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Statement of Purpose

My name is Ali Mohammad. I am 19 years old and I was

born, raised, and educated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My
personal interests cover hobbies like swimming, soccer, Ping-
Pong, jogging. For that, I have always been involved in related
extracurricular sporting activities involving contests and
camping. I like to socialize with others and get to know people
from other cultures to enrich my experience and improve my
relationships with people around me.

My educational achievement in the intermediate and

secondary school has always been within the range of 85-95%.
The subjects that usually attracted my attentive interest and
rendered distinguished performance were Physics, Geology,
and Biology. Those subjects were not only interesting to me,
but I had a great passion studying and enjoying them.

Currently, I finished my secondary school (Science Track)

with a GPA of 94.48% at Ibn Abbass Schools, Secondary School
Section. I now look forward to pursue my undergraduate
education at your university. My overall score in the Saudi
national S.A.T. was 70 on a scale of 100, which is within the
range of the top 4% of Saudi students scores.

Although, my credentials qualify me to pursue my

undergraduate studies in Saudi Arabian universities, I still have
a profound interest to pursue my studies in the US. That
interest has always fueled my efforts to seek distinction and
put every effort to turn my dreams into reality. The Saudi
Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has provided me with a
list of distinguished and recommended universities in the
system-engineering field, among which was your university.
They also granted me a full scholarship to study in the US in
one of these highly esteemed schools. A number of my
relatives also encouraged me and gave me all the support to
take that step forward and send you my papers for your

Since I received some help to write this statement of

purpose, I have to indicate that my English is not good enough
and I will need to attend ESL classes before I begin taking
classes. For that, my scholarship includes one year of ESL
training that I was granted before the beginning of my studies
in the bachelor program. I hope that you can take that into
consideration. In case of favorable decision on my file, I would
appreciate a conditional admission for that reason.

My post graduation plans for my future include plans to go

to graduate college. Upon graduation, I plan to return to Saudi
Arabia and find a job at a company or business that is related
to my major for a few years to earn hands-on experience.
Afterwards, I will apply for graduate school to pursue my post-
graduate education in a subspecialty within my major.