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Research Assignment #7

1. Select a vegetable of your choice and carryout a survey on the economic benefits of cultivating and
marketing of the crop in Goroka town.

Answer: Survey on the economic benefit of bulb onion at Goroka market

So far the survey was carried out with seventy (70) vegetable producers at Goroka main market for the
economic benefit of cultivating bulb onion with other vegetables and the result was reported below.

20 out of the 70 vegetable farmers produce bulb onion.

So, 20 ÷70 X 100% = 28.57% which is rounded off to 29%. Now we say 29% of the vegetable farmers at
Goroka main market produce bulb onion.

From these 29% of the bulb onion producers, the economic benefit of the bulb onion were analyzed and
reported below.

Out of every K200 received after selling bulb onion with other income are recorded below.

Farmers Bulb onion income/K200 Other income/K200

1 K180 K20
2 K175 K25
3 K157 K23
4 K160 K40
5 K184 K16
6 K193 K7
7 K188 K12
8 K172 K28
9 K170 K30
10 K200 K0
11 K194 K6
12 K183 K17
13 K197 K3
14 K168 K32
15 K164 K36
16 K153 K47
17 K184 K16
18 K193 K7
19 K181 K19
20 K185 K15

Mean is taken: (180 + 175 + 157 + 160 + 184 + 193 + 188 + 172 + 170 + 200 + 194 + 183 + 197 + 168 + 164
+ 153 + 184 + 193 + 181 + 185) ÷ 20 = K3581 ÷ 20 = K179

Now, K179 ÷ K200 X 100% = 89.5%.

It is now clearly seen that 89.5% of the total income for bulb onion producers comes from selling bulb onion
at Goroka main market.

2. Write a farm note on a selected new vegetable for farmers ‘information on its cultivation and use.

Answer: Onions are cultivated and used around the world. As a food item, they are usually served cooked, as
a vegetable or part of a prepared savory dish, but can also be eaten raw. According to the result drawn out
from the survey the bulb onion crop is obviously demanding because there is a handful (small group) of
farmers who cultivated the crop in E.H.P. Farmers of E.H.P should now seek advices from the government
institutions of how to grow that particular crop, so they can economically benefit from it as others. It is
shocking to see a huge income (89.5%) from such crop apart from other incomes. However, good crop
nutrition can help growers to achieve a desired diameter with the help of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur
which are the essentials to achieve good onion bulb size.