essalr:
In conclusion, we should utilize computers only to the extent of making
the necessary progress whilst ensuring that we are still in control. Much IXTRODUCTIOX
as we are enjoying the benefits that computers bring, we must never adopt
. Introduce the topic
a laissez faire attitude and become totally dependent. If that happens, our - Technologv ha. I-e:.=:::= - _

science to commu:ta::- - !
iives would be in total disarrav.
- Securitv issues h:.,, . :
(472 words)
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great conveniE:J:
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- Technologr has::"
shopping to doins :...:
Bemused puzzled,confused, bewiidered tf
.t!f'u yang sukar - Technoiogv enl:.;. -. -
very small or unimportant
o Stare rhe nerr poir.: :. -
details place - Technologrc:.- ::=,, - '
Mammoth enormous, vast sangat banyak o Elaborate u'irh er.:r:.:.=;
n:__ _ .-: .... circularion. distribution - Cures are foun,,l :i . --,.. ,
' PWebaran - Patients are curei rr-- rr
(especially information) :

See the world

normal lives
to be optimistic and see
through rose- only the good things about bersikap optimistik PIRAGRAPH FOUR
colouredglasses something o State the counrei :rr
o Elaborare \\'irh c\::: : .::
given an unofficial name or
Dubbed digelar - Terrorists ,ra ,..-.. -.
nickname; called
Superfluously excessively terlampau
propaganda anci ::::...', =::
Staggering astounding mengeiuthan . State the:.:'.:
Alarming frightening, worrying mencemaskan o Elaborate \1 r::. ;
Consummate expert, skillful berkemabiran - Many jobs i-:'
- Technolog. ::
o Present your personsl r-,; --- -
- IX/hether technolos'.
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depends on its use

- The decision on the us. : :.:
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Excel in Frpo.irorr.,\rgumrnra.r\
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