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1.1r,1" !echnr-riogy has made the world a better place to live in.

er place to live in. Discuss Besides being exploiteJ l,' :=::: :,::! : .

also destroyed the live.rh,:':; -: :,-

i,:..tr:r;ilgr- has beneiitted our lives in many ways. From medical science to jobs have become non-e\is:.:: :j ::--
rroilruir.irrir-rriions. it has significantly improved the quality of life. However, tasks in a bid to bc mor. ;:--- ::.: :- -
..,.,,rrii', r';:trr:s likr: terrorism have also become rampant and some jobs are Airlines contracts the \1or .-.=:.: r - : - -
,1,' jo:trr.r lclcvant because of technology, Hence, technology has had a (Minds) to recvcle its us.; r:r-::i:
r:ffecr in the world today. them. This allow,s the drs::t.: r .:;.
' stay active, Houtt;:. : --: :-: -'- ,--
i) r(rr,,rl. h.i' madc it eonvenient for us to carry out a range of activities
number of Minds'*,rr.:r: -.i :r::, : t-
rln'l liii.rpf,irrg tti dciing research.'We can purchase almost anything online
of a iob.
:i, ,l:i ,,:..ir:iort oi our home and have the goods delivered right to our
,jlr;rrir:p. in ai,ldition the various social media platforms have enabled us In all, whether tecl::, , :
i,) rlitl rr foLreh at anytime with loved ones, friends and business associates depends reallv on .-. .,,
1r.::r ;1r1r' ir:,rrt of the w'orld. The convenience brought about by technology the extent to w'hic.:r :.- - -
ir:i:. ircleecl rnade the world seem smaller and a better place to live in.
breakthroughs in medical science have also brought much
,,r'! i1) iiii rvcirid. Cures have been found for diseases once thought to be
,:t,-'rl,tl.li ai rei sc,me terrninal illnesses such as the human immunodeficiency
,,jlui; (t'ijv). are no longer a death sentence. Advances in medicine have
ii,'ji,,r,i IJIV patients realize that every cloud has a silver lining. These Bitterweet
1,;trii:lr::..]rr n()w able to enjoy life and have a longer life expectancy than
,.rr',-'vilnsli tlrought possible. Apart from medicine, technology has also Breakthroughs
i'r,:h1r:oi tho-qe r,vitlr disabilities such as hearing difficulties or people who
l,:i i l, ,sr tirc ir limbs to lead fulfiliing lives with the invention of hearing aids Death sentence
pr*siiletic limhs respectively. All these would not have been possible
Life expectancy -m tr
the lengln 6f
r,,i t hi :r;r technologlr. sorreogex&&u-L',nr
r\"i ;rLilir as technology has made the world a more wonderful place, it Prosthetic --
dL -

irrr" |arilitated the work of terror groups. From the recruitment of

iiii irl.rt:r: :lrrd the spread of propaganda to weapons of mass destruction, Unexpurgated
q1 im:gr.s be;qr,a-d
ilresr: rr-1r,:iiizations rely heavily on technology. How the Islamic State
o1 ir,ril rrrrri Svria (ISIS) use social networking sites to recruit people is a !o €ja:::-1 ):. : -, -:
Phase out
i.,asi: nr pi,int. They also leverage on technology to upload unexpurgated
1ii,r.:lsr,(, 1rf hostages being killed to threaten the world. Thus, this shows
ir, 'o,. ir',-iriiol()gy can also be detrimental to our lives, (of roqtlurqfiqgr
skilland la#,Sf€rb
Bid an ai!i:l;: -: :-.'
Slashed decreased, rE&;E{
xcSs Excel in Fxpository. Argumentarive and Drscursive Essa,vs Excel in Expositor'..\jE-: : .-j: .: :' - . .
for Upper Secondarv Levels for Upper Secondan Le,:.s
l )i1r I ll ri,. l- Lt',5r|Y'

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